posted on October 11, 2009
at 1300 hrs US Eastern.

Vote For Hicks and Alien Disclosure!
by David Haith

It's a common dilemma for anyone writing about the paranormal these days.....picking your
way through a minefield of tricksters, screwballs and egotists seeking a moment of fame.

So when I heard of the UK city councillor who had witnessed a blonde alien in a busy
shopping center, I certainly didn't expect the world's press to be 'holding the front page' for
the story of the century.

But here was an apparently sane Councillor Adrian Hicks (53) calmly chatting on the phone
to me about the pretty ET woman with giant pinky eyes he witnessed in Winchester High
Street prancing along like a penguin.

Not only that, but he was confessing that she was the sole reason that he decided to go into
local politics - so he could let enlighten the world to the presence of extra-terrestrials and end
government cover ups.

Don't misunderstand me, Adrian assures me he does all the things that Liberal Democrat
councillors should, in properly representing the electorate. But he hopes the dignity and
stature of the office might give "credence" to his mission to get his message across that
people are being kept in the dark over ET.

Adrian of Granville Place, Wharf Hill, told me: "This was my sole intention in standing as a
councillor. I've stuck my neck out. I might be shot down in flames. It's a hell of a gamble. But
it's a one off. It's been extremely difficult to get where I've got. If it doesn't work and falls flat
then I'll disappear into obscurity."

As reported in the local Daily Echo back on March of this year, Adrian saw the strange
humanoid walking with a penguin-like gait and twirling her hands in a circular motion.

The Echo quoted Adrian as saying: "She seemed friendly and totally at ease. She wasn't
scared, she was smiling and seemed to be enjoying herself. She walked very slowly up the
High Street. I remember she was very interested in the clock over Lloyds Bank. She was
taking it all in."

(See this link

But why was Adrian so sure she just wasn't some wild party goer in fancy dress?

Working at the Royal Hampshire Hospital as an orthopaedic technician, Adrian revealed he is
in the accident and emergency department.

He said: "I know what human limbs look like - I set broken bones. Clearly she was not human
- you could tell by  the way her limbs moved. Her eyes, which were slightly pinky, were twice
the size of human eyes."

He added: "I know it all sounds so bizarre - especially her ballerina type dress. You couldn't
make it up could you? Her clothes were outrageous - maybe they are some kind of national
dress of where she comes from."

He says he watched her for up to ten minutes, milling her way through the crowds where one
woman took a photo of her. "It'll be worth millions if we can find the picture" he comments.

So why didn't he speak to her?  "I very nearly did" said Adrian. "But when she passed me I
found I was speechless. She seemed to be so happy - it was as if I didn't want to spoil her

The incident happened on a Saturday lunchtime in late January or early February 2004.

Adrian stayed silent about it while he hatched his plan to get on the city council as a platform
for his campaign to break the cover-up on extra-terrestrial life.

Now five years later he has ratcheted up his one-man campaign for disclosure with a
self-made video addressing "Space Command" and UK Royalty.

He made the video and put it on You Tube. But it was mysteriously taken off some weeks ago.

It has now been reposted by a wellwisher and can be viewed here :

Before seeing the High Street alien, Adrian admits to being uninvolved with UFOs or the

But since then he claims to have regularly seen UFOs around and above Chilcomb military
firing ranges (
#5 on this satellite Image).

"I don't think there's anything significant about me seeing this stuff since meeting the alien"
he said. "It's just that I'm now more aware and looking for things."

He added "There's obviously some connection between the military and the UFOs. There are
those that know what's going on but my point is that it's time the people were told what's

Asked about people's reaction to his revelations and the High Street alien, Adrian says "The
Lib Dems aren't happy and my hospital is fed up with all the phone calls but generally
opinions have been mixed. Some folk who have seen UFOs have been supportive"

Adrian, who has been in a live-in relationship for 17 years, said "She believes me and has
supported me right through all this. She has seen UFOs herself. Loads of people have seen
them round here. Come along and see them for yourself."

I might just do that...and report what happens for this website ( ).

Meanwhile one has to admire a man who sees something totally outrageous but has the
courage to work hard for years to gain a council seat, just so others might take notice and
wonder about aliens too.

