...."This isn't something that will go away.  Humankind is folding
along a seam that has to align before it can bend and somehow,
someone is working the actions onto the page, but bend it will at
the right moment.

Our new tomorrows are about to change for ever and nothing will
be the same again.  With what we are to learn in the coming
weeks, a whole society will appear in a kind of shock,
astonishment and yet "Enlightened".  

Certain human functions can not be trusted to man alone and so
we see what appears to be slippage or tweaking of events which
are manufactured outside but appear to be human because they
are played out by us.

This is such a critical transition for humanity itself that a single day
will appear like a flash of light and 'IT' will have taken place.

No, I'm not on medication I'm doing my best to verbalize my sense
of events unfolding.

There is no other way to experience an entire paradigm shift than
for it to take complete form on block - Done. To align the many
pieces for complete coherence is beyond man or woman but the
love within them is the beacon and the glue for the moment to take
place. Only by challenging each human to face inner truth can
these qualities be met and the real lasting change take place.

When President Obama chose the word CHANGE to hang his hat,
he was signing into place his personal understanding of his work
that was already waiting him from
The Akashic Record and so his
embracing and acknowledgement of this work signalled his
CERTAIN Presidency.

In many ways, we can sit back and listen now to the music, watch
the rivers flow because each is now set for CHANGE only our
guides are worthy to appreciate.

2012 is not a different story, its on the money. As Ive been saying
of late, its not prophecy its fact. Its already happening and its not
all bad either, its not a single day or date, its a transition. Its
CHANGE of momentous proportions and its a new cycle which will
trend more positively when current systems are completely
decoupled which they will be by December 2012 - The door opener
into the 5th age".

Colin Andrews

August 19, 2010

Stay informed as the trend lines converge -
2012 Debate.
Colin Andrews - 27 years in the fields around our planet
"We Are The Ones, We Are The Revolution
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