"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are respected"
'Hopi Tears' - Copyright: Wayne Mason - 2010
'The Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things
dying because of it." Many saw the BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as this event.
Red Road or Black Road
Chapter 11 The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012
(page 134)
In the quiet of meditation one can
check in with wisdom of the elders
and the collage of future
possibilities. At the end of the day,
one way or another our tomorrow
comes from todays thoughts and

This is a time for reflection and
humbleness.  A period for brave
endurance and community
building.  A time to be ruthlessly you
and holding faith of a higher force
and to stand by who you are and
what you stand for.  A time for those
who claim to represent us to work
WITH AND FOR US. In all things we
should start with forgiveness and
grasp a clear honest vision for a
new ride into a great future with
respect for all life on Earth - a future
full of hope and thanks to the
millions of souls who are here now
and those who have passed.

Colin Andrews
June 23, 2010
                  'Voices of Today's Elders'
     Thomas Banyacya and the Hopi Prophecy.

Thomas Banyacya (Deceased) was from the Wolf, Fox and Coyote clan and was the Interpreter for the Hopi Traditional Elders
and the Hopi Council of Elders. From Chapter 14 in The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 by permission of Alpha Books.

A few months before Colin was asked to present his research findings to a special gathering at the United
Nations Headquarters, Thomas Banyacya requested a meeting with him in Atlanta. At the Elder’s request they
met where Thomas explained that he too was about to address the United Nations, the General Assembly, in
New York. He said that this was his final responsibility, granted him by the very knowledgeable elders during a
four day gathering in 1948.  He spoke of important signs that had been warned about by the Hopi prophecy
and that had now been observed. He said that the prophecy spoke of signs in the sky, on the ground and in
society.  The prophecy even predicted his address to the house of mica (Hopi words for the United Nations).
On the 10th December, 1992, Thomas Banyacya addressed the General Assembly just as predicated and with
very stern warnings for the world and humanity.

Much in keeping with other peoples across the globe, they feel strongly enough because of what they are
observing, to act.  We should be thankful that there are tribes today that still live close enough to their
surroundings to notice changes of import. Tribes who live with respect for nature, and their surroundings.
These people have felt compelled to react and speak out, some out of a responsibility their prophecies
dictated, or simply for the survival of their people and the rest of humanity.

In Banyacya’s case, he was carrying out instructions and responsibilities, passed down through the ages.

This is a short piece from his address to the U.N.:

“Hopi Spiritual leaders had an ancient prophecy that some day world leaders would gather in a Great House of
Mica with rules and regulations to solve world problems without war. I am amazed to see the prophecy has
come true and here you are today!............. The traditional Hopi follows the spiritual path that was given to us
by Massau'u the Great Spirit. We made a sacred covenant to follow his life plan at all times, which includes the
responsibility of taking care of this land and life for his divine purpose. We have never made treaties with any
foreign nation including the United States, but for many centuries we have honored this sacred
agreement……… I made a commitment to carry the Hopi message of peace and deliver warnings from
prophecies known since the time the previous world was destroyed by flood and our ancestors came to this

My mission was also to open the doors of this great House of Mica to native peoples. The Elders said to knock
four times and this commitment was fulfilled when I delivered a letter and the sacred prayer feather I had been
given to John Washburn in the Secretary Generals office in October 1991. I am bringing part of the Hopi
message to you here today…………… Our world is in terrible shape again even though the Great Spirit gave
us different languages and sent us to the four corners of the world and told us to take care of the Earth and all
that is in it.

This Hopi ceremonial rattle represents Mother Earth. The line running around it is a time line and indicates that
we are in the final days of the prophecy. What have you as individuals, as nations and as the world body been
doing to take care of this Earth? In the Earth today, humans poison their own food, water and air with pollution.
Many of us including children are left to starve. Many wars are still being fought. Greed and concern for
material things is a common disease………… The United Nations stands on our native homeland. The United
Nations talks about human rights, equality and justice and yet the native people have never had a real
opportunity to speak to this assembly since its establishment until today. ….”.

On 26th April, 1993, Thomas sent a final letter to Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the Secretary General of
the United Nations. These are sections from his letter, before he passed away:

“………The Hopi elders in 1948 accurately foretold that the whole world would be in terrible crisis at this point
in time and many peoples would need guidance as to how to survive these crisis times. This is what we offer. I,
Banyacya, am just an interpreter, I am not a spiritual leader or medicine man. I am a member of the Wolf, Fox
and Coyote clans come to warn you on behalf of the Hopi elders. I have come to warn all the peoples of the
world that this purification is coming……… We need your help. We must join hands together acting as one
people to save this Earth.

