2012 Is happening - Why THIS Prophecy is different
Today in the United States of America
The people said 'ENOUGH' to the old politics.
November 4th, 2008.
By Colin Andrews

December 21st, 2012 does not represent a single day when a switch will be thrown
and everything will change, some say for the worse, others say for good. It
represents the end of a very long natural cycle.  Much more importantly, it
represents a period of critical mass created by many interlinked trends which
combine effects to launch into a new large cycle. These are dictated by many
factors and huge forces which can not be reversed. The new cycle is the birth of a
new period which did not arrive over night but over hundreds and thousands of

Many of the multi faceted trends include human behavior and human systems that
work in tandem with natural forces and are visible and play out in front of our eyes.  
Some of the new structures can only materialize when the old have been
dismantled, like what we are now witnessing with our global economies - totally

We also need to keep in our sights global politics as we work our way through this
2012 discussion. To discuss how humans organize and manage themselves, we
have to use the term POLITICS, a word we use to identify these functions.
Its become a term we way too often now identify with spin, exaggeration and lies.
This is because of the depths to which we have allowed our so called
representatives to slide.

Today, a man called Barack Obama, a Democrat, has set forth on a journey which
was installed upon him by the largest turn out in American history.  A period of four
years has begun which he promises will be preparation for a new period of hope,
respect and honesty in Washington. His overwhelming mandate given by the long
lines around voting booths throughout this land just hours ago, will prepare for
2012  - The beginning of a new hopeful time for all citizens of a planet currently in
peril on several fronts.


Colin Andrews - November 4th 2008.
Our personal experience of history in the making.
A strange moment.

Tonight, Synthia and I sat in front of a log fire in our dining room.  We were joined by
Synthia's Mom Suzie.  The three of us sat chatting and watching the results of the
Presidential election on national television.  

Around 11.0 PM there came a moment totally unexpected and sudden.  Chris
Matthews of MSNBC was talking to others on the panel of commentators and experts
in the studio, when mid stream in his commentary, the camera showed the total
electoral seats won by Obama suddenly jumped in one big leap beyond 270, the
number needed for Obama to win the Presidency.  The sudden picture of a new
number that represented a historic moment placed everyone into several seconds of
complete suspension.  The huge crowds gathered at the final Obama venue in
Chicago, all 100,000 of them went completely silent, the TV studio and even us in
that room just went quiet.  I broke the silence by asking "but he's got it -  hasn't he"?  
I had no sooner posed the question when the answer came via a roar which came
from the crowds in Chicago, also live from 'Time Square' in New York  and venues
countrywide and beyond. Barack Obama was the new President elect of the United

We had just witnessed History in the making and for the first time in some years a
palatable sense of hope after months if not years of politics of despair, anger and
disappointment.  The first time in the history of the largest modern country in the
world, a black family had been elected into the 'White House', a house built by black

Which ever way individual's voted, what ever political bias, that silence we witnessed
was like a break in the fabric of reality as minds came to the realization mankind had
just moved forward a notch in real spiritual terms. People of good heart and spiritual
endeavour savoured the opening of a door to a new time. A new beginning that all
decent people can be proud of.

The old ways of doing the peoples political business in Washington had just changed
hands.  Time will tell if this is the all important influence that can change not just the
United States of America for the better but also the world  - hungry for decent,
honest and respectful leadership. This new transcending period will be seen as the
end of a political era and the beginning of a new one, hopefully in a healthy state for
the future as Barack Obama's first term ends in 2012.

Watch below Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Chicago October 4th, 2008:
Why Obama won

