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We visted this spiral design at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire.
Copyright: Crop Circle Connector.
For other 2011 crop circles.
The 2011 Visit to England - Research, Facilitating & Filming.
By Colin Andrews
August 11, 2011
I arrived at London's Heathrow Airport on the 19th July and the following day drove to meet Dannion
Brinkley at the Red Lion Pub in Avebury, Wiltshire.  It was his birthday and I agreed to take part in a
National Geographic documentary Dannion was presenting.  He wanted the opening sequence to be an
interview outside the pub where it began for me along with Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor and Terence
Meaden in the 1980s. The well known healer and experiencer Dr. Meg Blackburn was with Dannion and
his group, his wife Kathryn had intended to be present but was not well and remained back in the United
Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Meg Blackburn and Colin Andrews filming a
new TV documentary for National Geographic at The Red Lion Pub
at Avebury, England.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Following the opening interview, the rain set in but it did not stop the group driving to a nearby crop circle
(above) near Windmill Hill, Avebury Truslow. This was one of two very similar spiral designs which appeared
the same night.
On the 28th July I drove from my daughter Mandy's
home in Andover, Hampshire to meet Dr. Simeon Hein
at his hotel in Marlborough, Wiltshire. We drove in two
vehicles with a group who had joined him for a few
days visiting the crop circles and local archaeological
site. Simeon and I had agreed to take the group along
with my long time research friend Paul Anderson
across the Wiltshire countryside and climb up onto
the spectacular vantage point called Adams
Grave.  Adams Grave is an ancient burial
mound, a tumuli which overlooks the famous
East Field, Alton Barnes, where numerous crop
circles have appeared since 1990 and also a
place where there have been numerous
sightings of orbs and even structured UFO craft.

Above is our group, taking in the vantage point.
From this location one can see Milk Hill and the
location where Steve Alexander witnessed and
filmed the famous video of a small UFO in 1990.  
It also looks over the field where two army
helicopters harassed us while themselves
pursuing a similar looking orb a few years later.

This is also the place where I was with Dr.
Stephen Greer and about fifty others one night
when we all saw a fast moving UFO spit into two
directly over our heads.  A separate group with
Dr. Greer later came within a few feet of a large
structured craft near farmer Tim Carson's farm
house. There are numerous other accounts,
including one I witnessed myself when filming
with Nippon Television. On that occasion the
bright light flashed back to us several times.  
This was during the early hours of the morning
when air traffic control for UK air-space
confirmed they had only two craft in the air over
UK and neither was where the light was
Dr. Simeon Hein and Colin Andrews meet up again
after flying from various parts of the United States.
Right: Paul Anderson lead us up to Adams Grave and
showed some historic material to the group.
Above: The group from various countries who joined
Dr. Simeon Hein, Colin Andrews and Paul Anderson
on Adams Grave. Pointing in fun at Milk Hill, where
several UFOs have been seen, some filmed and
numerous crop circles since 1990.

The hill is protected by the Nature Reserve and is
cared for by farmer Tim Carson who is permitted to
farm cattle on it.

Rare orchids and other wild flowers grow on the
downs and is one of my favourite places to walk and
Above and right are curious horses from riding
stables at East Kennett, not used to people
walking past normally out of the way fields and
tracks but this year attracting people from all over
the world to a Mayan Head Dress crop circle in a
field behind the village church and overlooking
Silbury Hill to the north west.

Beyond the two riders is Allington Downs and out
of shot to the right is the field where the crop circle
appeared that we headed out there to see.

Just before we reached the main attraction, we
came across this small circle (below)
This is the Mayan Head Dress at East Kennett from the air.
Copyright: Crop Circle Connector
The crop patterning from within the design.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
One of the main things I flew to England for
was to take part in several new television
documentaries.  A major series of three
programs is being filmed for Scandinavian
television by Roy Leraand, seen here
filming in the fields.

My interview to camera was filmed in the
Black Swan Hotel in Devizes, Wiltshire. A
second will be filmed at my home in
Connecticut in a few weeks time.

The new programs are likely to be seen
early in 2012.
On the 31st July and just before my return to the United States, I agreed to spend a day with Emily
Hanlon who is a writing coach, a creativity coach and novelist. She was holding a seminar in Glastonbury
with a number of writers and authors and wanted to see the crop circles.  While with Emily I apparently
witnessed  a mini miracle when her sister (above left) who long ago had been told by doctors that she
would not be able to sit on the ground in upright posture, did exactly that inside this crop circle. The first
time in many years and held the position for some twenty minutes or so.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Dr. Simeon Hein and the group look at a small grapeshot circle
behind the red poppy's. Note: The woman nearest camera is just
about to watch her top of the line camera malfunction - see below.
All Photographs shown here are copyright: Colin Andrews
The group entering their very first crop circle.
The farmer erected a money box for donations to cover damage.
The impressive Silbury Hill bursts out into sunlight. This enigmatic
site is what I believe to be a Stargate, which is subject of a special
research I am doing.
This was a wonderful moment, totally unrehearsed and
spontaneous. Each member of the group turned and faced Silbury
Hill as if by command.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Colin Andrews showing the group certain features and telling them about events that
had taken place at this extraordinary place. Then the fun began (Below)
One of the group who had a top of the line modern digital camera with an impressive
multi zoned auto-focus.  Suddenly the focus failed to work, a regular happening with
electrical equipment in crop circles, even referred to in my 1989 book 'Circular
Evidence'. No sooner did Simeon start filming an interview with her on his Iphone,
when it too also failed (above).
Copyright: Colin Andrews
The group of writers looking at Silbury Hill from its base. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
This was the second crop circle visited with Emily Hanlon and her group of writers and authors, visiting from the
USA. The circle with three rings was found very near the famous West Kennett Long barrow.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Novelist, Emily Hanlon waves goodbye to the crop circles and Silbury Hill and as we all made our way out of the cereal crops for another year, it was impossible to
miss the silk like light beaming down on the mysterious mound, that Stargate feature and home of pure magic. Copyright: Colin Andrews
The end of my twenty eighth Year in these fields and this countryside that I so love - Colin Andrews
Thank you to Dr. Simeon Hein, Roy Leraand, My daughter Mandy and her husband Pete and Synthia my wife who all made this possible.