Robert Dean has passed away.
March 2, 1929 - October 11, 2018

This photo captures the inner spirit of Bob and was taken
by Annie Deriso, whom I thank for allowing me to use.  I
received the news of Bob's passing during a live radio
show last night.  I liked Bob a lot. We got on well and
enjoyed time together in various parts of the world.  He will
certainly be missed.

Having him with us to discus what he saw that started his
investigations was in of itself very meaningful and
important. In the decades of the 1990s and 200os, only
Bob Dean, Steven Greer and myself of the prominant
international speakers where talking publically in terms of
consciousness being directly associated with the UFO/ET
subjects. Bob was a good soul, a good man and a
courageous one too. Thank you for everything Bob, see
you along the way.  

Colin Andrews.
Here are some well known faces gathered to present at an
International conference in Los Angeles in the mid 90s. Among
them, Bob Dean, Paul Davis, Michael Hesseman, Richard
Hoagland, Bob Brown, Mike Melvill and myself.
Left to right: Tony Dodd, a British policeman who had a close
encounter while on duty and who was presenting details at the
Quest International Conference in Leeds, England during 1992.  
Myself presenting my latest findings after several trips around the
world investigating new reports and Bob Dean making his first
presentation outside of the USA on the top secret papers he
witnessed while at NATO supreme Command in Europe. Quite the
event that was. Intel agencies around every corner. Only years
later would we discover how true those secret papers were.
Bob and I with the highly controversial figure, Armen Victorian in
Leeds, England during 1992.
I received the following today from Robert's son, Eric Dean, Captain USN (Ret).

Robert Orel Dean Obituary

March 2, 1929 - October 11, 2018, died peacefully in Hospice Care, Phoenix, Arizona.

He was engaged in the field of UFO research for many decades. He began this research on active duty in the US Army
where he served for 28 years, retiring as Command Sergeant Major, 6th Army, Presidio San Francisco, CA in 1976.  A
native Hoosier from Indianapolis, he attended Indiana University, Bloomington 1947-1949 where he was sidelined by a
head on collision with University of North Carolina football halfback Charles Ronald "Choo-Choo" Justice, who later
played for the Washington Redskins. Bob was also a teammate of George Taliaferro, the first black player drafted into
an NFL team.

Bob had joined the ROTC program and was drafted for the Korean War in 1950. Following his commissioning at Officer
Candidate School, Fort Riley, Kansas, he served in combat as an Infantry Unit Commander (2nd Lt, USA Reserve).
While stationed in Germany (1954-1957) as a 1st Lt., he was caught up in President Eisenhower’s ongoing Reduction in
Force and was offered an Honorable Discharge or a transfer to the enlisted ranks. As a Non-Commissioned Officer, he
served in numerous assignments at Fort Huachuca, AZ, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Paris,
France, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) Vietnam and in
numerous Intelligence Field Operations in Laos and Cambodia.

It was while he was stationed at NATO 1963-1967 as an intelligence analyst that his interest in existence of unidentified
flying object (UFO) first began. He dedicated most of his adult life to bringing to light the UFO phenomenon and human
contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. He served on the Board of Directors, National Investigations Committee on
Aerial Phenomena research group until it’s dissolution in 1980. He was also a member of the Mutual UFO Network for
twenty years and involved with the Institute of Noetic Sciences a parapsychological research institute, co-founded by
former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and others interested in paranormal phenomena.  He has appeared on numerous radio
programs, TV documentaries and at international conferences discussing the subject of UFOs and a government cover
up of alien visitations to Earth.

In 1992 while employed as Emergency Services Coordinator for Pima County, Arizona, he sued the   Sheriff’s
Department for discrimination, saying he was treated unfairly because of his belief in UFOs, and because of his age,
settling for $100,000 and two years back pay. Bob was also a graduate of the National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg,
Maryland one of two schools in the United States operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A crack
shot as a youth, he was an avid hunter and never failed to get a buck during his service at Fort Huachuca. He became an
antique art collector specializing in medieval weapons, 16th century paintings and furniture, most of it acquired while
posted to Germany during the occupation and in Paris. A voracious reader until the onset of macular degeneration, his
interests spanned Sumerian, Etruscan, Hittite, Greek and Roman history. He loved novelists Thomas C. Wolfe, Robert
C. Ruark, Jr., and John Masters as well as esoteric authors Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Baigent, John Anthony West,
Graham Hancock, William Bramley and Robert Bauvel. He was predeceased by his wife of 35 years, Parthenia Eileen
(nee Harpold) Dean, and a daughter, Lisa Monique. He is survived by a son, Eric Dean, Captain, USN (Ret.) and by his
wife, Marcia Schafer.  
Bob and I meeting for a chat before a conference in Helskini,Finland
Received today from Bob's wife, Marcia Schafer