A Totally Biased and Unbalanced View of 2012
                                      By Edmund Correia

After reading the posts from the Mayan elders who are attempting to counteract the
hysteria and misunderstanding propagated by the media regarding the “end of the
Mayan calendar”, I decided to erect a chart for 28 Dec 2012, the last in a series of 52
full-moon dates (beginning on 13 Nov 2008) on which special ceremonies are to be
performed at sacred sites around the world, whose purpose is the healing of the planet
and the purification of the mind of man in preparation for the new cycle of ~26,000
years.  If my understanding is correct, this date is considered even more significant
than the winter solstice because of the moon’s role in activating the new potentials (i.e.,
sowing the seeds of the future) in our collective consciousness.

The chart is calculated for midnight at my home location (forgive the self-centeredness)
and the results easily outshine
Alan Ouimet’s chart, impressive as it is.  The “Finger of
God” configuration has lost only a fraction of its precision (the Jupiter aspects are but a
degree off), but now the Sun has joined Pluto in anchoring the “yod” to the nadir.  They
also form a tight t-square (an opposition divided into two squares by a third planet) with
the culminating full moon and a setting Uranus, all points of this right triangle
dramatically angular (and this probably equally so up and down the west coast of the
US).  In fact, EVERY planet in this chart is part of at least one triangular configuration,
virtually all of the classic 3-point patterns are represented, and all of the triangles save
one contain an angular planet (indicated by italics).  Despite the huge number of
aspects involved, only one orb exceeds 8°, and that by only about 1/4 of a degree.  To

Triangular pattern                                           Planetary components
equilateral (grand trine)                                  Moon, Saturn, Neptune (and Chiron)
t-square (180°, 90°, 90°)                                Moon, Sun/Pluto, Uranus
bisected trine (120°, 60°, 60°)                        Saturn, Neptune, Sun/Pluto
bisected trine (120°, 60°, 60°)                        Jupiter, Mars, Uranus
double quincunx or “yod” (60°, 150°, 150°)    Saturn, Sun/Pluto, Jupiter
bisected square (90°, 45°, 45°)                      Saturn, Mars, Venus/Mercury

This last triangle is a slight exception, in that a marginal Venus/Mercury conjunction is
at the apex position, yet these planets make very snug semi-squares to Mars and
Saturn, respectively.  To lend extra force to all of this, 3 pairs of planets making up
these triangles are in mutual reception (each member of the pair placed in the sign its
partner rules): Saturn (Scorpio) and Pluto (Capricorn); Mars (Aquarius) and Uranus
(Aries); and, if we include the old traditional rulerships, Mars (Aquarius) and Saturn
(Scorpio).  Another pair of planets (Jupiter and Mercury) are also in mutual reception,
but their opposition is several days past viability.  With the Moon and Neptune
comfortably housed in the signs they rule, this leaves only the Sun and Venus
undignified by zodiacal placement.

To sum up, I don’t think it is possible to overstate the improbability of this all-inclusive
Gestalt.  I can fairly deem myself only an amateur researcher and occasional
counselor, yet in all my years of study, I have never encountered anything quite like
this.  Drawing up a chart of the full moon for any point on the planet will yield the same
patterns, except for the phenomenal coincidence of the angles (MC, IC, and Desc) with
the t-square occurring at this longitude.  N.B.– I live virtually astride the San Andreas

My aim here is not so much to make specific predictions or even a general forecast of
conditions to expect at the end of the year 2012 as it is to suggest some of the higher,
more hopeful possibilities awaiting activation.  We must not approach this time as
passive observers of events beyond our control, but as active participants in our
communities, local and global—consciously choosing our roles, how we will serve, what
we will empower, what we wish to be part of, what is worth living and dying for.  If we are
indeed at the threshold of a significant new cycle, whether the transition is relatively
smooth or extremely turbulent, we nevertheless will have to quickly orient ourselves to a
changed landscape, be that physical, political, or socio-cultural.  It would behoove us to
have already in mind those values, images, and goals that we want to shape and inform
our future on this planet.

In breaking down this tangle of triangles, we must first consider the “Finger of God” or
“yod” configuration, since its primary planetary components (Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter)
are all relatively slow-moving—the yod retains its tight geometry quite durably until the
following spring.  All the remaining planets aspect one or more of this group,
highlighting its central, integrating role in the overall pattern.  In addition, the Jupiter
and Pluto positions closely coincide with the degrees of two major conjunctions with
immense historical significance: the Neptune/Pluto conjunction(s) in Gemini of 1892-3
and that of Saturn/Neptune in Capricorn in Nov. 1989.  The former series of
conjunctions set the stage for the cultural and scientific revolutions of the early 20th
century and marked the demise of the Newtonian universe and all outgrown concepts
of materiality, permanence, and solidity.  The latter conjunction, though merely one in a
complex series of conjunctions and other major aspects centered in Capricorn, timed
almost to the day the fall of the Berlin Wall, the concrete as well as metaphorical symbol
of the collapse of the Soviet empire and the ostensible end of the Cold War.

