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This is very unusual as we never usually see anything of interest in the sky over the Winchester
direction...after even having sat directly in Winchester on numerous occasions skywatching, and even
parked alongside Chilcomb village many-a-time, hoping to catch a glimpse of something
extraordinary...but nothing, until now, when we moved further North, looking back over Winchester
from a couple of miles distant, as the crow flies.

All the best
From Colin Andrews.

Hello Ken,

My friend and colleague Dave Haith has kindly forwarded two fascinating cases from your organization
- thank you very much for sharing.

If its not too much trouble, could you place a cross on a map of
Cheesefoot Head showing where the
'orb' was seen.  As you can imagine I am very familiar with that location having spent countless
hundreds of ours there.  I will await your additional data, if its not too much trouble.  I am interested to
see if it places the object anywhere near previous reports etc... From memory the fields don't look to
be inside the bowl itself.  As you know, while the attention of the public was on that location, many
reports of one kind or another were received.

I understand and agree with your comment regards Child's Helium Balloon being the first thing that
comes to mind but trusting the caption details of its movement, it sounds unlikely.  I think you will agree
Ken that there is something about the human ability to discern and associate in the presence of
something its not understanding and so I tend to start by trusting that process and not as many,
distrusting it.  I wonder if I might be permitted to post your photograph and comments on my website
along with the fascinating footage you have posted on You Tube (obviously with credits and links back
to you)? We might attract some more information by additional exposure. I would be pleased to do that
if you authorize same.

One important question regards the footage Ken. I can see tinges of red/orange within the brilliant
white ball of light and also note constant speed and direction.  Is it possible that the line of sight was
down the barrel of a flight path into Southampton/ Eastleigh airport to the south?  As you know this can
give the impression of hovering while the 'aircraft' moves towards the camera and as it descends over
the near horizon into the airport, appear to be UFO landing.  The spotlights of the 'aircraft' facing the
camera also tends to overwhelm the other smaller colored navigation lights? Im sure you will have all
this on board in your own assessment process but just asking. I do have to say that the quality of the
light source is curious - looking somewhat phosphorus in nature by what I can see. Very interesting.

I hope to be meeting Dave in a few days when I fly over for two weeks. We have both been close to the
Councillor Adrian Hicks case and associated local data
(  ) these various cases are
centred upon this same general area and so perhaps we can take a look around there while we are in
the Winchester area. All I need is an excuse like this to return to my old stomping grounds! I have
taken the liberty to bcc this to Adrian for his information.

Very best wishes and thanks again Ken - you have a great website, well balanced and valuable


From: "Kenneth Parsons"
To: Colin Andrews
Sent: Wednesday, July 7, 2010 12:59:26 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: [RE]Cases referred by Ken (BEAMS)

Hi Colin,

Yes certainly, please feel free to post the footage and photo on your excellent website.

I feel that the orb picture is vitally important, and the closest yet seen of one of these objects, possibly
the very same thing that is responsible for creating the genuine crop circles. Attached is a map
showing approx where the orb was photographed.
All case data from Ken Parsons at BEAMS (UK)
with permission to transmit - with my thanks.
Visit this valuable resource.
Kenneth John Parsons - BEAMS (UK)
If This Is A Real Orb Its The Best Photograph Yet Taken of One. Orbs Like
This Have Been Seen Many Times Around Crop Circles.
This was seen during July 2009 next to
Cheesefoot Head and The Area
Known as
The Winchester Cluster.
Colin Andrews
July 8 2010.
Master of the Guild of pilots: Freddie Stringer, legendary Aviator:
Freddie  S Stringer BSc FRIN CEng FRAeS FRSA.
1922 - 2007
                From General Aviation - April 2007

Fred Stringer, always known as Freddy, was born into an army family in Beverley,Yorkshire, on 15th
June 1922. He died
peacefully, after a short illness, in Farnborough, Hampshire, on 12th January 2007 at the age of 84.
When Freddy was five years old, the family moved to Aldershot and he retained vivid memories of seeing
aircraft flying from Farnborough, thus beginning a lifelong love affair with aviation.

Freddy joined the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Farnborough as a temporary laboratory assistant at
the age of 19 in 1941, eventually retiring in 1982 as Assistant Director Extramural Research responsible
for the Cockpit Research Department, Flight Systems Division. Along the way he gained a BSc and
became a Chartered Engineer, as well as becoming a flying instructor and a PPL examiner. Freddy had a
brilliant mind with a sharp intellect, and took a keen interest in the personal and professional development
of those in his team, particularly the more junior members. He was a demanding taskmaster and expected
everybody to strive for the high standards which Freddy set for himself. This trait was first noted when he
was the RSM in the school Cadet Force and again as a Captain in the Home Guard! Much of Freddy’s
innovative work at the RAE involved the development of cockpit avionics and navigation systems. He
played a significant role in the evolution of the Decca Navigator and the Differential Omega Very Low
Frequency Navigation System, particularly its integration into Inertial Navigation Systems.