Ben Smith, Jonathan Martin Ben Smith, Jonathan Martin – Wed Nov 5, 2:37 am ET

Barack Obama’s sweeping victory as president of the United States sends him to the
White House to face what may be the worst national financial crisis since the time of
Franklin Roosevelt’s election in 1932.
Obama won on his own terms, strategically and symbolically. He rolled up a series of
contested states, from Colorado to Virginia, long out of Democratic reach. And his
victory reflected the accuracy of his vision of a reshaped country. Racism, much
discussed, turned out to be a footnote, and African-American turnout was not
unusually high. Instead, Obama drew his strength from an array of racially mixed,
growing areas around cities like Orlando, Washington, Indianapolis, and Columbus on
his way to at least 334 electoral votes.
“Even as we celebrate tonight we know that the challenges tomorrow will bring are the
greatest of our lifetime: two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a
century,” Obama told a crowd of more than 100,000 in Chicago’s Grant Park.
The assembled crowd had been strangely silent through the evening, even as Obama
shut the door for McCain by winning New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, and even
after his victory in Ohio pointed toward a landslide, seemingly unwilling to accept or
believe the impending victory.
Only at 11:00 p.m., when CNN declared that Obama had surpassed 270 electoral
votes, did the crowd roar in approval.
"This victory alone is not the change we seek — it is only the chance to make that
change," Obama said, standing between two bulletproof glass walls.
McCain, speaking in a somber concession speech outside the Phoenix hotel where he
married his wife, declared that he had done what he could.
"I don't know what more we could have done to try to win this election," he said.
Calling Obama "my president," McCain vowed to work with him to help repair a nation
facing profound challenges at home and abroad.
"These are difficult times for our country, and I pledge to him tonight to do all in my
power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face," McCain said.
After booing Obama's name and offering a few jeers, the crowd came to recognize the
history in the evening when McCain paid tribute to the nation's first black president by
recalling his own favorite commander-in-chief.
"A century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt's invitation of Booker T. Washington
to dine at the White House was taken as an outrage in many quarters," McCain
recalled. "America today is a world away from the cruel and prideful bigotry of that
time. There is no better evidence of this than the election of an African-American to
the presidency of the United States."
For the first time, claps and even a few cheers were heard from the dejected crowd.
Obama’s win came with Democratic gains in the Senate and House, though his broad
victory — he swept swing states ranging from Indiana to Ohio to Virginia — was
perhaps even more dramatic than his party’s success in congressional races. Obama
and other Democratic leaders quickly signaled their awareness of the risk of
overreaching, with Obama avoiding any claim of partisan victory, and Senate Majority
Leader Harry Reid going further.
"This is a mandate to get along, to get something done in a bipartisan way. This is not
a mandate for a political party or an ideology,” Reid told Politico.
As grand as the symbolism of Obama’s victory was, it was also a victory for his
steady, corporate campaign management. The campaign’s early decision to play on a
more ambitious map than other Democratic nominees was the source of his mandate.
And the result closely mirrored the PowerPoint presentation his campaign manager,
David Plouffe, pitched to sometimes-skeptical audiences of reporters and donors.

McCain’s campaign blamed larger forces for their candidate’s defeat.
“We were crushed by circumstance,” communications director Jill Hazelbaker said
after McCain’s speech. “The economic crisis was a pivotal point in this race.”
External factors aside, McCain and his campaign also lagged far behind Obama in
every key metric — money, organization, discipline — and failed to embrace Obama's
organizational model or the technology it borrowed from the private sector.
Earlier campaigns had celebrated their technological prowess, but in Obama’s cutting-
edge campaign, new political technology was implemented and came of age,
evidenced by its vaunted fundraising machine and its “Houdini” computer system,
which enabled the campaign as late as Tuesday afternoon to identify and bring to the
polls a last wave of supporters who hadn’t yet voted.
The coalition Obama assembled proved as modern as the technology his campaign
In his clear-cut victory, Obama became the first Democrat to win a majority of
American votes since Jimmy Carter’s 1976 election. He won states just months ago
thought to be impregnable to his party, places that just four years ago went for
President Bush by double-digits: Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina among them.
Indeed, Obama won in all regions of the country but the Deep South, piling up big
wins in the perennial Democratic bulwarks on both coasts and making deep inroads
into New South states, the industrial and agricultural heartland and the fast-growing
Rocky Mountain West.
But perhaps most spectacularly, he found victory with a multiracial coalition that has
the makings of a formidable political base of power.
If his was the first 21st century campaign, his victory was powered by a new face of
America: comprised of all ethnicities, hailing mostly from cities and suburbs, largely
under 40 years old, and among all income classes.
As they emphatically proved by obliterating the presidential color line, many of these
voters are not guided by traditional cultural attachment to race, religion or region.
What makes his victory so resounding, and so daunting for Republicans, was that he
combined support from African-Americans, Jews, and young whites with other key
groups. He also reversed President Bush’s advances with Hispanic voters.
Further, and even more worrisome for the GOP, Obama was dominant among self-
described “moderate” voters, a 60 percent swath of Americans larger than either self-
described liberals or conservatives.
This 21st century coalition allowed Obama to blow out McCain in cities and suburbs
where Bush had narrowly won or lost by smaller margins four years ago, and to pull
off narrow wins in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana and Ohio.
He ran up huge margins in heavily-black cities and counties in each, but was able to
edge out McCain thanks to big wins in populous, racially-mixed localities like Northern
Virginia's Fairfax County (59 percent), Charlotte’s Mecklenburg County (62 percent),
Orlando’s Orange County (59 percent), Indianapolis’s Marion County (64 percent)
and Columbus’s Franklin County (59 percent).
The coalition underscored the theme that made Obama famous in 2004, and one that
he returned to in his victory speech, citing his support from “young and old, rich and
poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay,
straight, disabled and not disabled — Americans who sent a message to the world
that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and
always will be, the United States of America."
'Complete Idiots Guide to 2012'