We ask for a formal response from the United Nations to the request that our traditional Hopi spiritual leaders
speak in their own language. In my presentation before you in December 4 1992, I said that in four days, four
weeks, four months, an official response must be received to let us know if the door will be open or not. We
need an acknowledgment of this specific and urgent message”. ..................The response never came and
Thomas passed away soon afterwards. (1909-1999)
Synthia Andrews and friend Ellis Bradley
with Kogi elders from Columbia.
My unexpected meeting with Hopi Elder
Thomas Banacya, holder of the prophecy
seen here at our meeting before his final
presentation to the United Nations - The
full heart breaking story is in our
2012 book
(pages 188-190).
Colin was authorised to join the ancient Druid
ceremony at Stonehenge with chief druid Jerome
Whitney after which he gave Colin information
about certain key geometries.
Wolf Dancer by my good friend, Prof.
Terry Hartman.
E-mail Terry:
Synthia and Colin visited England with the
revered Mexican elder
Tlakaelel at Silbury Hill,
the site of the first Mayan crop circle.
Thomas Banyacya (Deceased)
was from the Wolf, Fox and
Coyote clan and was the
Interpreter for the Hopi
Traditional Elders and the Hopi
Council of Elders. From The
Complete Idiots Guide to 2012
by permission of Alpha Books -
From Chapter 14
Francisco Jimenez S. Tlakakelel
passed away 26 July 2012
Colin & Synthia travelled
extensively to work with
Native peoples.
Aborigine Uncle Bob Randall and his wife
Barbara - November 2010
Kogi Mamos delegation voice concerns for Mother
Earth at Georgetown University - September 6, 2006
Don't be taken off balance by
'The Signs of Change'
Colin Andrews
Native American Richard Kastl with
Colin in Branford, Connecticut, 1990.
The Peace Conference, 17th September, 2011 with organizer (left) Native American Richard
Kastl, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ellis Bradley and Colin Andrews.
Listen to our native elders
By Colin Andrews
March 30, 2013
Another urgent warning about
our Mother Earth from the
Kogi mamos
Synthia and I wish to honer the incredible work done over
so many years by
Tlakaelel (right) who passed away on 26
July 2012. Seen here next to Bert Gunn, his dedicated
translator and friend in June, 2010.
Robert Morning Sky is a full blooded
Apache/Hopi Indian. Colin and
Robert shared presentations at
Maleny, Queensland, Australia on
8th of February, 1992:
discussed Hopi prophecy (today’s
red man is white tomorrows white
man is green). The first alien
contact started about 1947 - 1948
and they had either already, or were
going to spend 50 years with the
elders of the Hopi Indian reservation.

Colin and Robert exchanged data
during intensive work Robert
underwent as he wrote
Papers: The Hidden History of
Planet Earth".
Robert Morning Sky
Synthia and I are honored to be friends with Tiokasin Ghosthorse ( Oyate Tokaheys Wicakiye) and his partner,
Jadina Lilien.  Tiokasin is from the Cheyenne River Lakota (Sioux) Nation of South Dakota and the bands of
Itazipco/Mnicoujou and Oglala. We have spent fascinating evenings discussing many world issues and most
importantly our common passion for re-educating our peoples in traditional values and respect for all life.  The  
language is so very different to ours with so much of value lost in the difficulty of translation. Tiokasin is a very
intelligent man with great wisdom and heart as is Jadina who is a very special artist with deep intuition.  We
look forward to a continued friendship with them both. We are all trying to do the right thing as these times
accelerate with growing concerns for current politics in our world.  Politics for the Lakota is spiritual and is not
separate from the rest of life.
Tiokasin has had a long history in Indigenous rights activism and advocacy. He spoke, as a teenager, at the
United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Ever since his UN work, he has been actively educating people who live
on Turtle Island (North America) and overseas about the importance of living with each other and with Mother

He is a survivor of the “Reign of Terror” from 1972 to 1976 on the Pine Ridge, Rosebud and Cheyenne River
Lakota Reservations, and the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Boarding and Church Missionary School systems
designed to “kill the Indian and save the man.”   For more about Tiokasin Ghosthorse visit
Synthia and I accompanied Tiokasin and
his partner Jadina Lilien to one of his
performances in Connecticut. He is also a
master musician and a great player of the
ancient red cedar Lakota Flute - to be
heard to be believed. Seen above -
by Colin Andrews Feb 2014.
"We have to stop with the idea of creating peace on earth and begin with
creating peace with Mother Earth. We've tried the first alternative for
thousands of years, but look where that has led us, now is the time of the
Original Ways, the Native ways, after all ... it is coming this way - that we all
must make peace with Mother Earth - there is no more altering the native way."
Tiokasin Ghosthorse
Jadina Lilien - Filmmaker, artist
and parner of Tiokasin Ghosthorse
Banner of Peace
Update - 28, June 2016
Interview with Tiokasin Ghosthorse
from the Lakota Nation
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In depth interview with Tiokasin Ghosthorse - June, 2016.
Posted June 28, 2016