Is Ron Pandolfi the CIA's "Real-life X-files" Fox Mulder?
                                   By Gary S. Bekkum                 
                                     January 18, 2010

( -- Call it the "Weird Science of National Insecurity."  According to
official records released by the CIA, it's been going on since 1953.  According to the
legend, it all started in the summer of 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico.

Whispered alongside concerns about new Chinese offensive capabilities against the
US Pacific Fleet -- missile "bomblets" for which the US Navy has no existing deterrent
-- is the "phenomenology problem."

And if some of my sources, both inside and outside of government, are to be
believed, it always comes back to the UFO issue.  The question remains: are the
UFOs from "out there" or is there a more earthly explanation involving the
intelligence community and deep black covert military cover stories?

One man, and one man alone appears to occupy the best possible position
to probe into the facts, fantasies, and fallacies behind the real-life "X-files"
of UFOs, alien visitors, spies, lies, and polygraph tape.

And it is this same man, CIA's Ronald (Ron) S. Pandolfi, who, in the latter half
of 2006, forwarded a series of emails discussing a possible violation of
national security involving Internet tales of extraterrestrial visitations.  The
messages provided by Pandolfi tied together several threads aimed at
government disclosure of an alleged "phenomenology problem" -- and
raised disturbing new questions about methods, motivations, and sources
behind government-related persons and their involvement with forbidden

Pandolfi first hit mainstream news pages in the late 1990s, following an investigation
of unauthorized technology transfers from American defense contractors to the
People's Republic of China.

Ken Timmerman, writing for the American Spectator, claimed that "Ronald Pandolfi
was the CIA's highest ranking scientist when he visited the headquarters of Hughes
Space and Communications in El Segundo, California in 1996."  Congressional
Research Service Reports state that:

"A CIA analyst, Ronald Pandolfi, briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee on what
he had found in 1995 about Hughes' review of the explosion of a Long March rocket
in January 1995. The CIA then allegedly alerted Hughes about Pandolfi's briefing,
reportedly according to an internal CIA cable dated September 23, 1998. The
committee then asked Attorney General Janet Reno for a criminal investigation into
whether the CIA improperly obstructed a Senate investigation."

According to Timmerman, "After Pandolfi testified in closed session before Senate
Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), he was removed from the
China division and put to work on developing alternative energy sources."  Some
believe the "alternative energy sources" include exotic spacecraft propulsion
systems with capabilities associated with intelligently controlled extraterrestrial flying

By 1999, Pandolfi, already known for his involvement with controversial official
investigations of the CIA, was receiving attention for his interest in alternative topics,
like UFOs.  According to UFO investigator Grant Cameron, Pandolfi had been busy
working behind the scenes, several years before the Hughes affair, to arrange the
creation of a UFO briefing document for President Clinton's Science Advisor Jack

A few years before being called to testify in the closed Senate intelligence hearings,
Pandolfi received a call from a foreign national using the alias "Dr. Armen Victorian."  
During a lengthy phone conversation "Dr. Victorian" grilled Pandolfi on his
involvement with the official weirdness that had transpired at the DIA in the
mid-1980s. The DIA had been connecting their ultra-secret psychic spy research,
which included plans to track Soviet submarines using "anomalous mental
phenomena," to reports of unidentified flying objects.

At one point in the conversation Pandolfi mentions former New York Times journalist
Howard Blum and his book Out There.  Blum's narrative was built around his
exposure of a secret government "UFO Working Group."  In the recorded
conversation obtained by STARstream Research, Pandolfi nonchalantly tells "Dr.
Victorian" that "I was a member of that working group."  Pandolfi goes on to discuss
numerous points of interest to UFO researchers, noting that his own interest in the
UFO subject should not be interpreted as representing official CIA involvement.

About this same time, Pandolfi struck up a friendship with Dan Smith, who
had been busy investigating crop circles with paranormal expert Rosemary
Ellen Guiley.  Dan Smith's claim to fame includes his father, Dan Throop
Smith, "a renowned Harvard economist who had served as the Treasury
Department's top tax adviser during the Eisenhower administration"
according to the Washington Post, and his older sister, Deborah, a friend of
President George H. W. Bush (according to the White House, as reported in
another Washington Post story)

My first direct contact from Ron Pandolfi arrived unsolicited by email on September
30th, 2000.  Dan Smith had been involved in a hot discussion with a private email
discussion group. Smith was trying to convince the group that his interactions with
Pandolfi were evidence of CIA's interest in all things paranormal.