By Synthia Andrews
Colin Andrews
Below Part 2.
WikiLeaks and the Transition
                         Colin Andrews.

I think we should all support the idea of open transparent government and to expose illegal abuse of
power like spying on our allies and friends as well as the declared enemies.  I thought it was our duty
as Americans to say STOP.  The mass release of secret documents by WikiLeaks though pose
threats to agents like former secret agent Valerie Plame and is deplorable - but didn’t the mirror just
break!!!! Demonstrating the hypocrisy of our times.

Its time for us to learn, we must do our business differently inside and outside of Government. Where
is the humanity, the intelligence the respect in all this?

Understandably the American government is paranoid about its security, with its internal and external
standing challenged in ways not seen before. Its to no ones advantage to tare ourselves apart by
attacking each other but its also time to face up to the reasons for this mess.  To be respected we
must respect others and pull together. Our security is assured acting as one and talking to all.

The TRANSITION we are in has to be tackled together, there will be no other way to succeed.
Currently the chips are stacked against humanity and so we better start the talking soon.

2012 Debate - Politics and the TRANSITION.  Who said it was merely another
prophecy!  WikiLeaks coverage on this site 1- 2 - 3 - 4
Colin Andrews
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I Pray This is not the beginning of a Class War

Student go crazy in the United Kingdom and Prince Charles car attacked. Is this beginning of a class war
feared by many of us as dominoes drop.

Today in the USA Republicans vote to make the richest Americans richer by reducing tax cuts as the
middle class loose even more ground along with their homes.

The gap between those with and those with little may well have reached breaking point.

I Pray not.

Colin Andrews
December 9, 2010
Royal car attacked in London
Gadhafi's hold on Libya weakens   
in protest wave

By MAGGIE MICHAEL, Associated Press Maggie
Michael, Associated Press – Feb. 21, 2011

CAIRO – Deep cracks opened in Moammar
Gadhafi's regime Monday, with Libyan
government officials at home and abroad
resigning, air force pilots defecting and a major
government building ablaze after clashes in the
capital of Tripoli. Protesters called for another
night of defiance against the Arab world's
longest-serving leader despite a crackdown.

At sunset, pro-Gadhafi militia drove around
Tripoli with loudspeakers and told people not to
leave their homes, witnesses said, as security
forces sought to keep the unrest that swept
eastern parts of the country — leaving the
second-largest city of Benghazi in protesters'
control — from overwhelming the capital of 2
million people.

State TV said the military had "stormed the
hideouts of saboteurs" and urged the public to
back security forces. Protesters called for a new
demonstration in Tripoli's central Green Square
and in front of Gadhafi's residence.

