2010 is but a number yet could be the most profound in
human history if we chose to make it so
but waking up to the
religious and political agenda's and working with tolerance is
paramount.......Time is short.
Colin Andrews
January 1, 2010

Since visiting Australia many years ago and appearing on major
television shows there including the Ray Martin show etc, I have
received wonderful support and friendship from the Australian people.

One of these Aussies is a family man Allan.

He sent my wife Synthia and I warm words for the New Year and as I
replied (below) I was deeply impacted by the profound feeling of how
powerful his love and respect for our various views is and what simply
numbers holds for us all. They can simply change our reality if we
chose. If humanity could only see through the fog that is created by
political and religious agendas and discord which feed off of our
disharmony. We have all but time and special leadership needed to
create coherence of like minds to activate the full potential of the
transition now underway.

May I thank ever single person who has made the effort to seek truth
and connect with me over the last three decades in our joint quest to
quell the insanity and raise human consciousness which I believe can
only come out of love and respect for each other. Each of us holds a
beacon of light for the other when we behave with tolerance of the other
persons views. May we forgive and repair each other and embrace the
difficult times I believe are but short days ahead so that we may re-build
for the good of all species sharing this wonderful home - Mother Earth.

Colin Andrews


My reply:

Hello Allan

We share but few words in this busy world but I have to say I cherish
those that we do. Love, support and respect for each other holds a true
value beyond words.

Thank you for being there and for holding a beacon of light.

2010 is but a number yet could be the most profound in human history if
we chose to make it so.
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