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Jesse Ventura incensed by what he found when he went looking
who was tracking him when he became governor - The Chips, Rocks filled with equipment, Corporate Spies
working with the FBI
and the ultimate agenda - Take the time to watch this video and check out the overlaps in
William Pawelec statement and Ventura's findings.

This is the state of our freedom as we enter 2011.

The Evil Corporate Empire and its enslavement of our peoples reaches critical mass. We ignore
this or simply deny it at our peril.
Jesse Ventura went looking for them and Incensed as hell by what he found.
Billions of Chips Ready to Implant.
The inventors testimony before he died
William Pawelec - Computer Specialist and inventor of
the implant chip approved release after his death.
"Billions of the chips were made by
Siemens - but they disappeared"
"At the top level confidential meeting,
two guys turned up who nobody knew
but they knew everything and had an
agenda....later the chip showed
A statement from the inventor of the human
implant chip and released after his death
Posted December 30, 2010
The Interview HERE
350 Companies and growing.
32,000 Members.
All working and sharing information with the FBI - it
doesn't end there........
Big Government + Big Business = ?  Where does it all stop ?
"Mark this down  in stone: When ever Government says they are going to protect you,
get ready because you know you are going to lose your freedom for that protection.  I
would rather the freedom than the protection"
Jesse Ventura.