Smith's contribution to conspiracy paranoia was summed up in a
not-too-well-disguised reference to the alleged MAJESTIC MJ-12 government UFO

"Also it appears that Ron wants me to be a bus driver. He wants me to obtain a bus
and paint it to look like an 'official' MTA bus, and go around the city picking up
passengers at the bus stops, but instead of delivering them to their usual
destinations, I will take them on an eschatological tour. When I told Ron that might be
construed as being illegal, he did not seem perturbed."

And then, for those not paying close attention, Dan added:  "Would I lie to you? Do
you think for a minute that these were not my 'official' instructions from a person who
seems no longer inclined to deny membership in 'MTA-12'?"

The elusive Pandolfi responded to the entire list:

"Is it a ferret or a weasel that Dan will be adopting for the
avian birthday? They are
closely related, but they have very different characteristics ... I am ready to purchase
a bus ticket for Dan's eschatological tour, as long as I get to select at least one of
the stops. Who else will join the adventure? Where will it end?"

Eschatology is the study of the final events, destiny and fate of the human race. The
"avian" birthday probably refers to a legendary group of past and present
government intelligence persons who had been assigned bird names to conceal their
identities as part of a 1980s UFO cover-up investigation.

The recipients of Pandolfi's reply included former US Web CEO Joe Firmage, who
was investigating reverse engineered alien technology at the International Space
Sciences Organization, and psychic mentalist Uri Geller.

Dan Smith's "tour bus" of the "world wide web," the same sticky net that had brought
riches to Joe Firmage, was about to become a spidery snare for intelligence persons
and paranormal researchers around the globe.

It seemed that Dan Smith was at least half right about his concern that he
had been engaged by Pandolfi to gather together "persons of interest."  In
the intelligence world it is known as
"flypaper theory."  Ultimately one learns
that the paranormal
"flypaper" is shared by government officials in
numerous services and agencies.  How they interact with each other over
questions of national security (in the midst of tales of psychic spying and
alien intervention) is harder to discern.

In Jon Ronson's book The Men Who Stare at Goats, Uri Geller, whose psychic
powers had been officially investigated by the CIA in the 1970s, claimed he had been
recruited into George Bush's War on Terror. "The man who reactivated me is ..." Uri
told Ronson, "called Ron."

Smith claimed his friend at CIA had prior knowledge of the events of September 11th,
2001. "I understand that you have gone to the FBI with this information?" I asked.

"Correct. On about 9/19/01 I met with a female agent right outside the Baltimore FBI
office and gave her my and Ron's particulars and a synopsis of what had transpired
between us in the previous two weeks. She took notes and said they would handle it.
They would have already been aware of my being part of Ron's special domestic
collection effort. On that same day I also contacted Chris Straub, former ranking
member on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, with whom Ron and I had
previously met."

Smith told me about a previous trip to see the FBI.  The first time around it was
concerning Ron's interest in Dan and his "joint mission" with paranormal author
Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  According to Smith, "In the previous attempt at a joint
mission (c. 1992) I was told, somewhat after the fact, that my prospective partner's
agenda was simply unknown. Whatever it was, it quickly degenerated into her
personal agenda. BTW, she was being vectored in my direction by ONI (Office of
Naval Intelligence). And now she has been vectored back to Towson, as she
announced last weekend."

Smith wrote to me, "The first time was to get some feedback on CF [Smith's code for
Pandolfi]. I was unable to get any until I had three meetings with Chris Straub, c.'95.
He was then the ranking staff member for the Senate Intel. Comm. CF joined us for
the final meeting that was in the cafeteria.

Bottom line: Chris was knowledgeable concerning eschatology, and he told me, 'to
rest assured that I was dealing with some very competent people' ... Recall that I was
indirectly responsible for the Inspector General's investigation of CF in '92-93, ... CF
reported that it was a six month, $100K investigation in which he was cleared of any
wrong doing."

Many have questioned the veracity of Mr. Smith regarding his reporting of the
activities of his friend Ron Pandolfi, which Smith loosely conceals using "code
names" wrapped inside of his own philosophical meanderings.

Pandolfi confirmed to another researcher interested in UFO tales that were
spreading on the Internet:
"Although sometimes acting in the capacity of the insane, Mr. Smith is very clever,
capable, and well informed."