Full Story
Feb 21, 2011: Libya: Muammar Gaddafi's regime on the
brink of collapse
Feb 21, 2011: Libya: Muammar Gaddafi fires on his own
Feb 22, 2011: Libya: Gadhafi vows to fight on, die a

Thousands demand change in

Sun Feb 20, 2:47 pm ET

RABAT (AFP) – Thousands staged rallies
in Moroccan cities on Sunday demanding
political reform and limits on the powers of
King Mohammed VI, the latest protests
demanding change that have rocked the

Between 3,000 and 4,000 people took to
the streets of the capital Rabat, shouting:
"The people want change, denouncing
corruption and calling for a democratic
constitution to be adopted.

In Casablanca, the North African nation's
biggest city, more than 4,000 people came
out demanding: "Freedom, dignity, justice,"
an AFP reporter said.

Demonstrations were held in other
Moroccan cities, including Marrakesh and
the port of Tangier.

The protests were largely peaceful though
there were reports of some minor unrest
after they ended.

Full Story

Mubarak falls as a million
Egyptians march

by Mona Salem Mona Salem – Fri Feb 11, 9:59
pm ET
CAIRO (AFP) – Egyptian strongman Hosni
Mubarak stepped down after 30 years, handing
power to the military after more than a million
people took to the streets at the culmination of
an 18-day uprising.

A grim-faced and ashen Vice President Omar
Suleiman announced the handover on state
television Friday after an extraordinary national
outpouring of rage brought vast crowds into the
streets across the country in the Arab world's
most populous country.

"President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak has
decided to leave the post of president of the
republic and has tasked the Supreme Council of
the Armed Forces to manage the state's
affairs," Suleiman said.

News of the regime's collapse spread rapidly
across Cairo, sparking an eruption of joy and
joyous chants of "We the people have
overthrown the regime!"

In Washington, US President Barack Obama
said the people of Egypt had spoken after
history moved at a "blinding pace."

The new man in charge is Field Marshal
Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, chairman of the
military council and a 75-year-old veteran who
has always been considered a close Mubarak

The statement appeared to bring an end to
constitutional rule in Egypt and invest power in a
group of generals representing a military that
has long been the power behind the throne in
the country.

Full Story

Earlier report as the uprising began HERE

Anger on the streets: unrest in
Iran, Algeria, Yemen, Morocco
and China

guardian.co.uk, Sunday 20 February 2011
21.47 GMT

Peaceful demonstrations staged in Morocco
but violence breaks out elsewhere in the
Middle East and Chinese police crackdown on
planned unrest.

Iran: Thousands dispersed with teargas and

Riot police and plainclothed basiji militia fired
teargas and wielded batons to disperse
thousands of defiant protesters
commemorating the death of two
pro-democracy demonstrators killed during
anti-government protests last week.

Supporters of the Green Movement gathered
in scattered groups for the second time within
a week to denounce the death of Saane
Zhaleh, 26, and Mohammadi Mokhtari, 22, who
were killed in Tehran on Monday. An
opposition website affiliated to Mehdi Karroubi,
a former presidential candidate, said that one
person had been killed in Haft-e-Tir square in
central Tehran when security forces opened
fire at protesters. Dozens were arrested.

Iran's IRNA state news agency reported that
Faezeh Rafsanjani, the daughter of influential
cleric and former president Hashemi
Rafsanjani, had been arrested in Tehran but
semi-official FARS news agency reported later
that she had been released.

Iran had banned foreign media based in
Tehran from reporting the protest. Instead, the
opposition turned to social networking
websites to spread their voice. Opposition
websites claimed the protests reached other
big cities, including Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz,
Mashhad and Sanandaj with scenes similar to
those in the capital, Tehran.

The Green Wave opposition grouo announced
that Ahmad Maleki, the vice-consulate at the
consulate general of the Islamic Republic of
Iran in Milan, had defected. He is the forth
diplomat to defect since Iran's post-election
unrest in 2009.