The Saturn/Pluto sextile at the base of the yod is a late phase in the cycle begun by
these planets in Nov. 1982, a cycle which concludes in Jan. 2020, when they are
conjoined at 23° Capricorn (within striking distance of natal Pluto in the US chart).  
Though a 60° angle is not usually considered as dynamic as a square, this sextile is
nevertheless rich in implication because the planets are in mutual reception, i.e., each
is placed in the sign that the other rules.  Their three 20th-century conjunctions (1914,
1947, and 1982) generate quite a laundry list of covert operations, power grabs,
manipulated alliances, exploitation of the disadvantaged, and the aggressive promotion
of war and weaponry, namely: the outbreak of WWI, the Roswell crashes and
subsequent coverup, the creation of the CIA, the beginning of the Cold War, the Iran-
Contra scandal (“send lawyers, guns, and drug money”), SDI (Star Wars) and related
military spending, the emergence of AIDS after a period of suppression and denial, the
offshore relocation of big finance and big business to avoid regulation and taxation,
etc., and you’ll notice I’m not even going anywhere near the arbitrary carving-up of the
Middle East and the creation of a Jewish state.  Clearly linking these events, policies,
and trends is a theme of repression—attempts to impede the forces of change, to
frustrate natural evolution, to recognize only the known and familiar, and preserve the
power of the privileged.  But must we thereby conclude that Saturn and Pluto can
produce only atavistic, dysfunctional offspring?  I see no reason to rule out more
positive possibilities generated by the anabolic/catabolic interaction of these planetary
heavies.  In the light of the full moon, and goaded by a rambunctious Uranus in Aries,
might these “lords of darkness” instead direct their ruthlessness toward the exposure of
corruption, the unveiling of conspiracies, the purging of toxins (environmental and
psycho-social), and the mobilization of the hitherto suppressed and misinformed

Before speculating further on such possibilities, we should briefly check the other
critical phases of this Saturn/Pluto cycle to see what themes may emerge.  The waxing
square took place just weeks after the first bombing of the World Trade Center in late
February 1993, when Pluto was stationary in Scorpio (and closely square the Leo sun
of newly inaugurated Bill Clinton).  It is claimed that around this time the Clintons
rejected a significant opportunity to disclose the truth behind UFO phenomena, the ET
presence, and the existence of a meta-government jealously guarding its exclusive
access to advanced technologies (including the key to energy independence) and
ruthlessly determined to maintain its secrecy.  Saturn reached its opposition to Pluto,
the culmination of this cycle, in Aug. 2001, about a month before the world-changing
events of 9/11.  Even if one accepts the official explanation of how the world’s most
sophisticated defense network was neutralized and penetrated by a tiny band of
conspirators, we must rewind to the beginning of this cycle, the early years of Reagan’s
first term, to discover what astrology would suggest are the seeds of the monstrous
crimes of September 2001.  What was the nature of that administration’s involvement
with the Islamic world?  As briefly mentioned above, this was the time of the Iran-Contra
scandal, a strange-bedfellows collaboration with revolutionary fundamentalists for the
sake of pursuing illegal and unconstitutional counter-insurgency operations in Central
America.  Add to this the enlisting of the Mujahedin in Afghanistan as our proxy army
against the Soviets, luring them into debilitating levels of military spending and bogging
them down in a high-desert Vietnam of their own.  These unholy alliances were born in
a milieu of runaway defense spending on our own part, coupled with a zeal for
deregulation and the glorification of business in general (usually linked with Neptune’s
entry into Capricorn in early 1984).  So what is the real scenario behind the toppling of
the majestic temples of capitalism?  Irrational, nihilistic retaliation against the plutocrats
(sorry; I couldn’t resist) of the West?  Or centralized, subterranean power orchestrating
events through misdirection, media manipulation, and Manchurian marionettes?  Both
of the above?  At the very least, it can be concluded that one stirs the smoldering
ashes of fundamentalist indignation at one’s own peril.

