Russia, 2009.
Huge rings in ice, discovered by the International Space Station
over Lake Biakal. Copyright: NASA ISS
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In view of the first recorded evidence of this kind,
suggestive of a heating taking place in ice sufficient to
melt the thin ice into rings, I think its prudent to take
another look at other strange
'circular' effects recorded
in recent times - that is, apart from simple crop circles
and crop rings appearing around the world.

Is it conceivable that high levels of radiation coming
into our atmosphere are responsible ? Solar radiation
entering the
'broken' atmosphere through holes in the
Ozone layer or the rips in the magnetic field, now
confirmed to have occurred by NASA.

Are they evidence of weather modification experiments  
generated by US and Russian projects like HAARP in
Alaska, or The WOODPECKER, in Russian?

I think there are grounds here to ask these questions.

Below is one frame taken of from a series that captured
radar returns operated by the US National Weather
Service during 1999 and shows a geometry formed by
either low level clouds which have taken on that form or
according to the met people Ive approached in the US
and UK, incomplete radar data.

There have been many reports of other circular
changes in existing cloud cover (See also Connecticut
in Eastern USA  during 2007). Some of them are likely
caused by freezing nuclei triggering a fall out of super
cooled water droplets when they freeze suddenly as ice
when aircraft pass through such clouds.  Such an
effect can also be produced by aircraft dumping fuel.
But we don't have all the explanations for each report
and so its wise to keep the data and watch to see if
patterns appear as time passes -
those patterns might
now be forming.

"Without appearing alarmist, I ask the questions,
are these the first visible effects of the secret
projects called HAARP and Woodpecker? Are
they indications that we are winning the battle to
save our planet by government run weather
modification programs? or are they signs that we
are loosing it?  We simply cant know YET. What is
sure is that they must mean something because
nature as we know her does not create such
phenomenon as far as we know or does she".

Scientists responding to mounting questions about
these ice circles have said that they are caused by
methane creating warm rising currents. This
however would not be an explanation for the cloud
circles or radar returns IF indeed it is the answer to the
ice circles themselves. Their explanation

Colin Andrews
Posted: 3 June 2009.
                                             North East USA - 1999

Huge multiple rings and circles appear on radar returns of low level clouds. Copyright: US National
Weather Service.

I researched this subject during 1999 - a brief report published then is below.

Strange Circles, Rings and Geometries on Radar in the USA

As you know a great deal of speculation and rumors surrounds the subject of cloud
circles.  These have been highlighted by radar across the USA and Canada in the
last 18 months or so.

I have made many inquiries within the Meteorological Service in the UK (Dept of
MOD-British Government) and here in the USA through a number of Meteorological
organizations.  In the USA it has been impossible to reach an actual human being - all
attempts are either ignored or referred to machines.

I have been successful with detailed and very useful discussion with scientists
working for the British Government.  It seems most likely that these strange patterns
are a radar artifact.  It has been confirmed by the MOD that the cloud circles are also
appearing in the UK but that they have no reason to believe that they are
meteorological in nature.

For information here is a reply from an expert at the UK Met. office:


Your email has been passed onto me for reply.

I have looked at the sample image and my guess would be that this and similar
patterns do not have a meteorological origin. There can be several causes of
geometric ring or spoke patterns:-
a) If there is an unexpected increase in the amount of electrical noise in the radar
system. This noise tends to 'break through' at a particular range because the
effective  gain is higher at long range to compensate for the inverse square fall off in
the signal. Having said that, the smaller 'holes' in your sample image at extreme
range dont fit this.
b) when the engineers are checking or calibrating the radar, they may inject artificial
signals into the system but forget to turn off the data supply to the outside world. This
can result in  ring patterns.
c) Interference from other radars or noise sources can produce spoke patterns. -
particularly when two radars which are close together in frequency are pointing at
each other.

The UK weather radar network also suffers from similar artifacts to some extent
(maybe one or two incidents per month on average)

Malcolm Kitchen,
Meteorological Office
Connecticut, North East U.S.A - 2007.
Large elongated circular areas appeared in mid level
clouds.  Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Recent Circles & Rings Discovered in Ice, Clouds and Radar
Returns Raise Serious Questions.
By Colin Andrews
An in depth article will follow. See strange ring over Australia Jan 16, 2010.
Some crop circle designs from USA and UK.
From The Andrews Catalogue that resemble
the radar returns (right).
2003: Tennesse, USA.
2003: Unknown, USA.
1980s:Cherhill, England.
Over a crop circle field.
This is not normal
1998: Weather Radar S.E. USA.
H.A.A.R.P. Read more HERE.