Full Story

Algeria: Police separate crowds
with clubs and shields

Police thwarted a rally by thousands of
pro-democracy supporters, breaking up the
crowd into isolated groups to keep them from

Police brandishing clubs, but no firearms,
weaved their way through the crowd in central
Algiers, banging their shields, tackling some
protesters and keeping traffic flowing through
the planned march route. A demonstrating
politician was hospitalised after suffering a
head wound when he fell after police kicked
and hit him, colleagues said. The gathering,
organised by the Coordination for Democratic
Change in Algeria, comes a week after a
similar protest, which organisers said brought
an estimated 10,000 people and up to 26,000
riot police on to the streets of Algiers. Algeria
has also been hit by numerous strikes over
the past month.

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has promised
to lift the state of emergency, which has been
in place since early 1992 to combat a budding
insurgency by Islamist extremists. The
insurgency, which continues sporadically, has
killed about 200,000 people. Bouteflika has
warned, however, that a longstanding ban on
protests in Algiers would remain in place,
even once the state of emergency was lifted.

Algeria has many of the ingredients for a
popular revolt. It is riddled with corruption and
has never successfully grappled with its
soaring jobless rate among its youth,
estimated by some to be up to 42% despite its
oil and gas wealth.

"The people are for change, but peacefully,"
said sociologist Nasser Djebbi. "We have paid
a high price."

Full Story

Yemen: Unrest continues for
ninth consecutive day

The leader of Yemen's secessionist Southern
Movement, Hasan Baoum, was arrested by
an "armed military group" in an Aden hospital,
according to his son, and shots were fired at
a demonstration in the capital Sana'a, as
unrest continued for a ninth consecutive day.

Thousands of people also staged sit-ins in
the cities of Ibb and Taiz, demanding the
departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh,
who renewed his call for opposition parties to
pursue a dialogue with the government.
Security in the southern port of Aden was
stepped up with tanks and armoured vehicles
out on the main streets.

Full Story - More Here

China: Crackdown after call for
'jasmine revolution'

Chinese security officials questioned or
detained scores of activists at the weekend
and warned others against staging protests
after an online call was made for
demonstrations in 13 cities, campaigners

The message, posted on an overseas
website on Saturday, was titled: "The jasmine
revolution in China". The swift crackdown
underlined the anxiety of authorities in the
wake of the Egypt uprising and protests
across the Middle East.

The Hong Kong-based Information Centre for
Human Rights and Democracy estimated that
more than 100 activists across the country
were taken away by police, prevented from
leaving home or were missing.

Wang Songlian, of the Chinese Human
Rights Defenders network, said more than 40
campaigners or dissidents had been
summoned or questioned by police or placed
under "soft detention" at home or elsewhere.
In many more cases, police had visited
people to ask them what they were doing or
warn them not to take part, she said.

"[The message] linked it to the jasmine
revolution and I guess that made the
government nervous," she said. "It really
shows us how much the government has
identified with regimes in the Middle East
where people are so aggrieved about social

Despite a huge police presence at the
proposed demonstration locations, there
were signs that at least a handful of people in
Beijing and Shanghai had hoped to protest.

It is not clear who posted the call for
demonstrations on the Boxun website, and
the message may well have come from
abroad. Many mainland activists appeared to
have been unaware of it until police
contacted them.

The message said: "You and I are Chinese
people who will still have a dream for the
future ... we must act responsibly for the
future of our descendants."

It urged people to shout demands for food,
work, housing and fairness.

Full Story
One Of The Final And Most Dangerous Phases In The
Completion Of This Cycle Now Heading Towards 2012:
The Political and Social Unrest. Huge Change Is Manifesting.

Posted February 21, 2011
Colin Andrews

Each country has created their own unique problems and each will terminate and change in their
own ways but all have some of the same triggers.  Repression, dishonesty and injustice at its
root. An abuse of power.  When the divide between those with and those without becomes so
unjust in intolerable,
watch out.  Somehow during the end of this long cycle, we have reached
this place at the same moment that everything else is being dismantled. No better way to
reconstruct with new ideas, new people and new attitudes, as the native peoples so often say
'Start Over'.     

Wisconsin Protests Draw
Thousands Of Workers Fighting
For Key Union Rights

MADISON, WI -- On Friday, February 11th, at
the same hour that the world watched the
former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak
resign his post, the newly appointed
Republican Governor of Wisconsin quietly
launched a ferocious attack on public sector
unions -- and the very notion of organized labor
in America.