In 2004, I asked the FBI about Pandolfi and possible CIA and DIA interactions with
U.S. citizens over the Internet. The email response to my inquiry arrived from the
local FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

"Please call me with your concerns on this issue. You are correct in that there are
some guidelines that must be followed for contact but, I am not comfortable detailing
those here."  Apparently, whatever Pandolfi was involved in was too sensitive to
discuss by email.

On January 18, 2006, Dr. Jack Sarfatti, a physicist based in San Francisco,
forwarded an email to my attention.  Sarfatti speculated that Ron Pandolfi had sent
the names of the DIA
TIGER committee members interested in UFO technology in an
email "intercepted by NSA."  In typical spy-elicitation style, the message Sarfatti
forwarded to me read:

"Jack, Ron P. told me today that you very likely know the names of all the members
of the National Academy of Sciences
"UFO" tiger team. If this is true, could you
please tell me who they are. I have come up with something he wants briefed to
them. Mark."

Somewhere, hidden between real technology transfers and alternative scientists
interested in "reverse engineering UFO technologies," was a hot potato national
security issue.

Jeff Gerth, writing for the New York Times, tied the previous Pandolfi affair to the
White House:

"The concern of Congress involves broad issues of national security. It was the
Senate panel on proliferation that asked the Pentagon to assess the national
security implications of the 1995 accident review. And the Senate Intelligence
Committee, officials said, is looking at whether what happened to Pandolfi is part of a
larger question: Has the Clinton administration's strategic partnership with Beijing
affected the way the intelligence community sees China?"

In the 1990s Pandolfi had been called before the Senate Select Committee on
Intelligence to testify about the transfer of technology expertise to the Chinese by
American defense contractors.  Ten years later, China would be at the center of
another technology concern brought to Pandolfi's attention:  the conversion of
electromagnetic microwaves to high frequency gravity waves.

In a video made by Jack Sarfatti with new-age physics author Fred Alan Wolf, Dan
Smith claimed Pandolfi was now running
MASINT, a highly technical form of
intelligence on the front stage of the war on terror.  During the interview, filled with
tall tales of an extraterrestrial visitation "core story," Smith explained that Pandolfi
had left CIA and was working for the new Office of the Director of National
Intelligence under the command of John Negroponte.

Other items, forwarded to me, reinforced Smith's claims, including messages bearing
Pandolfi's Defense Intelligence Agency email address.

As with most of the rumors passed about the UFO community, and in spite of the
numerous sources who had taken one small footstep into the light, actual
confirmation seemed to remain firmly within Pandolfi's grasp.

In 2006, an acting source to STARstream Research ( from the United
Kingdom visited with Dan Smith, Ron Pandolfi and Pandolfi's wife Susan. Pandolfi
later reported to us that our source, the foreign national, had asked "inappropriate
questions" about his "real work."

Both our source and Mr. Dan Smith deny this.

One possibly sensitive topic of conversation may have been the CIA's 1970s Glomar
recovery operation. Detailed information concerning the Glomar "Project Jennifer"
recovery remains a closely held secret.  According to Mr. Smith, as a young college
student, Pandolfi was visited by "a couple of suits" when he questioned the true
nature of the Glomar operation, based upon lab analysis of alleged Glomar samples
provided by Pandolfi's uncle.

In June 2006, Mr. Smith described a conversation with Pandolfi involving the UFO
core story and a previous revelation of government complicity of the extraterrestrial

In the 1980s, UFO revelations were largely driven by a series of "leaked" but
unconfirmed documents about a government group known as MAJESTIC,
presumably managed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff as MAJIC (JIC being the ubiquitous
acronym for Joint Intelligence Committee) and under command of MJ-12.

Over the years, an ever growing number of MJ related documents have been
debunked by skeptics for various perceived flaws and their idiosyncratic design.

Dan Smith reported, "Ron [Pandolfi] is now stating that some of the faked MJ-12
documents contained actually declassified information unrelated to UFO's ... Ron
wondered out loud if persons involved in the MJ-12 document affair would respond to
an FBI warrant concerning the transfer of classified material to the KGB."

The related 1988 national broadcast of UFO Cover-Up Live, which brought together
American intelligence sources identified only by bird names (the so-called
with Soviet researchers, revealed SECRET government information hidden within the

One man whose name is often identified with investigation of the
AVIAN/MJ-12 Affair
is USAF Colonel Barry Hennessey.  It was Pandolfi who had initially blessed Smith's
efforts to mention Barry Hennessey in a public forum, as early as June 2006.

