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To move forward as a species with our home planet in such a delicate condition, an imperative is to develop and
encourage sixth sense ( intuition) and also to demand truth and total transparency from all in powerful positions in
industry, politics and beyond.  Only truths will allow us to make the urgent and careful decisions necessary for
survival of Earth's creatures, plants and people..

In pursuant of this basic ethical value I have opened what I am calling the 'List of Deceivers'.  This term is not
complimentary and its not intended to be.  It is a term which declares a tested and proven deception on society and
is a declaration that these companies and even governments have been tumbled and their practices are now in our
focus and will be challenged and changed - No more, this is the time.

The whole idea is not to open new battles and create divisions between our peoples but to draw us closer together
in a united position demanding true representation based upon honesty and integrity for our children's future.

Horrible things are taking place and have already occurred which are having devastating repercussions - these
demand new minds and new attitudes to ensure we learn from them. More of the same is no longer acceptable or

Any visitor who feels strongly about a large scale case of deception or injustice perpetrated on society and can
provide evidence and would like to see the organization named and placed on the list of 'Deceivers' please send me
the links etc and the organization logo to:
As modern infrastructure falls apart we should rejoice the
unique opportunities to put them back together in better shape
and with honest minds.
Johnson & Johnson: Tylenol
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: Ativan
United States Government: UFO & - Economy
British Petroleum: Oil Gusher - Gulf
CEO’s of leading United States Tobacco Industry: Below
14 Chemical companies at Mossville, Louisiana -
Deadly toxins
The era of lies and deception and why its only truths that
will do from now on.
(If you have researched material and want to see other organizations etc on this list
please contact me
The list of DECEIVERS who got us here.