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Thanks to David Haith (England)
A possible encounter with the Moth-Man, A very spooky sighting
Posted March 17, 2011
I’m not sure if this is the appropriate time to come forward with this story seeing that the recent events
in Japan are still fresh in every ones memory. I have been a follower of your website from pretty much
the start; I have read your reports and have heard you online before. Naturally your site was the one I
thought of first when this incident happened and I decided to write in and tell you what happened that
night in early February.

I was in Japan on business and had emailed a lifelong friend who was living in Japan and teaching
English at a local school. He had insisted on my staying with him for the duration of my stay, saying it
would help save me money and make my expense report look better when I turned it in. My friend (I
will call him Tim for the sake of his reputation and career) was a lifelong bachelor and had a fairly
large apartment all to himself and his cat. After several days of day long meetings and group
seminars, we had decided to go out to get a bite to eat and take in the town. After a fairly large meal
and hopping from one night spot to another we decided to go toward the ocean and check out the
moonlight reflecting off the waves. My friend stated that he wanted to check on a biology station that
some of his graduate students had set up near a large power plant.

As we approached the plant from the west, we walked along some paths and came to a simple metal
box bolted into the ground, from this box there were a myriad of weather vanes, and other
meteorological devices. My friend stated the schools science class students had a theory that just like
the water being used and discharged by the power plant was warmed by the production of electricity;
the air around the plant was also being warmed and thus affecting weather and tidal patterns in the
surrounding eco-system. It all sounded too complex and in my slightly tipsy and tired state was only
able to grasp the bare bones of the complex theory he laid out.

He finished up and changed the subject to something more jovial when all of a sudden we heard a
loud and distinct “WHOOSH” at first my mind thought it might be the sound of the distant waves
crashing ashore when we heard it again, followed by a ear pitching screech that shook me down to
the bone and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. We looked around for the cause
of the noise, when we heard the sound again. The best way I can describe it is a city buses brakes
when they are in need of service, Loud and ear splitting. We both continued to look around when my
friend’s attention was drawn toward the plant by another nearby couple. A younger couple, out for a
walk were staring toward the plant, arms outstretched and the obvious fear in their voice showing

I looked toward the plant, and against the lights of the plant I thought I saw a figure silhouetted
against the moonlit sky. The figure was large and black, from the distance I was at it looked to be
sitting on top of one of the squared shape buildings. It sat there for about 5 seconds then it unfurled a
large set of what I could only describe as large, black wings. The only reference I can compare them
too are from the old John Travolta movie “Michael” where the main character unfurls his wings and
spreads them out to their full length. To say that this creature was large was an understatement.

The creature then took flight and circled the plant at least 4-5 times, some circuits he took at a fast
pace, some he seemed to slow down, all the while he kept his attention on the row of square shaped
buildings that I later found out housed the reactors. The creature then came toward us, flying at least
25-30 feet off the ground. The younger couple who had noticed the creature first were now screaming
and cowering, the man shielding the woman while shielding his head with a jacket. My friend and I
looked in awe as this creature flew over us. That’s when I noticed the two large red eyes; they
seemed to glow from within and with a blood red hue. They were unblinking in the 3-4 seconds we
saw them, we knew they were looking straight at us, we knew this creature knew we could see it and it
made no attempt to disguise itself. The sick, intense and overwhelming feeling of dread came over us.
A feeling that we shouldn’t be there was to say the least, overwhelming.

As quickly as it came, it flew away, back toward the town, eventually melting into the black night sky
and as it flew away from us a loud whoosh was heard again and then...silence. This lasted a second
or two before I heard the sound of a shutter and turned to see my friend trying to take pictures with
his cell phone, but all he got was dark, night time sky. We went straight home and my friend bolted the
door and drew all the blinds, he was shaking and saying that he could not believe what he saw, could
it have been a large, unknown species of bird? He kept mumbling to himself until I was able to calm
him down and get him to relax and talk about what we had seen. Eventually we both agreed that it
must have been some sort of large bird, or maybe an optical illusion caused by the lights given off by
the plant on a regular, known species of bird.  

We talked about it late into the night, till we both fell asleep on the couches and awoke the next
morning to stiff necks and backs. My friend and I spent the last two days out and about and enjoying
each other’s company, till he drove me to the airport and we bid each other farewell and I came home.

We spoke about it only once more in an email about a week before he was due to come to the U.S.
for his sister’s wedding. When I brought it up at the wedding rehearsal dinner, he was convinced that
it had been an optical illusion. That was until the day before the wedding when he woke me out of a
deep sleep with a frantic phone call telling me to turn on the TV. There came the images of the
devastation of the Japanese earthquake and the near total destruction of the city of the town of
Okuma, where my friend was living and working. The day of the wedding the news came of the
explosions at the local nuclear power plant and as CNN broadcast the report, we were both a gasp as
the same power plant where we had seen the strange bird-like object was not being shown on the
television set. The Fukushima Daiich was the exact same plant we had seen the strange bird like
creature circling. Was it pure coincidence or was it the mythical Moth-Man doing his strange work of
predicting disasters? I may never know and may go to the grave wondering that, but one thing is
certain for sure, I don’t think that neither of us is going to forget this event, no matter how long we live.

Thank you for listening to my story, I hope to hear your thoughts and feedback and am more than
willing to answer whatever questions you may have. I give you permission to share this story with your
readers on the website.  

Thank you so much for your time

Marcus Pules

One of the seriously damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima plant
in Japan.