It's time for quiet
- the time for talking is over.
Colin Andrews
September 5, 2014

Listening within and to others around me and
observing our surroundings, it has become clear to
me that the time for talking and finding thoughtful
progress is over. It is time now to be QUIET.

My own journey has included over three decades of
research into the many aspects of what we call
Consciousness.  The last book published was :
‘On the Edge of Reality’.

My overwhelming sense is that humanity has
passed the crossroads that represented the  11th
hour opportunity to adjust course. Talking now is
unlikely to change anything. The domino is falling
towards a determined place.

Quiet time will be a period, perhaps brief, to reflect
and find ourselves within a deep air of change.

Enjoy friends and family and make new friends.
Look in the mirror and forgive yourself and others
and love like there is no tomorrow.

I would like to sincerely thank those many who
have contributed to my own journey. For the
nurturing and happiness many have given.  I have
had the honor of seeing many good people out
there who care enough to try and make our world a
better one – I married one exceptional person,

Planetary forces beyond our control along with the
consequences of human abuse of our home and
fellow human, have brought us ultimately to the

The 100th Monkey effect around Mother Earth is
speaking to us and showing us that this sunrise
and this sunset is different to all others .

The talking is over and now it is time to be still and

Comfort in the fact that we are in this together and
nobody will be left behind.  What comes to one,
comes to us all and hope for our children must be
found within this window of togetherness.

- Colin Andrews, September 5th, 2014

This page is dedicated to
my sister Valerie and brother Peter (right).
Brother Peter, sister Valerie with Colin  - 2013
Photo by Jean Andrews