The current waning square at 1° Lib-Cap offers a note of hope: the struggle to reform
the health care system (note that this mirrors Hillary’s well-intentioned but failed attempt
at the opposite phase of this cycle), rethink interventionist foreign policy, and restrain
self-serving financial institutions can be seen as a manifold attempt on Obama’s part to
correct the chronic misuse of power—power hidden within faceless corporations and
government agencies, with their legions of recycled bureaucrats and unelected
officials.  Beyond this, there are signs that the White House is once again being
pressured to lift the veil of secrecy and drop the guise of “national security interest”
that short-circuits all efforts at meaningful change and technological innovation.  Will
Obama be the one who finally dares pick up the hot potato of disclosure?  After
everything he’s already risked, would this ultimate gambit further expose him and
render him impotent?  The odds of successful reform may be slim, but shall we forfeit
the final phase of this cycle to inertia, or make a last stab at redemption, resolving to
learn from our errors and not blindly carry the same old seeds of failure into the next
cycle?  The decisions made at this time, with Saturn in Libra, to firmly break with the
shortsighted policies of recent administrations will determine the success of the sextile,
with Saturn in Scorpio, at purging the emotional residue, the toxic by-products of
unenlightened, self-serving actions from the body politic.  When the final full moon of
2012 arrives, we cannot afford to dilute our creative energies with anger and
vengefulness toward those who abused the public trust.  Seeing themselves in the
revealing light of the new day will be punishment enough.

A slow-moving, retrograde and pivotal Jupiter at the Gemini apex of the yod may force
cooperation from its stygian partners, stationed as it is at the portal of the 1892-3
Neptune/Pluto conjunction (the rarest of planetary unions), channeling an ever-
expanding stream of data, discovery, opinion, and narrative echoing the theories and
findings of Tesla, Einstein, Planck, Freud, and Jung, to name but a few of the
torchbearers at the cusp of the 20th century.  What this deluge of data is seeking is its
complementary opposite, a synthesizing point of resolution in Sagittarius.  The nearby
Mercury/Venus conjunction (itself the rough midpoint of the Saturn/Mars square) hints
at the “hermaphroditic” nature of this desperately needed New Cosmology—an
interpretive framework, an all-inclusive bicameral paradigm, comprehensive yet
elegant, that satisfies both logic and intuition, appealing equally to the technician and
the aesthete while accommodating all of the input contributed by humanity as a whole,
from the loftiest theoretician to the most mundane blogger.  In short, a grand “unified
field theory” encompassing subjective consciousness and objective perception.  What
must be abandoned are the now-inadequate religious traditions and belief systems that
brought us to this crisis, rooted as they are in particular revelations, cultures, periods,
and conditions.  Neither scientism nor religion will see us safely to the promised land,
but a marriage of science and spirituality may inaugurate a new Age of Enlightenment
more worthy of its name.

It’s been a very long time since any of the outer planets has crossed the cardinal point
of 1° Aries.   Much energy has been focused on the last signs of the zodiac in recent
decades, throwing the double Aries ingress of Uranus (May 2010 and March 2011) into
dramatic relief, fraught with expectation. Aries, traditionally ruled by Mars, can also be
regarded  as the “day-sign” of Pluto, in contrast to Scorpio, where life passes from the
realm of the visible into the mystery of the underworld.  In Aries, that which has been
distilled into pure essence in the crucible of Pisces once again precipitates into the
world of matter to embark upon a fresh cycle of experience.  Might we not also think of
this primal degree as the Janus-guarded gate, the “light barrier”, crossing through
which superluminal energies, vibrations finer than our known spectra, condense into
physicality?  The implications are tremendous—almost beyond imagining.  Could this
be the dawn of the time of large-scale, long-duration, whole-population sightings of
UFO’s or other “paranormal” phenomena?  Something so self-evident and undeniable
that acknowledgment by our official truth police becomes moot—no longer necessary?

The Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 is the first critical aspect between these planets since
their conjunction in Virgo in 1965-6.  To back up a bit, the mid-sixties were not simply a
time of social turmoil, assassinations, and Cold War paranoia gone tragically wrong in
Vietnam.  There were also several wholly positive expressions of the Virgo virtues and
values: service, putting things in order, respect for nature’s wisdom and the earth
(Gaia), proper diet and exercise, herbal science and natural medicine, restoring dignity
and rights to all those of inferior status, including the animal kingdom.  The constructive
side of the Johnson (sun in Virgo) administration brought us the Great Society, human
rights legislation, a higher standard of living for the working class, even Lady Bird’s
interest in wildflower restoration and beautification of the nation’s highways.  This was
the time when we first heard the word “ecology” and learned of the horrific effects of
pesticides and other man-made chemicals on the biosphere, when our servicemen in
Vietnam had to pay toll in their own bodies for the defoliants and other poisons we let
loose upon the “hostile” landscape.