Outside the cockpit he was internationally recognised for his work on IFF (identification friend or foe) and
electronic counter-measures,and he was particularly proud that his aerial is still installed on the
Bruntingthorpe Vulcan which is soon to fly again. Following his official retirement from the RAE in 1982,
Freddy continued as an advisor to the RAE Board. He became a member of the team involved in the
setting up of the CivilEnclave at Farnborough airfield, which was the forerunner of what is now
Farnborough Airport and its general aviation operation, subsequently becoming a non-Executive Director
of the Carroll Aircraft Corporation.

Freddy learned to fly and gained his Private Pilot Licence at Thruxton in 1958. He went on to be a check
pilot with the Tiger Club, and became a qualified flying instructor in 1969.He devoted much time after
retirement giving flying experience to the scientists and apprentices at the RAE in a Cherokee 140,which
many at Farnborough regarded as ‘Freddy’s Private Air Force’. Freddy subsequently became the club’s
Chief Flying Instructor (unpaid), and his diligence in keeping the club’s instructional activities alive during
the difficult times of change at Farnborough were recognised by the award of AOPA-UK Instructor of the
Year in 1997, followed by the Award of Merit of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators in 1998.

His job done in ensuring the continuation of flying training at Farnborough, Freddy moved his instructional
activity to the West London Aero Club at White Waltham where he continued as a PPL Flight Examiner
until the end of 2006. Remarkably, he maintained a current Class 1 medical certificate by dint of keeping
fit via regular visits to the gym and partaking of a daily glass of red wine. Freddy was a stalwart member of
the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, and achieved the highest office of Master in 1989. He continued
his active involvement in Guild affairs, where his wise counsel was highly valued.

He was also an accomplished artist. His wonderful pictures of aircraft from the early times of aviation are
most successful and evocative of what is now another age.

Finally, there was an aspect of Freddy’s life which is less well-known. He was a very active President of the
Farnborough Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Even less well-known were the considerable
number of hours he gave to supporting young offenders and others in trouble with the law at Aldershot
Police Station. Each person he supported would feature in Freddy’s prayers, and he felt deeply for those
whose lives continued in disarray. This is what Freddy Stringer really gave to the world.

Pam Campbell - with thanks to Professor
Michael Bagshaw


Posted January 5, 2011

Dear Colin

I have seen a gold metallic orb similar to the one represented in your photo 'Cheesefoot Head'.  I've
searched for years to try to identify what I saw and to find an image of something like it.  This is the closest
by far. I saw an orb such as this in a street in Clarkston, Glasgow, UK in 1973.  Are there many such
images/sightings?  At the time I was in my early teens and was very frightened.  I believe, according to my
Mother, that it was also seen by someone else and reported in the local newspaper. I have tried to
research this but the newspaper closed down years ago.  Apparently, the other person thought that it had
landed/fallen on the ground.  From where I stood it did not- it hovered and then shot off at great speed like
a gyroscope.

Are you aware of this phenomena?

Second e-mail:


The orb was about 12 inches across. My sighting was a long time ago so I'm trying to remember why I
thought it was gold.  I use that term 'gold' when describing it, but it looked the same colour as the one in
the image of the 'Cheeshead' orb (though I realise this is a printed image and the ink tone may determine
this).   It didn't glow or look fiery in any way and definitely wasn't orange in any way either.  I guess more
the colour of brass.  Is that orb in the 'Cheesehead' image gold or silver would you say?  (It looks sort of
brass-like to me?)  I saw 'my orb' in daytime - I can't remember the time exactly but it was in the afternoon.
Do you recognize my description of the motion of the orb? - hovering and then shooting off at great speed
(it did a sort of loop and then shot off at an angle into the sky in a straight line.  It was extremely fast).  
When I saw it, I told my Mother on my return home from school and it wasn't until 5 years later that she told
me that someone else had seen it too and that the newspapers had reported it.  She hadn't told me at the
time as she hadn't wanted to scare me as I had been frightened about the incident.

Thanks for getting back to me.  I still find my sighting mystifying and am intrigued to find out more.  Are
they always linked to crop circles? - I'm rather sceptical about that phenomena actually...

Name is known to me but removed by request.

APPEAL: This incident was in 1973. If anyone reading this saw or has knowledge of it, I would be
very interested to know -
Comment by Colin: Ken and Hilary,
have witnessed something they
believe might have been a UFO but
her uncle did not believe in them he
told her, or as Ken put it "At least that
is what he said".

I can
't get this close to Freddie
Stringer without this piece out of
respect for the great Aviator:
Hi there again Dave,

I was just thinking, as you are in contact with Colin Andrews perhaps you should also show him
these 2 cases we have on our site ..which are crop circle-related.

These could certainly do with further exposure, as I feel they are of great importance.

This photograph was taken by some friends of ours while out on a sky watch at Cheesefoot Head,
2009, yet the object was actually photographed closer to Telegraph Hill, because they had just
begun walking back to their car when they spotted this.

