The curious, ringed images from the Australian BOM website are the result of secret
weather control experiments being conducted by the American military in Australia.   

A brief historical prelude.  During the 1990s and early 2000s, there were hundreds of
sightings around the world of so-called “chemtrails”- interlocking patterns of thin clouds,
as if laid in a grid - in the skies over many nations.  These chemtrails were a first, crude
attempt to manipulate the weather by lacing the sky with reflective “sheeting”, thus
causing an atmospheric interference in order to lessen the impact of the sun and thus
counteract global warming.  The problem with chemtrails, though, was that being
artificially produced, they eventually fell to earth, providing researchers with samples of
their chemical cocktail composition that was making dozens, if not hundreds, of persons
sick in the areas that were sprayed.

The latest advance on chemtrails are sophisticated machines or devices that the
American military have shipped into Australia.  Their ultimate objective is to control the
weather in face of the climate change threat, so that polluting mines and industries can
continue to pump rubbish into atmosphere, thus persuading or allowing governments to
abandon attempts to control the resulting carbon pollution.  Three of these devices were
shipped into Australia at the port of Darwin (this city has many American military
personnel working there).  The devices are about 7 or 8 metres in length, and operate
using electromagnetic radiation (EMR) according to the principles first developed by the
Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla.  My guides told me that these devices are not
identical to HAARP hardware, but there are some similarities in principle.  The devices
were put into lorries, then transported by road to three locations, at Kalgoorlie,
Melbourne, and off the northwest coast of WA.  These lorries have retractable roofs, so
that they can drive to whatever location, park, and then the roof can retract and the
devices can send their radiation into the atmosphere, without being detected by anyone
at ground level.  From what Colin Andrews has determined, the images on the BOM
website were centered on or near various radar facilities.  My guides told me that the
EMR radiation from the weather-control devices can somehow combine with the
frequencies of radar, and thus be spread far wider than if this “piggy back” were not

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, as well as President Obama, do not know about these
experiments.  Within the American military, there is a very small group that are actively
involved in such research and such experiments.  In the Australian government, Defense
Minister John Faulkner knows about these weather control experiments and also some of
the details of the devices used.  Climate Change Minister Penny Wong also has some
knowledge of these experiments, but lacks the knowledge of the details that Faulkner
has.  Within the Australian military itself - including head honcho Air Chief Marshall Angus
Huston - there is not any knowledge regarding these.  Only about 5 persons within the
Australian Bureau of Meteorology know about these experiments and these machines.   

The device used at Kalgoorlie was meant to create heat, as an experiment, and indeed
there are reports of extremely hot weather there lasting throughout the week following
January  15th.  The device used at Melbourne was meant to create clouds and rain.  In
the Melbourne area and surrounding regions of Victoria, we have experienced a number
of storms in late January and the first weeks of February.  The rainfall from these storms
at time has been intense, violent and destructive, and unusually, the storms have also
been accompanied by a lot of lightning.  For example, in my personal experience I was
driving from Daylesford to my rural home just after sunset on the evening of Sunday 14
February, and I noticed a very unusual sight in the atmosphere.  The sky was clear,
except for a couple of large clouds in the distance.  Within one of the clouds, there
appeared numerous flashes of lightning, which seemed confined to the cloud itself,
instead of arcing from the cloud to the ground, as would normally be the case.  The
strange lightning in the cloud continued for the 15 minutes that it took me to drive home,
then I lost sight of the cloud on the horizon.   

My inner guides informed me that the duration of weather effects after the devices are
used lasts for about 3 weeks, and sometimes even a fourth week.  These secret weather
control experiments by the American military are not limited to Australia, but are taking
place in many countries that are friendly or allied with the U.S. in an economic or military
sense.  For example, there are weather control activities taking place in Norway, courtesy
of the American military.  This is one of the reasons that the Russians – or specifically
Prime Minister Vladmir Putin, as President Dmitry Medvedev would not have allowed this
– pulled off their little Nikola Tesla-style “death ray” demonstration over Norway on 9
December last year.  This was a not-so-subtle way of letting the American military know
that any weather control experiments – or even worse, weather control weapons – that
they chose to conduct over Russian territory, would result in the Russians wiping out the
machines and bases used to activate these, with their little weapon.

The most recent activation of one of these weather control devices occurred on 19
February over Melbourne, and Colin Andrews on his website has reported extensively on
the circular spiralling patterns that were observed on the BOM website then.

Using and analysing the information received from my inner guides, I have come to the
following conclusions, based on my own understanding of what has been going on, and
the aims and objectives of all this.

1.  The Australian BOM is not going to explain or reveal what is going on.  That is
because of the top secret nature of these devices, and the whole can of worms of
national sovereignty that would be brought up, were it to be revealed that the Americans
were conducting these experiments in Australia, without the permission of the Aussie
government.  At best, the BOM may issue some sort of ridiculous cover story for these
strange appearances.  The other option is for them to remain silent on the matter.  I
expect one or the other of these options to be followed.

2.  The American military must not really be too concerned about their dirty little weather-
control secret tests coming out, as I am sure they are all too aware of the postings on
Colin Andrew’s website, which I am sure have been viewed by thousands of persons
around the world.   

3.  Perhaps the American military even think that once the truth comes out, we who live in
Victoria and other Australians in other states should be grateful that they took the time
and trouble to help produce rain in this region……  After all, as demonstrated in
Kalgoorlie, they can also produce heat and dryness.  Speaking personally, though,
somehow I just cannot seem to summon any reserves (even small ones) of gratitude to
the American military for what they are doing.  

4.  It doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination to postulate that the American military
could use these devices as a weapon, to create really bad, destructive weather in
countries that refused to “tow the line” (such as Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.).  Of course, the
Americans would first have to get their devices inside such countries, which might not be
that easy.   

5.  It also doesn’t take much imagination stretching to postulate that the chances of the
governments of the world reaching some consensus on action to be taken to combat
climate change (and I personally prefer the phrase “climate change extremes”) are in
direct conflict with the aim and purpose of these weather control devices.  Of course,
world governments showed just how conflicted they are, and how unwilling to negotiate in
good faith about this issue, at the December ‘09 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.  
The fact that these weather control devices exist, and are being used, puts a whole new
perspective on the climate change extremes debate.

I've received this report from a trusted source who claims to have contact with advanced
beings whom he refers to as his inner guides.  Thus the information in this report is
completely subjective, and it would be difficult to objectively verify what is written.  This
source asks that persons who read this report, not necessarily accept it as gospel truth,
but not reject it outright either.  He suggests that you develop your own powers of
discrimination (learning to separate the wheat from the chaff), trust your own intuition,
and keep your eyes and ears open when other information comes from other sources
that either supports this report, or contradicts it.  You have to think for yourself and judge
the truth or mistruth of all such sources of information.