2012 DEBATE - Continued
Director: Roland Emmerich

Writers: Roland Emmerich (screenplay) & Harald Kloser (screenplay)

Release Date: 10 July 2009 (USA) more

Plot: With the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, a large group of people must deal with natural
disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons and glaciers.
Co-authors '2012' Synthia and Colin Andrews
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The Mayan astronomers of the past were
true mathematical scholars.   Through continuous study and observation
of the night sky they developed knowledge of the mechanisms of the
universe. In addition, they may have been the first recorded explorers of
consciousness.  Using techniques of the mind we are now rediscovering
they delved into the mysteries of time, energy, the interconnections of
time and space, and synchronicity.  Through their eyes we learn that we
are part of natural cycles and connections previously beyond our scope of

The new book
'The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012' has now been
published. Synthia and I have been given help from native people,
scientists and well known writers on this subject.  Our eyes have been
opened and we have changed through the process of writing this book.  
The book ranges from native prophecy through new age channels and
scientific collaboration. We weed misconceptions from facts.  The
journey into 2012 encompasses earth changes, sustainable living and a
journey into our own souls. We hope you enjoy the expedition.

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Book: Paperback | 8.26 x 5.23in | 352 pages | ISBN 9781592578030 | 07 Oct 2008 | Alpha |
18 - AND UP

The final countdown?

On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar will complete its thirteenth cycle. According to
the Mayan belief system, the world will end. And if you don’t believe the Mayans, you can
check in with The Bible Code, The Nostradamus Code, or The Orion Prophecy, all of which
predict planet-wide doom. Then again, maybe the year 2012 is just a new opportunity. Could
2012 bring us good things instead of bad? This book gives readers a look at what the Mayan
prophecy is all about, what it means to them, and much more.

•Addresses Mayan predictions about global warming and climate change
•Includes a glossary of terms and symbols, resources for a changing world, and exercises to
assist the reader in their journey
•The existence of almost 600,000 websites on 2012 indicates a huge fascination with this
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During December 2007, while Synthia and I were writing the 2012 book, we were told that the
Council of Maya Elders, of which there are 440, were preparing their first joint public
statement about the Mayan Prophecy. That statement is still awaited but below is one issued by
the Grand Maya Itza Council.

Grand Maya Itza Council Speaks About 2012

November, 2008

To the caring Women and Men of the World:

Below you will find a greeting and explanation from the Grand Maya Itza Council regarding
2012. I agreed with Council members to do everything I can to get this word out to the World.
It is simply this:
1) Their calendars do not END in 2012 - soon after 2012 we, on planet earth, will experience
the return to the astronomical configurations present when one of the calendars was begun
26,000 years ago ......and we simply experience that day and move on into a new cycle.....of
another 26,000 years......

2) Others have mis-calculated dates, but the Grand Maya Itza Coucil do not want to point
fingers. There is no healing in that.

3) The only way for Human Consciousness that has been pushed SO LOW is for those of a
higher mind to do as they suggest, below - Concentrate with high intent on each of 52 sacred
sites - designated below - and ask the caretakes of those sites to activate the positive energies
available from each site......and by the end of 52 months -  December 28, 2012, the entire
planet will have the sacred-site grid re-activated and 'alight'.  

Someone said to me, "Gee, I wish 'them' luck!"   
'THEM'?    'THEM' is US!   There is no difference between the souls of human beings except
for the energies collected up through negative or positive thinking.......  

We MUST counter-act the negativitiy surrounding December 21, 2012 -   and UNDO what has
been cast upon humanity as a 'truth' when, indeed it is not!

In lak'ech,

(You can forward or post this information WITH or WITHOUT the above explanation.)

...............           ...................          .................         ..................

Grand Maya Itza Council Speaks About 2012

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
November, 2008

Cosmic Brothers and Sisters :

The GRAND MAYA ITZA COUNCIL feels proud to distribute this
list of sacred sites to all the Initiates and Workers of
Light from all around the world.  These sites must be used to
do the work of returning of the Great Spirit in order to
prevent our mother Earth from the unfortunate events
foreseen to happen in the year 2012.

We the MAYA ITZA people are very aware of the bad news and
disasters that are going to occur in the year 2012 as
foreseen by many people. According to many of them, the
world will come to an end due to phenomena like the ones
mentioned in the Apocalypse of the Christian Bible.

We the Mayans who have not been cultured by the Western
Culture do not agree with all the negative things our sacred
calendars have been involved in.  That is the main reason why
we are distributing this list of sacred sites where we are
planning to do our spiritual work.

Every Full Moon we are going to make a spiritual journey to
every one of the sacred sites on the list, starting our
first ceremony on November 13, 2008, and continuing that way
until carrying out the last ceremony on December 28, 2012,
which is the actual date when our Sister and Mother Moon is
going to perform the big change on the mankind’s

In our next communication, (below), we are going to explain you how
the ancient Mayas used to make these spiritual journeys to
the ancient ceremonial centers in order to activate all the
sacred sites from all around the world.  This will be the
best to contribute to the salvation of our Mother Earth as
well as the sacred human race and all the living beings.

New Cycle of Mayan Wisdom

Please pass this information onto all your contacts and

Cosmic Brothers and Sisters:

I feel very grateful to our Mayan Creator Hunab K’u for having let me reincarnate to gather
again with my siblings of the Maya Itza Tradition.  This way, we will be able to get together as
we used to do long time ago in these sacred lands where the cosmic wisdom of the Itza Light
still reigns.

Every Full Moon we are going to gather together in spirit at the sites of the list below so that
our Sister Moon can remind us of the time when we stopped understanding her and the
mankind got lost in the lunatic illusion we are living nowadays. This initiatic work will be done
in 52 moon cycles and after we complete the whole cycle we will be able to remember our
cosmic past again.

The rituals of these spiritual journeys will be held in the following way: the rituals and journeys
will be held by 5 initiate people; then the sacred site where the ritual is going to be held must be
selected and then 4 of the 5 people must be placed on the four cardinal directions, one on the
east, another one on the west, another one on the north and the other one on the south; the
fifth and last person must be lying face up with his or her head pointing to the north.
The ritual is going to be held in a Full Moon night and will last a little more than an hour. The 5
initiates could be male or female and must be adults. They should also wear white clothes.
When they do the ritual, their bodies and spirits must be in complete harmony.

During the ceremony, both the ritual conductors as well as the whole humankind will be asked
to keep their minds clear so that our understanding ability can be illumined and we can
understand the wisdom of the universal intelligence.

New Cycle of Mayan Wisdom

For more information contact:
Hunbatz Men

Note:   If you do not have a 'group' to perform the ceremonies, you may work alone, or with
one, two, three, four OR many more.   The importance is the 'intent' of your meditation.
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 by
Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews.
A new message from Hunbatz Men - Grand Maya Itza Council.  See 'Letters' under March 12, 2009.
Concerns when fiction and facts are thrown together and create fear.  Researchers and Elder's
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