For nearly fifty years unions have sought to
safeguard and advance their rights through a
process known as collective bargaining, which
is the the most powerful tool labor has for
peacefully resolving disputes and ensuring
workers a voice in negotiations on everything
from fair wages to safety conditions and sick

The bill championed by Wisconsin's governor
takes dead aim at this process by stripping
most state workers of many of their collective
bargaining rights. Union leaders have
responded uproariously, claiming that the bill
effectively guts public unions of their most
critical asset in a state that pioneered many of
the fundamental fights for worker's rights.
Political chaos has ensued on both sides. State
Democrats fled the state last week to prevent a
vote on the legislature, while many Republican
governors -- some who already have similar
bills on the table -- watch carefully to see, if the
bill succeeds, how they might pass anti-union
legislature in their own states.

(Check out a gallery of HuffPost readers'
photos from the Wisconsin protests here.)

President Obama called the bill "an assault on
unions." On the ground in Wisconsin, the
growing crowd of protesters protray their
actions as part of a once-in-a generation
struggle to shape the dynamic that determines
what voice workers will have in the workplace.
They feel the eyes of the world upon them. Last
Friday as millions swarmed the streets of Egypt
in a "Day of Victory" rally, a young man posted
a picture on his Facebook page showing a sign
reading "EGYPT Supports Wisconsin One
World One Pain."

In many statehouses in America, there are
heated debates about how to handle mounting
deficits and difficult budget cuts. Governor
Walker's so-called "Budget Repair Bill" purports
to address Wisconsin's $137 million budget
shortfall. In addition to removing most collective
bargaining rights, Walker's proposal would
double the amount state employees pay for
health insurance and increase contributions to
their pension funds. Republican's say Walker's
plan would save the state $30 million over the
next three months and $300 million over the
next two years. Proponents of the bill say that it
is a pragmatic approach to difficult fiscal times.

"I'm just trying to balance my budget," Mr.
Walker told the New York Times. "To those who
say why didn't I negotiate on this? I don't have
anything to negotiate with. We don't have
anything to give. Like practically every other
state in the country, we're broke. And it's time
to pay up."

Full Story

12 Things You Need to Know
About the Uprising in Wisconsin

What's happening in Wisconsin is not
complicated. At the beginning of this year, the
state was on course to end 2011 with a budget
surplus of $120 million. As Ezra Klein explained,
newly elected GOP Governor Scott Walker then
" signed two business tax breaks and a
conservative health-care policy experiment that
lowers overall tax revenues (among other
things). The new legislation was not offset, and
it turned a surplus into a deficit." (Update:
please see this note for more detail on the
cause of the budget gap.)

Walker then used the deficit he'd created as
the justification for assaulting his state's public
employees. He used a law cooked up by a
right-wing advocacy group called the American
Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC
likes to fly beneath the radar, but I described
the organization in a 2005 article as "the
connective tissue that links state legislators with
right-wing think tanks, leading anti-tax activists
and corporate money." Similar laws are on the
table in Ohio and Indiana.

Walker's bill would strip public employees of the
right to bargain collectively for anything but
higher pay (and would cap the amount of wage
hikes they might end up gaining in
negotiations). His intentions are clear -- before
assuming office, Walker threatened to decertify
the state's employees' unions (until he
discovered that the governor doesn't have that

Full Story.
United States

DON'T COUNT ON IT -- Retired
town employees in Prichard,
Alabama are dealing with a
new economic reality -- the
city is refusing to pay them
their pensions, saying it's flat-
out broke.
Could this become a
national trend?  Martha Teichner reports
from Prichard.

CBS News Feb 20, 2011

A desperate situation for many, some
already passed away while waiting for their
pensions. Pension money promised by
this town when paid but now spent and
broke they are being refused any at all.  
From fire fighters to teachers the old and
sick are being forced back to work, if they
can find it.  Many states are in the same
mess - caused by incompetent
management and the illegal use of funds.

