Two bizarre features seen on radar over the North West and South East of Australia
today ( Jan 22, 2010). The ring over the south east appeared approximately 30
seconds before the bizarre red star over the north west.
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Hi Colin,

This is weather modification. Best source of info is:

From what I have been able to determine there is one of these scalar wave emitters in every
capital city in oz, plus tocumwal, halls creek, mackay, alice springs, sth of the gulf, broome and
some town or military base sth east of perth plus I'm convinced they have a portable device that
is used frequently. What is more incredible and unbelievable is the view of the sky from
anywhere within the range of these things when there is the visible action from the electronic
manipulation and/or the aerial onslaught by aircraft. Enjoy the attachment and I'll send more info
when I have more bandwidth available!

Follow up: Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 4:14:44 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern

I haven't altered the pics at all, I used a little app called ZAPGRAB2 for the screen shots below
and they are exactly how they appeared on the website. The files in the attachment were printed
from the webpage using pdf creator. You just have to do one still shot at a time which is why
some of them are 4 files, they loop four in a row on the website radar loop. I also forgot to
mention I have also noticed the same type of image at Halls Creek (BOM site) in WA and in the
centre of the NT.

What you are looking at are Electromagnetic Scalar Wave Emitters. They can accelerate or
decelerate the spin of weather systems and they also break the clouds up and prevent them
from accumulating preventing precipitation. Scalar waves travel at infinite velocity for a limited
distance. They are used in conjunction with what are known as
chemtrails; also known as
persistent contrails,
chemtrails are a mixture of barium and alluminium oxide released via aerosol
from aeroplanes. I have attached some pics taken of a chemtrail in Kilsyth when I used to work
there. It seemed that within a week of that low level chemtrail being laid almost everyone in the
industrial estate became sick with some sort of flu. It is also interesting to note, as I have seen
countless planes flying overhead in Melbourne leaving white lines for as far as you can see
which stay there for hours (contrails dissipate in seconds), that these planes fly stealth. You can
see them but you can never hear their engines. I have attached some pic's which show one
being laid adjacent to another at lower altitude. I have also attached some pic's of clouds that
have been extremely altered by scalar waves. You can see that what was once one or more
clouds has been turned into a grid of parallel lines. This is far from natural. It is almost like
ripples in the sand from waves on a beach.

Whether or not the images of the scalar wave emitters are visible on the BOM's website or not is
no indication of whether they are being used or not, it is just an indication of how effective they
have been in filtering out the images of the scalar waves (which are detected by radar) and the
chemtrails from the posted images. In my opinion these things are always on, you rarely see a
cloud that hasn't been affected to some degree. Even just watching local television I see the
effects of weather modification all over the country. There are scalar affected clouds and
chemtrails on every channel, every news program, every locally made television show, they are
in advertisements and movies. Weather modification is Australia wide and involves the BOM, the
military, obviously the govt and the media. Wonder why we have dumbass weather presenters?
Anybody that knows anything about the weather could look up at any time in any part of the
country and realise that it is being manipulated. A drought has been forced upon this country for
over ten years now and the weather is so strange and obviously different than what it used to be
that anyone with the ability to think for themselves should be able to realise it is being
manipulated just by looking up! This is the most disturbing thing of all; the fact that we have
been manipulated into believing that what is happening above us is normal and that "global
warming" is the cause of this drought. Just by watching the BOM's radar loop you notice that as
weather systems approach the southern part of the country the clouds seem to dissipate and as
they cross land the rain gets lighter and lighter until there is none by the time the weather
system reaches the west coast. In other places like up near Broome, it sometimes appears to be
pouring with rain and thunderstorms yet there are no clouds at all! On the news' weather report
they still refer to a cold "front" approaching when we might have "the chance" of rain, however
we never seem to get rain at the "front" of the weather system, it seems to come when the front
has already passed and we are getting the rear of the system. Also, as the"front" passes the
landmass and enters the pacific ocean, huge masses of clouds appear to form that were not
there as the system approached from the east and it is pouring with rain again over the ocean.
They don't care if it rains out there, they just don't want any over land. It is also interesting that
when we used to have a "cool change", it would come when the clouds came over. Not any more.
It becomes overcast and stays like that for up to two days while it is still blowing a hot northerly
wind. I have even noticed hot southerly winds over the past few summers that are absolutely
impossible. In south eastern Australia when we used to have a week of hot weather in the
summer it would always end with a storm and a few inches of rain. The longer the hot spell, the
more intense the storm at the end. Now we get cool changes that aren't really cool, produce no
rain and the weather returns to hot and sunny immediately afterwards. This isn't normal, it is a
total manipulation.

I read the other comments you posted, some interesting opinions there and I would say that what
we are witnessing is definitely no "Tesla shield generator" or even an "experiment". They know
exactly what they are doing, and I wouldn't expect any honesty in any response from the BOM as
the amateur meteorologist in the last email posted is expecting.

Anyway there are a couple more links to check out below and I wish you the best in your
investigation. Thank you for posting info on Australian weather mod on your site, it is great to
see some attention being brought to it.

23 Jan follow up:

Hi Colin,

I am no meteorologist, just an avid observer of world events.

I've been following this subject for a long time and try to inform as many people as will listen
however most people refuse to believe weather mod is possible. Weather mod is not a new
technology; scientists Wilhelm Reich, Walter Russel and Nikola Tesla were experimenting with it
100yrs ago. Furthermore, China have been openly cloud seeding since the 60's and recently
created a blizzard. It is interesting to
note that in many pictures I have seen from China where they are cloud seeding there are
chemtrails in the same area. Obviously there are a few different parties at work, one trying to
create rain and another preventing it. I believe China has been experiencing its longest drought
in history also.

There is one story I would also like to add because I think it is important regarding the majority of
people not believing. My father is a farmer and is only one of many that have been adversely
affected by the global weather modification program. I have repeatedly tried to explain to him
what is going on but he refuses to believe they would do it. It was during one of our discussions
that he said to me that in the 1950's and 60's the Australian Govt were tracking down people
involved in weather mod and paying them for their research. In the late 60's (during a drought)
the govt was involved in a PR campaign on cloud seeding which eventuated into an 'experiment'
that was conducted in the Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne. The experiment worked, but only too
well. They seeded so much that a huge area of farmland was flooded and hailstones the size of
golf balls caused huge amounts of damage to property and livestock. Obviously residents were
furious and demanded this never be done again. This event has somehow been erased from
everyone's memory but could it be this that has moulded the consciousness of the country to
believe that weather mod is science fiction and that the govt would never use it again? Was it
this event that has made people believe that the govt would never intentionally alter the weather
to the detriment of the people and the environment? Australia has been suffering from this
drought for a decade but not once have I heard anyone involved in the public discussion about it
mention that cloud seeding is an option? It is also interesting that, conveniently, water
desalination plants have been popping up all over the country and water pipelines are being
built to provide water to areas like Melbourne which were once rainforest. Seems like some
people had advance knowledge of this longest running drought in history. Recently we have
been hearing that the price of water in Melbourne is expected to increase 200% in the next
12months. How nice for the owners of the desal plants.

All the best Colin. I look forward to the continuing discussion. Oh, and I forgot to mention one
other website:

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