British Government Secretly Studies Crop Circles & UFO Connection
April 18, 6:36 AM

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
By Michael Salla, Ph.D.
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[Updated 05/01/09] At a
conference in the
Washington DC metropolitian
area, famed crop circle
researcher Colin Andrews
revealed that the UK
government has covered up
the extent of official and
Royal family interest in the
crop circle phenomenon.
There were also efforts to
suppress any investigation
into a connection between
UFOs and crop circles.
Finally, Andrews revealed
official interest in the
possibility that a 1987 crash
of a British Harrier jet was
caused by it passing through
an unknown energy field
created by crop circles. While
the British government has
various files concerning its investigations of the UFO phenomenon, it has not released
files showing the extensive investigations it has conducted on the crop circle

Andrews was presenting at the 2009 X-Conference which has brought together over
30 researchers and activists interested in the policy implications of UFOs and
extraterrestrial life. Presenting on the first day of the conference, Andrews said he was
replying to a number of mistaken claims in an article by a former British Ministry of
Defense employee, Nick Pope, who previously ran the UFO desk from 1991 to 1994.  
Pope said:

"While there certainly has been interest and involvement over the years, this has often
been misinterpreted, perhaps deliberately or perhaps not.  As individuals, military and
MOD personnel can be as intrigued by crop circles as anybody else, but where such
interest has been expressed it has been mistakenly interpreted as implying greater
corporate involvement than is actually the case".

In contrast, Andrews showed official documents dating from the first crop circles that
appeared in England in 1985 to prove the government interest in crop circles has
been sustained and comprehensive. He showed how they were initially related to the
UFO phenomenon in official government documentation. Though UK government
authorities and police denied any official interest in crop circles, he showed photos
and documents that clearly displayed a sustained interest. As a former local
government employee (1974-1990), Andrews shared insights into how he was able to
see at first  hand the level of official investigation by different government agencies
into crop circles.

Andrews also showed correspondence confirming that members of the British Royal
family were also greatly interested in crop circles.  He showed communications where
individuals were instructed to cover up Royal interest. This was admitted in Pope’s
article where he admitted his past role in denying such a connection: “ I also had to
deny allegations that The Queen and Margaret Thatcher had expressed interest in the
phenomenon and that various high-level meetings were taking place to consider the

Andrews showed photos of a UFO ‘orb’ in the vicinity of a crop circle that was
monitored by two military helicopters. Andrews revealed how the helicopters tried to
intimidate crop circle researchers to leave the vicinity and stop filming what was
happening. The relationship between the UFO and recently created crop circle was
obvious to researchers but this was downplayed by the British government. Andrews
also revealed how “several times during the course of my research I was actually
warned not to link UFO’s with crop circles. “I was warned by prominent members of the
British UFO Research Association (B.U.F.O.R. A.) not to mention the two together in
media interviews.” A CIA contact also warned him not to associate UFOs and crop

Andrews most startling claim was that a British Harrier jet that passed over several
crop circles on October 22, 1987, left the scene without its pilot and later crashed 300
miles into the Atlantic ocean. One theory subject to an official inquiry, according to
Andrews, was that the Harrier had passed over the crop circle’s energy field and this
triggered the ejection mechanism of the plane. Essentially, the pilot ejected through
the canopy which caused his death and his body was found near three crop circles.
Andrews responded to Nick Pope's dismisal of a possible connection between the
crash and the energy field of crop circles. Andrews said that Pope was in no position
to reject the crop circle energy field theory as he explained at length in an earlier

It is odd to me that Nick Pope is in a position to make a pronouncement of what did not
cause this accident when the official inquiry could not.  I am certainly not suggesting
the crop circles or forces involved with the construction of some of them had any thing
to do with these events. However I find Pope’s denial interesting. Was he not aware
that the investigation had included this possibility?  Or was he trying to divert interest
away from the reality that official investigators did in fact pursue this line of inquiry, as
any thorough examination would.

Andrews' presentation helps dispel the notion that British government interest in crop
circles has been minimal and only involved a few curious pilots. In contrast, the crop
circle phenomenon has been secretly investigated at the highest levels of the British
government in a systematic fashion. In addition to various government spokespersons
downplaying the level of official interest, the connection to the UFO phenomenon has
also been deliberately downplayed. Andrews emphasized the ommission of crop circle
files in recent government releases of UFO information.

Today in another presentation at the X-Conference, Nick Pope will have the
opportunity to respond when he discusses recent British UFO files release. A former
US Air Force pilot, Milton Torres, will accompany Pope and discuss his involvement in
a shoot to kill order by military authorities against an aircraft carrier sized UFO in 1957.

[Update: May 1, 2009] The above article was revised to clarify Colin Andrews’ position
on the 1987 Harrier incident where a pilot’s body was found near a group of three crop
circles after the ejection seat was mysteriously triggered. In a personal email, Mr
Andrews pointed out that in his 2009 X-Conference presentation he sought to show
that Nick Pope was in no position to dismiss the theory that the crash was caused by
energies associated with crop circles. Andrews said that while he did not himself hold
to the theory, that he found it interesting that British Ministry of Defense (MoD)
investigated it as serious possibility. Significantly, the MoD reached no conclusion in
their final report about the cause of the crash. Andrews found it interesting that Pope
was trying to deflect interest in such a possibility when it was clear that the MoD did
not dismiss it. For a detailed description of Andrews position, click here.

I apologize to Colin Andrews for not accurately describing his position on the 1987
Harrier incident and for any inconvenience this may have caused him.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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