(Colin Andrews comment: I watched this
report and have rarely seen anything so
desperately sad and as far as the council
officials are concerned, furious at the level
of shear mismanagement.  One can feel
the anger growing in this town and in this

Contd... Prichard is small: 144 retirees,
27,000 residents. But what happens in
Prichard is being watched by much larger
cities - Chicago . . . Philadelphia . . . San
Diego, to name a few - and by many
Full report.

Feb 21, 2011: Alabama Town’s Failed Pension Is
a Warning
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Dont Overlook The 2012 Presidential Elections in the USA.
In my view this will be a key component and turning point.
Posted April 15, 2011
Colin Andrews
Divided Congress Starts Drawing Budget Battle Lines
February 3, 2011

President Obama is 10 days away from releasing his budget proposal, but that
isn't stopping Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill from staking out their
territory in the coming fight over how to fund the government. ----
Full article

Harry Reid, John Boehner can't agree on why Congress can't
agree to avert government shutdown
April 07, 2011

|By Kathleen Hennessey and Lisa Mascaro, Washington Bureau
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Democrats and Republicans in
Congress have essentially agreed on spending levels for the rest of the year,
but a budget deal is being held up by a split over policy measures related to
Planned Parenthood funding and clean-air regulation.

Reid said the divisions made him more pessimistic about the chances of passing
a compromise deal before a Friday deadline, resulting in a government

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, says there's basic accord on
spending reductions but that policy disputes, such as on abortion-related
services, are holding up a pact. House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican,
says there's no agreement on spending and denies that 'riders' are driving the
Full article.

Colin Andrews: This is just the beginning of the big show down. Change is
coming but can the US turn this corner or is this going to be the catastrophe
forecast by some economists and the 2012 prophecy - on track as we speak" -
Nov 6th, 2012 will be the day.  What will the aftermath of this election look like
just 45 days later - 21st Dec 2012 ?
Colin Andrews:

This is just the beginning of the
big show down. Change is
coming but can the US turn
this corner or is this going to
be the catastrophe forecast by
some economists and the 2012
prophecy - on track as we
speak" - Nov 6th, 2012 will be
the day.  What will the
aftermath of this election look
like just 45 days later - 21st
Dec 2012?
Community and Survival Beyond Politics With The Urban Farming Guys
October 3, 2011


Original Link

The Urban Farming Guys is a band of pioneers, farmers, and fans, running hard to put the most
innovative, accessible, low tech and reproducible solutions for self sustaining community into the
hands of everyday people from the inner-cities to the Nations. Beginning with energy, agriculture,
and housing technologies, we are beating a path for communities and villages to thrive in any
economy. And we are putting videos, diagrams, principals, parts lists and full technology into your
hands in our
open source knowledge base. Next we are putting them to the test in the hostile
environment of the inner city of Kansas City as 20 families now have acquired homes and land
within a 5 block radius of each other in Lykins Neighborhood as our first prototype of Sustainable
Community. And Lastly to establish a sustainability school and training center. AND WE NEED
YOUR TEAMWORK to pull this off. We have come a long way in our dedication but this vision is
much bigger than its founders and it depends heavily on your support to make sustainable global
impact. Help us equip the next generation to thrive. Our Strategy is 4 Parts:

• Develop, Test and Release the needed Self Sustainable Technologies.

• Build the Prototype Sustainable Community in the inner city of Kansas City, fit with economy
proof jobs, food access and alternate energy.

• Multiplication of Sustainable Communities in other cities and villages.

• Establish a Sustainability School and Training Center.

Click here to find out how you can contribute.

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Wall Street protest stretches across NY Financial District
By Jason Kessler and Michael Martinez, CNN
Posted Oct 5, 2011
Protesters Numbers Growing Dramatically
New York (CNN) -- As "Occupy Wall Street" protesters rallied for a third week in lower
Manhattan's Financial District, crowds Wednesday marched from the city's Zuccotti Park --
considered a rallying point for the largely leaderless group -- to Foley Square near City Hall.

The demonstrators are expected to meander their way to the square and then return to the park
in protest of income inequality, corporate greed, high unemployment, corruption and a list of
other social ills.

