Enigmatic Forces

It seems the majority of people make their way through life accepting what comes naturally by
means of energies and forces.  For instance, we are aware of the existence of gravity,
magnetism, telepathy, co-incidences, instincts, dreams, ghosts, dowsing and healing power but
none can be explained.  There are other forces that we encounter which do not even have a

One of these unnamed forces or perhaps a combination of several of them caused a
considerable amount of wonder and consternation to myself, Colin Andrews and several others
during the very early hours of 18 June 1989.  In fact, it was the second time I have been really

It happened like this.  It was the latter stages of a crop circle surveillance named White Crow at
Cheesefoot Head in Hampshire.  Soon after midnight 17/18 June, it was suggested the group
should leave the site and visit one of two flattened crop circles situated about three hundred
metres away in a field of barley.  Off we all went and reached this particular circle via a tractor
tram line in the sloping field.  A photo of the circle can be seen on page ten of our second
book, ‘Crop Circles, The Latest Evidence.’  When we had entered the circle we all became
aware of a distinct trilling sound emanating from a position about half a metre just above the
standing crop and about a metre away from the circle edge on the eastward side.
I recall speaking to a member of the group, Rita Gould, who said that we required a seventh
person to be present.  I told her there was a seventh person with us but it was in spiritual form.

What happened next is the most vivid in my memory of this occasion.  I felt I was under some
form of control because my arms were stretched out to the sound as it lightly danced its way
from the north side of the circle around to the west and eventually stopping on the south side.  
I was not aware of any other member of the group, except Colin, being near or with us on our
circular transition from north to south.

Standing at the southern position with Colin, I was controlled to reach out and sweep energy
from the sound into Colin’s body.  I do not know why.  Colin then left me and returned to the
group at the top of the circle.  I turned towards the sound and my arms were being pulled over
the crop with an even greater force and my body felt it was being pulled upward and forward
out of the circle at some perilous angle.  With all the strength I could muster I managed to
withdraw my arms, gradually sink down and turn around so I was now facing north.  I eventually
laid down on my stomach and began to inch my way up the centre of the sloping circle floor,
grabbing at bunches of flattened barley stems and pushing with my knees and feet.  My
progress was slow because whatever the short distance I made forward, a force kept pulling
me back half that distance.  I was becoming totally exhausted and at that moment I wondered
what I was fighting against.  There was nothing tangible but I was under the control of some
force of incredible strength.  I hung on as best I could.  I called out to Colin to come and help
me.  I remember instructing him to come down the eastern edge of the circle in a crouching
position which he did until he was level with me.  We inched our way towards each other until
we grabbed hands and it was then that both of us began to be pulled back and downwards.  
Fighting against this force we managed to break away from it and crawl to the side of the circle
and, still crouching, we quickly worked our way back to the group at the north side.

For some minutes we sat there answering questions as to what had happened when suddenly
some force levitated me to a height just brushing the flattened crop and floated me to the east
side of the circle.  Now I was feeling really scared.  What force could have moved me a
distance of about three metres while still in the same sitting position?  It was here I called to
Colin and the others to join me.  After a few minutes we all decided to leave the circle.

I do not suppose it will ever be accurately  explained what forces and energies were in
evidence that night but it certainly brought home to me how little we know beyond the
membrane that separates us from our terrestrial position to that of other energies and

So there is no conclusion, just a question.  What would have happened if Colin had not been
there to help me?

Since writing the foregoing article, I have mysteriously discovered my original notes
from that night which I had given up finding.  So the above report is from a 20 year
memory recollection and my original notes as written when I arrived home can be
                            Varying Reports Explained

Having read all of the pieces in Colin’s presentation, it has strengthened my belief that we all
have a so-called aura.  To me, an aura is best described as a frequency-loaded envelope
surrounding the whole body, the frequency and its harmonics is like a spiritual fingerprint.  It
can also transmit and receive information over vast distances.

Everything we hear, see and sense is filtered through the aura and is registered indelibly in our
mind, to which we have a recall.

It answers why the recollection of a group of people experiencing the same incident can recall
that incident with variations between them.  For example, a group of dowsers may describe
their findings wildly different while in the same location.

The strong forces and energies we encountered that night at Cheesefoot Head circle greatly
affected our filtering auras to such an extent that certain details of what happened can become
interchanged, played down, exaggerated or even eliminated but through this mist there is
always a list of hard facts.

It must be remembered that encountering the scary events of that night, the experience was
unique in many respects to all of us.  Furthermore, auras are responsible for sensing
‘atmospheres’ in certain locations or the feeling of someone’s eyes on you or instantly liking or
being wary when meeting a person for the first time.  This in some ways is similar to tuning in a
radio station.

So again, that night, our auras could have been highly tuned and with a high degree of
expectancy, the impossible was possible.

Pat Delgado
10 February 2009

Website Editor: Pat is a retired electro-mechanical design engineer - Contracted to NASA space program and
co-author with Colin Andrews of the first book on the crop circle subject, the 1989 best selling 'Circular
Evidence'. Pat gave up his research in 1991 and is retired living in Hampshire, England.

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The circle (right) where the event took place. Photo by Hampshire Police
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This section is the  (C) Copyright of Pat Delgado - 2009
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