We sent it to Steve Alexander, (supposedly the leading crop circles photographer/researcher in
this subject), and he didn't even reply. The video which is what we filmed last Saturday, July 3rd,
2010 near Wooton St Lawrence, above the B3400 road in direct line with and overlooking

Video Below:
We are pretty sure that the object filmed on Saturday was not a plane, because we are quite familiar
with the airspace that we were watching, knowing most of the flight path of aircraft...and very little is
usually seen in that part where we were filming, maybe just the odd helicopter, but this was different to
anything we usually see there and the object was changing colours as your rightly observed.
Even in other directions from where we watched, no planes ever come in head-on anywhere over might see a 'blow-up' as a plane is turning...a quick flare of its landing lights, then it dies
down as the lights either face away from our view or are switched off; but as I said, in the directions of
Winchester/Micheldever Forest, the sky is relatively empty as a rule as there are no main airports over
that way.

My partner Hilary, who sky watches with me, (and who carefully observed this object on the night
through high-powered binoculars), is an ex-MoD draughtsman and her uncle was the late Freddie
Stringer, aviation pioneer and connected to Janes Aviation, so she should know all about planes.

Hope this helps.

All the best

NOTE by Colin: Read about Hilary's well known Uncle below

See also at bottom of page a report from a woman who witnessed an
orb like this in the streets of Glasgow
Photograph taken by investigator Bob Schindler and shown courtesy of
him and Kenneth John Parson of
Exchange of E-mails about these fascinating reports between Kenneth Parsons (of
BEAMS), Retired Journalist and researcher David Haith with Colin Andrews
Update: Dec 3, 2010

E-mail received.
Nov 2010

From: Paul Cullum
Worthing, UK

Hello Colin
I have just looked at the
photograph posted on July
8th 2010 of the metallic orb
in the field taken by Bob

Just to fill you in on details, i
am a paranormal researcher
and investigator, and have
some 15yrs active experience
and research in this field, so
have a pretty level headed
approach to things and am
not prone to hysteria at all.
I thought i should tell you
that i have seen one of these
orbs, but not in a field setting
as this was, but in the air. I
was attending a Vauxhall Car
show at Billing Aquadrome,
near Northampton on the
weekend of 10-11th July. (i
wonder if July is important
in any way?) I literally just
happened to look up into the
sky at the exact moment that
one of these orbs shot across
the sky above me. It was a
lovely warm, clear day, and
the extremely shiny nature of
the orb meant that sunlight
was reflected off very
brightly as it moved through
the air with no sound at all.
It was out of sight in 6-8
seconds, and was moving
very quickly. It was hard to
tell how high it was, but was
clearly discernable as to what
it was.

I quickly asked a few people
if they had seen anything in
the sky, without trying to
sound too weird i might add!
But nobody had seen

What makes this more
interesting is that the
previous night my partner,
Sandra, had seen a strange
golden ball of light hovering
in the sky above the trees at
the Aquadrome, typically i
had disappeared for a while
and when i returned it had

A strange weekend in
all....but not the only thing
that happened over a couple
of years (2003-2004)
You can use this article if
you want on the website.

kind Regards
Paul Cullum

Other letters
Updated: February 25, 2011
See below an almost identical
report and photo from Brazil.
Update Feb 25, 2011
From: Rikko Ferreira, Rio de Janeiro  Brazil

Hello Colin,

Thank you for your interest and reply.

My first contact with this probe was when I was a young boy in the seventies in Nova Friburgo (a hundred miles from
downtown Rio), state of Rio de Janeiro. My family had a country house there and we used to spending the weekends and
vacations there.I was the youngster of four brothers and we used to play all day in the rain forest that covered all the
hinterland of Friburgo. It was a very remote place without energy or any other convenience of what we call civilization,so
we used to chat all the night looking to the skies. The first visual contact was at this moment at night. We used to see
strange lights that acted as no other aircraft,or shooting stars or satellites.

We were urban boys in Rio,we had all sort of information and my father was a respected lawyer. So we were certain that
that lights could not be explained in a simple way.

One night one of those mechanical apparatus entered  our window kitchen and for the first time I(we)could see it clearly in
details.Since then I turned myself into a "ufologist" a "maverick ufologist".

From the seventies till today I had a lot of experiences with this probe and with the UFO phenomenon. The definitive photo
I took in Cabo Frio(a hundred miles from downtown Rio)four years ago in plain daylight were you can see the object in full

When I saw the photo you posted a recognized it immediately and can attest  it is a "periplaneta ferreirenses" as we
named it here.Later in Friburgo I could see from where they come from and certified myself that its origin is not from
Earth(the more strange this affirmation  may sound).

So I do what a can to obtain information about this object and the UFO phenomenon.I do a lot of contacts and friends
dealing with this subject and I hope you may be one more.

I send you the photo with the object.

Best wishes  Rikko
Cabo Frio, Brazil. Copyright: Rikko Ferreira
Near Winchester, England. Copyright: Bob Schindler