Their messages, however, have remained wide ranging, if not ambiguous.

Causes spanned from social awareness to radical change in America's financial and political
systems, while others appeared content to simply get caught up in the spirit of demonstration.

And yet, the group has rallied around its general criticism of the country's wealthiest 1% and its
purported influence.

Some carried placards and shouted slogans denouncing corporate excess, while others said
they were "fed up" with high unemployment and a lack of economic opportunity. Still others
expressed that they had simply been waiting for a moment to express their voice and kick-start
a conversation about inequality............

“We witness the government
enforcing the laws that
punish the 99% while
allowing the 1% to escape
justice, unharmed, for their
crimes against the people”
As protests grow and Wall Street is surrounded by protesters, Anonymous
promise a computer close down of financial business, now this from a
group called ‘OATH KEEPERS’.

"Keep your oath - Aimed at the police, firefighters and the military. We are
one and those who serve us are sworn to defend the constitution. The
core problem is the Federal Reserve"...........

"We are planning to “Occupy The Fed Now!” and publicize this to remind
the Occupy Wall Street people that the Fed is the source problem, without
which the Wall Street criminals would be set back a hundred years".
The problem is The Federal Reserve
Posted Oct 6, 2011
Occupy Wall Street will only get bigger
Ive never seen such unity of anger and desire across the board to
stop these corporate lunatics - They have taken over our
governments, our homes and work place and our lives - it ends NOW.
Update - Occupy Wall Street - October 19, 2011
Marine Sergeant faces 30 cops in New York to tell them he
did not fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect his
people only to come home and find the police hurting them.
"You are here to protect these people, why are you hurting them. What honer is there in
hurting unarmed citizens, you are citizens, why are you doing this...............". Those in
positions of authority are finding increasing difficulty finding a foot hold in the new world
which is now evolving.
Posted Oct 19, 2011
BBC correspondent in Gaza reporting on the escalation in Israeli-Palestinian problem with his
young son killed by an Israeli drone strike.  Hamas warn the assassination "
has opened the gates
of hell"
Posted November 15, 2012
Israel  Promised Remorseless Attacks Perhaps Leading to an all out
Ground Invasion  of Gaza. Hamas General and four others
assassinated by Israeli Drone - Dangerous Rise in Middle East Tension.
The 2012 Debate - The Bigger Picture and End of a Cycle.
BBC News: Nov 29, 2012
Palestinians win upgraded UN status by wide margin  

The assembly voted 138-9 in favour, with 41 nations abstaining

'Birth certificate'

"Sixty-five years ago on this day, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 181,
which partitioned the land of historic Palestine into two states and became the birth certificate
for Israel," Mr Abbas said shortly before the vote in New York.

President Mahmoud Abbas: "The last chance to save the two state solution"
"The General Assembly is called upon today to issue a birth certificate of the reality of the
State of Palestine," he said.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the vote "unfortunate and counter-productive",
saying it put more obstacles on the path to peace.

"By going to the UN , the Palestinians have violated the agreements with Israel and Israel will
act accordingly," said the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Twitter.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also called for more talks, saying the resolution
underscored the need to resume meaningful peace negotiations.

The UK abstained from the vote, as did Germany. The Czech Republic, the Marshall Islands
and Panama were among the nations voting with the US and Israel.
Historic Day for Palestine - UN agree upgrade Status
November 29, 2012
Today New York  -- The United Nations General Assembly endorsed an upgraded U.N. Status
for the Palestinian Authority, despite intense opposition from the United States and Israel. Change
for good continues to take place. The old power blocks are falling, the order of status is in transition
across the scale from super power to the formerly unrecognized. As  predicted on this website and
in my public presentations for nearly three decades, we are now in transition between an old
outdated cycle during which we were manipulated and controlled by the super rich who via their
wealth gained early control of the reigns to the Industrial military complex and paid their way to
favours to secure the old boys club that they became.  Its over -
The Cross Roads and a new future
is on the close horizon. Those who have perpetrated the biggest crimes on humanity through
financial and political crimes are now on the wrong side of history. And the changes will continue.
HERE (The 2012 debate continues - Colin)