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Thanks to our special friend Johanna Sayre (USA)
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Had it not been for this man (Just
one of many) and his best friend,
the cross-bow, a magnificent
adult lion, the father of twelve
young cubs, would be alive today.

This senseless and selfish killing
for fun is a disgrace and a painful
reminder that not everyone has
found love or have compassion
bottom:  Healing with Love (The Voice said so)
Sadly not everyone has found love. This mans best friends are his fellow hunter and a bow. 'Cecil' an adult father of twelve cubs was taken in a selfish senseless
killing by this one man. Somehow we have to find it in us to show others who lack compassion that they are not lost and others can lead them to higher ground.
We must find it in us to show him the way. .
CA Comment:  Many of you who are familiar with my work and in particular what Ive called 'The Voice' that
has occurred several times to me and other well known investigators who have generally been less prepared
to talk about this phenomenon in public. I am certain that this voice is a very important part of our evolution
and directs many individuals along their path in ways that significantly effect the direction of society.  The
following is another case which is remarkably like that which also happened to my wife, Dr. Synthia Andrews
and also involved healing.  We refer to her incident in the book 'On the Edge of Reality' and Synthia took
what 'The Voice' gave her and utilized it in a chapter of her book 'The Path of Energy'.

Thanks again to our friend Johanna Sayer, the following case of medical doctor, Leonard Lascow and the
voice which said:
The Voice
(I call the  Guardian)
“Your work is to heal with love”
"Cecil" father of twelve has gone
Animal photographs from :
Dr. Leonard Lascow, M.D.
August 19, 2015