According to Smith, Pandolfi had been searching for traces of the USAF BLUE BOOK
during a visit to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  BLUE BOOK was an
acknowledged Air Force investigation into the UFO phenomena which had been
closed down at the end of the 1960s. According to Smith, Pandolfi was working with
someone who had been involved.

I wrote an article about Pandolfi's involvement with the USAF UFO affair, and sent
him a draft copy for comments.  When Pandolfi asked that certain information be
redacted from the article, he cited protection of "sources and methods."

The mainstream media overlooked the fact that this highly placed senior intelligence
official was openly conducting intelligence-related activities on the Internet.  
Confirmation of Pandolfi's new role arrived when the Office of the Director of National
Intelligence issued the sanitized version of his High Frequency Gravity Wave Study.

"JASON (a group of elite scientific experts providing consultation services to the
government) was asked by staff at the National MASINT Committee of ODNI to
evaluate the scientific, technological, and national security significance of high
frequency gravitational waves (HFGW). The subject of High Frequency Gravitational
Waves (HFGW) has attracted considerable interest in the US government over the
last few years."

"We are especially grateful to Ronald Pandolfi and Mark Pesses of ODNI for their
continued help in arranging briefers and documentation."

The release of the MITRE JASON study appears intended to be an officially
sanctioned "outing" of Pandolfi. Names of active government officials are often
redacted from official documents.  The JASON study initiated by Pandolfi debunked a
Chinese-American research collaboration into the theory and application of "high
frequency gravity waves" (HFGW) for communication and surveillance.

Some theories of HFGW are loosely related to the esoteric research of UFO
propulsion systems, including the so-called Podkletnov effect, named after the
Russian experimentalist who briefly dazzled the aerospace industry, including NASA,
with claims of antigravity effects and gravity-like force beams.
The UFO physics of high frequency gravity waves, the Chinese connection, and a
possible case of international espionage concealed inside the UFO "core story" were
the proverbial tips of the iceberg.

My own "considerable interest," which had originated with Mr. Smith's observations,
had been confirmed in an "official document," less the "classified portion" which I
suspected would include information about the Chinese connection.

I wondered how much more could be learned from Smith's cryptic references to his
friend?  When I was first made aware of Dr. Pandolfi's position at ODNI, Pandolfi
requested that I remove his association with DIA and MASINT from one of my articles.

In addition to the testimony provided by Smith, an email was forwarded to me from
Pandolfi confirming that he was working out of an office operated by the DIA. Some
email messages sent by Pandolfi appeared to have originated from DIA servers.

Dan Smith cited several items which he believed signaled the possibility of a core
revelation, including Pandolfi's "recent elevation at DNI [Office of the Director of
National Intelligence]," a book by former USAF Captain Robert Collins which claimed
to reveal the details behind an outlandish government cover-up of the UFO core
story, and a proposed meeting to approach Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was rumored to
have held the highest level position within an alleged UFO committee at the National
Security Council.

"Mr. Smith is correct regarding my position with the Office of the Director of National
Intelligence," Pandolfi would later write to one researcher, a fact now verified by the
official release of Pandolfi's DIA/MASINT high frequency gravity wave study.  
"Currently my component is housed within a DIA facility and we use their servers for
Internet access so my official e-mail ends with"

Pandolfi had questioned whether the seduction of otherworldly sources within the
core story had been used to penetrate the blackness of government secrecy.  
Whether or not there is any truth to the tales of extraterrestrial involvement, one
thing is clearly reflected in this "wilderness of mirrors": the U.S. government is
actively involved, for whatever reason, with the UFO community.

Pandolfi has since moved on to another government office, based upon reports from
both Dan Smith and Mark Pesses of the ODNI MASINT.  His new assignment remains

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Copyright (c) 2010 by Gary S Bekkum / STARstream Research / -- All
rights reserved.


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After Andrews first went public with his crop circle
research and the release of his first book with Pat
Delgado 'Circular Evidence' in 1989, one of the first
unexpected visitors to his government office was Dr.
Armen Victorian (left) Victorian made several visits to
his office and home in 1989 - Dr. Victorian seen here
with Robert Dean and Colin Andrews  at the Quest
International conference in Leeds, England in 1992
where each were presenters.
This the second of a number of visits
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley to meet
Colin Andrews in England. She also
visited his offices and new home in the
USA later.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley in Colin Andrews UK office
during a visit to inspect his database for reports of
crop circles in the USA.
Dan Smith (left) meets with Colin
Andrews at the International
UFO Congress in Laughlin,
Nevada during a period when it
was being spoken in public that
(Side Bar by Colin Andrews: