It was Summer
On the lake hung a golden haze
It was Summer
It was one of those endless days
so we talked
through a field of clover
and over a sheepspun hill
and it seemed it would last forever
and it did
came the evening
we swung on a garden gate
it was heaven
you were seven and I was eight
and we watched the stars suspended
walking home down an apple lane
me and rosie
a doll..
a daisychain..
on an evening that would never come again

Spike Milligan
My thanks to Dave Haith.
Believe it or not but it would seem that this is the first time this poem has appeared on a website!
Somebody in an Internet group wrote: "It was printed in a newspaper as part of the funeral service of Linda
McCartney and was read out by David Bailey. It's the one and only time I have seen it in print, and although I have
Googled, etc on Internet, cant find a thing about it "
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Posted July 29, 2015
From: Abi Ingram
Subject: Poem
Date: 07/03/2015

Thank you

Thank you for putting the Spike
Milligan poem 'Lyric' up, my grandad
loved it and I've been trying to find a
copy to read at his funeral next week.

He used to well up every time he read
it to me and he had it in an anthology,
but I couldnt find the book, nor could I
find it anywhere on the Internet! So,
thank you, as I am so happy I can read
it to him one last time.
Kind regards,
CA: I was touched and honered Abi. I am so
sorry for your loss. - Colin
George Bates, Grandad.