Solar Dynamics Observatory causes a stir on lift-off. Mysterious
ripples appear in clouds.

Exceptional Rocket Waves Destroy Sun Dog
Credit & Copyright: George C. Privon (U. Virginia)
Explanation: What created those rocket waves, and why did they destroy that sun dog?
Close inspection of the above image shows not only a rocket rising near the center, but
unusual air ripples around it and a colorful sundog to the far right. The rocket, carrying
the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), lifted off two weeks ago from Cape Canaveral,
Florida, USA into a cold blue sky. The SDO is designed to observe the Sun
continuously over the next several years, exploring the Sun's atmosphere at high
resolution and fast time scales. The air ripples -- seen about one minute after launch --
were unexpected, as was the sudden disappearance of the sundog after the ripples
passed. Noticed and recorded by several onlookers, there has been much speculation
about the origin of the ripples. An ongoing discussion about them can be joined here in
APOD's discussion board the Asterisk.
A leading hypothesis holds that the ripples
resulted from a sonic boom created as the rocket broke the sound barrier,
which then jumbled a thin layer of ice crystals that were aligned to create the
sundog. Lingering questions include why other rocket launches don't produce
air ripples as noticeable, and why the ripples appeared more prominent above
the rocket. If you know of images of any other aircraft or spacecraft that have
produced similar air ripples, please post them to the discussion thread -- they
may be help create a better understanding of the effect.

Strange ripples and spirals on Australian Radar - Government baffled.

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throughout the Australian weather radar system go
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'Cloud Ripples' as seen on Australian radar, appear mysteriously and unexpectedly at
Cape Canaveral as NASA's mission carrying the Solar Dynamics Observatory launches.
By Colin Andrews
February 23, 2010.

Well as I was saying "Houston we do now have a problem". In this case the rocket was in fact
launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida on February 11 when a 'sun dog' was destroyed as the
mystery ripples burst outwards from the rocket as it passed through the cloud. Looking strikingly
similar to the effects seen over Australian radar stations below.
Credit & Copyright: George C. Privon (U. Virginia)
Copyright: Australia Bureau of Meteorology.
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
Melbourne (top) and Perth, Australia.
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