Update from Andrew Russell regarding the Silbury Hill/Policeman
event last week ( 6th July).
14 July 2009.
Colin Andrews

Andrew says:

Having driven the route with the officer several times on Sunday (12th), several
things became apparent:

When we arrived at the location where he parked his car (side of the road) he
pointed to where the beings were, according to the officer one was very near the
brow of the hill, one was a few yards further down in a different tramline, and one
was about halfway down the slight hill. So I asked the $64,000,000 question about
the fact that the formation couldn't be seen from the road. His response was that he
knew prior to the experience there was a formation 'somewhere over there' and he

We moved on to the figures running away at speed. If two of them were so close to
the brow of the hill, how much running would he actually see? One of them would
have disappeared instantly as they were near the brow of the hill. He says that they
moved very fast, as if you were watching a video or DVD in fast forward mode. This
would have been noticeable for the being farthest from the hill brow.

As we spoke I watched the hairs on the officers arms raise as he relived the
experience in his mind. When I asked whether they ran away out of sight or
disappeared he was adamant they disappeared. He claimed he glanced away for a
second and his claims that the being that was the furthest away was not near
enough the brow of the hill for him to run out of view despite his rapid movement.
Again, there is a deep 'knowing' they disappeared.

After showing me where he tried to enter the field we drove to his home. We drove
the route, and relived the experience several times. The last three times I timed the
route, and asked him about how long each stage of the experience lasted, and for
the three journeys I timed we have a five minute discrepancy. Now, even allowing
for a busier road (it was Marlborough Jazz festival last weekend) and how quiet it
would have been the morning of the experience, the timings do not add up and I
believe we have five minutes missing time. As a clinical hypnotherapist I have done
quite a bit of work with..............

I am quite convinced that the officer had an experience that day, and one that we
have not fully explored as I think with the unusual movement of the beings, the
missing time and the................
snip ........

.......... we were making progress until the officer became aware of some blogger
suggesting that 'somone'  find out from wiltshire police the names of all serving
police seargents and who was on/off duty at the time, in an attempt to further verify
information and question the officer (http://xenophilius.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/).
Now, Wiltshire police will not release this information as it would contravene the
Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act, and anyone with a
modicum of common sense will realise this (but obviously not this blogger) but  

Colin Andrews appeal for the public and research fraternity to back away and
give this policeman space and Wiltshire Police offices also.  The efforts being made
on the ground to obtain information for everyone is proceeding but is not being
helped by the overwhelming volume of efforts to get involved or even scuttle the
research. There is obviously also deliberate efforts to cause trouble.

I am convinced as is Andrew Russell that this is one of a number of important cases
in this locality.  

In particular irresponsible calls on the Internet for everyone to call Wiltshire Police
for details about their officers is insane and will ensure a less open dialogue of this
kind in the future.

I will be posting no more updates now until the situation calms and an air of respect
and decency prevails and first and foremost the interests of the policeman and his
family are ensured.


Armed Police Arrest a Farmer for Opening Fire over the Heads of
Visitors to Crop Circles in Wiltshire, England
By Colin Andrews
14th July 2009..

It has been reported that yesterday there was a police incident at another
crop circle site, involving a farmer who fired shots over the heads of crop
circle visitor.  He was arrested on site by armed police who were
supported by police helicopter - the scene was taped off.  Emotions are
running high, calm respectable behavior must prevail.

More reason to step back some....

Colin Andrews 1400 hrs - 14 July 2009.

To read the original posting>  HERE
Update and Urgent Appeal to Cool It.

This letter received from Lindy Tucker, USA
today 14 July 2009.

A bizarre twist:

The ranch hand was arrested today carrying a gun. Apparently the farmer has started to
cut out the "butterfly" formation that appeared on his land a few days ago, cutting off the
tips of the butterfly wings. But the wings "grew back", or were re-formatted. Also other
circles grew around the formation (grapeshot).

The ranch hand was arrested for carrying a rifle today. The farmer told him to shoot any
croppies on sight.

Now look at the photos yourself. Are any hoaxers willing to risk their lives to make these
This certainly is about to bring out the attention of the British Ministry of Defense AND the
If it's NOT hoaxers, they will be FORCED to investigate.

Link to Lindy's recent statement about
people claiming to be making the circles.

Comment by Colin:  I agree Lindy, the gun incident almost guarantees more direct
action by the authorities.  They now have a good justification to be seen in and
around the crop circle sites. Expect more special aircraft and police presence to
keep the public out of the fields and I would be very surprised if the farmers
Union don't now more aggressively lobby the government to put a stop to what
they believe is all hoaxing.  We've been here before but something now is
different - the last time they offered $10,000 to find the culprits. They did'nt find

Something else though has beaten the government to the fields and recent
reports of strange beings and UFOs are something no government will control -
change is here and we better start adjusting for it.  All this said, the police have a
job to do and nutty farmers like this one might not be the last as frustrations biol
over and challenges to their realities begin to stack.  It will not be too many days
before people making them will also have their surprises.  Transition is under
way and I think we might all be surprised where this leads.

Colin Andrews

This letter also received today might be the first signs that the day after the policeman
witnessed the tall beings at Silbury Hill (7th), very high tech military surveillance aircraft
became active in the area:
From: RAY
On the 8th July 2009 around mid day Military helicopter over new edition to crop circle first
reported on 27th June, 2009 and updated on the 6th July 2009 behind the barge inn 30ft
off the ground flew towards humming bird then towards the three stage crop circle beneath
the white horse then towards Pewsey and back towards me i was in the newly updated
version and the helicopter i filmed was an Apatchi type with a large round ball type gadget
just above the rotorblades it seemed to be checking out all the crop circles in the area so
in my opinion the military are definitely interested in crop circles,my camera is a Samsung
NV30 so if you need proof of their interest you are welcome.

The farmer is arrested during an armed police special operation
National Newspapers in UK today: 16 July 2009