The long series of squares between Uranus and Pluto (2012-15) demands that we
make a decisive break with the past and wholly commit to the new, to the best of what
was seeded almost fifty years prior.  Woe unto us if this time arrives and finds that we
have not heeded the warnings of the past (especially those of the indigenous peoples),
have not made a serious effort to reverse the damage we have inflicted on the earth.  
Ideally, this will be a time of rapid progress, as we capitalize (in the best sense) on
recent breakthroughs in energy generation—cheap, abundant, pollution-free energy,
that is.  Man’s mechanical ingenuity will either be the key to our salvation or the vehicle
of our destruction.

Can Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, the apex of two dynamic triangles integrating the
functions of the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars, be seen as the charioteer of the
full moon chart, pulling all of us, willing or unwilling, into a future rich in technological
innovation, showered with gifts from a universe of unlimited potential, newly recognized
as populated by countless cultures and civilizations?

The final element of this mosaic requiring examination is the watery, visionary grand
trine which sits symmetrically on the axis of the full moon, itself virtually identical with the
Cancer-Capricorn meridian of the chart (the meridian is of course a local, thus not
intrinsic factor).  Saturn here plays the role of contractor, supplying the “molecules of
manifestation” for the dream-ideals of the Moon and Neptune.  The building materials
are to be found in the domain of Scorpio: the recycled raw emotion of fear, grief, loss,
pain, anger, resentment, and humiliation..  By this point, virtually everyone on the
planet will have been visited by recent, acute suffering on all levels—personal, familial,
communal, national, racial.  It is the immediate, inescapable memory of extreme
suffering that will inspire a resounding, unanimous “Yes!” when we are asked (don’t ask
me how or by whom) if we are finally ready to act responsibly as a global family and
give up our contentious ways.  The more we avoid the temptation to divert energy into
punishment and revenge fantasies, the more emotional substance will be available to
fuel the critical work of restoration, repair, and reconstruction.

The full moon at 8° Can-Cap is only 3 degrees short of exact alignment with the
Saturn/Neptune conjunction of Nov. 1989 (which was precisely opposed by Jupiter in
11° Cancer).  This is again the “Berlin Wall” configuration, referenced earlier in relation
to Pluto’s role in the yod.  The symbolism of its dramatic reappearance under the full
moon at this phase of the unfolding Saturn/Neptune cycle (1989-2026) is irresistible.  
Could there be a better moment to collectively envision the people we want to become,
the earth we want to inhabit in peace, the galactic community we want to participate in,
the infinite Being which is our ultimate source and identity?  If a critical number of us
are prepared at that time to renounce violence and see beyond the boundaries of
nation, class, gender, race, religion, culture, and ethnicity, the power of our resolution
will be multiplied exponentially by the gathered ranks of ancestors, enlightened souls,
elemental spirits, and (in all likelihood) off-planet travelers who have come to
encourage, reinforce, and celebrate our budding unity.

Neptune, poised in the first degree of her own sign (against Greco-Roman tradition, I
will refer to Neptune as feminine), exerts perhaps as much authority over this chart as
Uranus, albeit in a gentler, more understated way.  Her relationships to virtually all of
the other planets are singularly free of tension and compulsion.  Relaxed and refreshed
after her chaotic passage through Aquarius*, Neptune in Pisces is free to operate in a
non-verbal medium, allowing all sentient beings to feel kinship and commonality with all
else that lives.  Under her spell, “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” (all men become
brothers), as in Beethoven’s intoxicated, Jupiter-in-Pisces mad dash to the end of the
Ninth Symphony.  Chiron, a close neighbor at 6° Pisces, reinforces Neptune’s visionary
role and adds a note of maverick unpredictability, also suggesting the crucial
involvement of native peoples throughout the Americas as “wounded healers” in this
communion of clans, tribes, nations, elemental and spiritual forces.   It is of course their
dedication as keepers of the ancient knowledge and guardians of the earth’s sanctity
that allows us to know anything at all of Mayan astronomy, mythology, and calendar
making.  Note also that many tribes in diverse parts of America trace their origins to the
stars (the Pleiades and Orion crop up frequently), their arrival from off-planet surviving
(at least fragmentarily) in their oral traditions.