David Haith
Artists impression of the
humanoid seen in
Winchester High Street,
Courtesy Adrian Hicks.
Here is a video produced for a new musical composition in which the composer has used his
own impressions of this entity walking the streets of Winchester. The graphics are superb and
a very real representation of the city and its buildings and streets.

Thanks to David Haith - UK

Note: YouTube have disabled the embed code for this video.
The Winchester Cluster
By Colin Andrews
ET or Angel ?
Here is the original interview Councillor Hick did with Andrew Napier at the Southern Echo:
Posted: October 10, 2009
October 10, 2009.

This morning I spoke to Councillor Hicks on his cell phone in Winchester, England.  It is
obvious that there is much more to be said about his experience and his own journey. He was
very forthcoming and wants to be helpful and is committed to a better understanding of the ET
presence and our future.  He agreed for a friend of mine, retired journalist David Haith to
spend time with him later today. He also informed me that a UFO was seen by him to enter the
same military base at 4.0 AM today.

Today I have received input from David Haith , Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. I also received
encouraging words of support from Edgar Mitchell.

Other witnesses have come forward who, like myself heard the strange voice on their
television sets in 1977. These include Graham Pritchard and Busty Taylor.  

Thanks to all for promoting truth and our new paradigm.
I saw a UFO also over the Chilcomb MOD base and heard the strange voice
on my television set.
By crop circle and ufo researcher Busty Taylor - Andover, Hampshire, UK.  

Regards UFO activity at the Chilcomb Military Base and referred to by Councillor Adrian
Hicks on this website, I witnessed a rocket type object glowing and with a flaming tail as it
moved slowly horizontally across the top of the hill, from east to west and just below the
Morestead road that runs over the hill. This was at about 2.0 am one night during 1960 while I
was looking out from a high level ward in Winchester Hospital. There was no sound that I
could hear from there.  This was before the construction of the M3 motorway which is there
now. I was in the same hospital where Mr. Hicks works which is on high ground with good
views to its south and east.

The strange voice heard by thousands of people in 1977, was also heard by me. Like Colin
Andrews we both lived in Andover, 14 miles north of Winchester, and like him I also heard the
voice as it broke into a news program I was watching. The picture broke up first as the sound
of the voice came up louder and took over.

A few weeks later I heard on the news that it was said that some students cut into the
underground cables to the transmitter and used the transmitter to send it out. My father was a
radio ham at the time and he said not only would they have needed a lot of power but that the
power that would be running along the cable, they would have had to have some BIG
crocodile clips to clip onto the cable or get fried.
A similar description to the Winchester Humanoid given by an eye witness in
Staffordshire, England 1954.
  Thanks to Lindy Tucker.
Just a matter of interest: Notice the striking resemblance of these two woman - This 1954
witness and
 Joyce Bowles, the 1976 witness in this article.
Councillor Adrian Hicks opens a new website
and releases official interview video
October 14th 2009
Click image below.ttp://

Councillor Adrian Hicks - The Interview - LEAKED!!!!
Councillor Adrian Hicks: New official interview
filmed in Winchester City Council Headquarters.
Posted October 14, 2009
Start of article
Letter congratulating Councillor Hicks
RECENT REPORT: Strange UFOs seen on the outskirts of Winchester heading
towards Chilcomb at very low level. Report coming from two local men.
November 5th 2009
This is Hampshire - Newspaper latest article:
A caller into the popular US radio program Coast to Coast 13 December 2009.

Talks of the encounter he had with a telepathic, blond, human-looking alien woman when he worked at a
car rental agency in 2002. Note that  the alien was with a group of women who asked to be shown how to
operate a vehicle with an automatic transmission. (Maybe there are no cars where they come from...) Audio
is from the last hour of
Coast to Coast AM radio.

Councillor Hicks LEAKED
by theleakervideos2010
What is said to be the final presentation by Councillor Adrian Hicks -
Circulated a little ahead of its planned release in June 2010.
What is for sure, this man has drawn a line in the sand with his reputation
as a medical professional and local politician. This outspoken position will
cost, it always does. Visit Adrian's own website for full details:

I have arranged to meet him at his favourite local pub in England during
July this year.
Colin Andrews - Feb 24, 2010.  
February 24, 2010
Final speech by
Councillor Adrian

Beginning of the article