The question of the ET presence is the wild card missing from most analyses of 2012; it
has the potential of shifting the discussion to radically different territory.  Governmental
disclosure, undeniable mass UFO sightings or officially confirmed First Contact could
catalyze the revolutionary potential of the 28 Dec 2012 chart: a radically new paradigm
that accounts for the reality of interstellar and intergalactic travel and forces moribund
religious traditions to evolve or fade into irrelevance; a practical synthesis of scientific
discipline and metaphysical insight; breakthrough energy generation that arrests
damage to the biosphere and enables rapid environmental recovery; and finally,
confirmation that we are not orphaned children alone in the universe, but rather
welcomed participants in a galactic and trans-galactic community.

While under the spell of this midwinter night’s lunar-inspired dream, one last point must
be addressed: that of the likelihood of a rotational or magnetic pole shift and/or other
aeonic earth changes.  The more I hear of such prophesying and theorizing, the more I
wish I could order a moratorium on all such negative speculation, much of which
qualifies as abuse of our power of imagination.  The seers and prophets of ancient
times would no doubt agree that the dire events they warned of were not
destined to
happen.  But the probability of their occurrence increased in proportion to the refusal of
the people to listen, to recognize the severe imbalances allowed to take root in their
cultures, to change course in response to innumerable red flags raised in their path by
a desperate natural world.  So what is the glaring imbalance of our time that threatens
disaster?  What is the psychological “pole shift” we must willingly undergo to circumvent
its physical manifestation?  The answer will be glaringly obvious to many and the clues
in the Dec. 28 chart are illuminated by 2012’s most elevated, most potent full moon.  It
is the power of the feminine that must be allowed to guide us into the new era, to take
precedence in our consciousness as we re-prioritize our values.  We have become
addicted to an exclusively male approach to collective decision-making and are
suffering all the symptoms of overdose in our geopolitics.  “Women and children first”
should be the prime directive when making up the shopping list for a saner future, not
just a face-saving slogan when the proud unsinkable ship must finally be abandoned.  
Out: head-centered, fear-based planning, competition, exclusion, division, stockpiling,
suspicion, judgment, alienation, “us vs. them”.  In: heart-centered, love-based planning,
cooperation, inclusion, union, sharing, trust, compassion, belonging, “us” discovering
“more of us”.

It’s time to give up our fascination with disaster and horror shows.  To stop thinking of
the future as a done deal, destined to manifest while we passively stand in line for
tickets, popcorn and diet sodas.  To finally take seriously Jesus’ most ignored advice:
“Resist ye not evil.”  Don’t follow  their script.  Don’t try to beat back the darkness.  Don’
t arm yourselves for that final showdown in the sky or Har-Megiddo or wherever.  This is
our game, our story, our garden party, and we’re in charge of the guest list and have
every reason to expect the participation of a supportive universe.  Imagine, create,
realize, act, meditate, pray, affirm, bless, honor, embrace, trust, love, nurture, heal,
conserve, sow, cultivate, harvest, share, enjoy, play, and give thanks.  And don’t look
back when it’s going up in smoke.  The future isn’t what it used to be and the times they
are a-changin’.

1. I Corinthians, 15:51
2. from the “Midnight Song” in Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra
3. do you really need help with this one?
4. 9th-century hymn invoking the Holy Spirit
5. final line from Goethe’s Faust, perhaps the central European myth of the Piscean

— completed 19 Nov 2009, what would have been the 56th birthday of my brother and
best friend Dana, also the anniversary of the SFSO’s epochal live recording (2008) of
Mahler’s Eighth Symphony under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas, himself a
winter solstice baby

1 *During its transit of the mental, information-tech air sign of Aquarius [1998-Feb 2012], where it
leveled the playing field of the Internet and dissolved social barriers and class distinctions, Neptune
befogged the waters with so much disinformation, distortion, and deception that only the most
discerning could steer an unerring course to the truth, which, to the disillusionment of many, had not
taken up reliable residence in the sanctuary of Wikipedia.
The Astrology of 2012
A look at 2012 through the eyes of research
astrologer Edmund Correia.
" We must not approach this time
as passive observers of events
beyond our control..."
"...in all my years of study, I have
never encountered anything
quite like this".
" Neither scientism nor religion
will see us safely to the promised
land, but a marriage of science
and spirituality may inaugurate a
new Age of Enlightenment more
worthy of its name".
" Ideally, this will be a time of
rapid progress, as we capitalize
(in the best sense) on recent
breakthroughs in energy
generation—cheap, abundant,
pollution-free energy, that is.  
Man’s mechanical ingenuity will
either be the key to our salvation
or the vehicle of our destruction".
" By this point, virtually everyone
on the planet will have been
visited by recent, acute suffering
on all levels—personal, familial,
communal, national, racial" .
" The question of the ET presence
is the wild card missing from most
analyses of 2012; it has the
potential of shifting the discussion
to radically different territory".
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