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Strangely Similar to Events in Australia
As Fears Grow for Weather Deterioration Surrounding the Massive Oil
Spill on the Gulf Coast - Rings Appear on United States Weather Radar.
By Colin Andrews
May 10, 2010
                    "Martyn Philips alerted Andrew Johnson (of to this data..."

The following is the caption seen below the loop in Unisys website:

This is a composite plot of the radar summary, echo tops, storm movement, TVS and MESO signatures
and watch boxes. The radar summary is color coded by precip type. Greens, yellows and reds are rain.
Pinks are mixed precipitation (freezing rain, sleet). Blues are snow. NOTE: Radar data is susceptible to a
phenomena called anomalous propagation. This generally happens at night and appears as a area of 20
dBZ echos (darkest green) which is centered around each radar site and expands with time. To try and
reduce the problem, low echo values near the radar sites have been removed.


Little is known beyond what appears on the site at this moment.  I am told though that similar rings
appeared on April 29, 2010 over the same area where more than 20 people lost their lives as the most
serious flooding in memory hit Nashville, TN. This Ive now obtained thanks to Andrew Johnson in the UK -
watch the loop below.

Posted 2.30 PM US Eastern: Research in progress.           
              Data as it is brought into this study

Anomalous propagation:

Radiation of horizontal electric dipole on large dielectric sphere (creeping waves? Does this apply to
microwaves?) :
New Scientist:  Bursts of Infrared to Create Rain on Demand.
Russia to Remove Rain from Moscow
Select to view the Australian Radar Mystery HERE
Visible Satellite Image 1730 hrs - May 10, 2010 - showing the site of the damaged oil rig and
huge oil leak. Copyright: Unisys.
United States national radar loop as severe flooding came to Tennessee. Copyright: Unisys - Thanks to Andrew
Johnson for sending me the loop.
Downtown Nashville Tennessee. Photo Copyright: Jeff Gentner AP.
A loop consisting just two frames from both dates the rings appeared i.e. April 29 and May 10,
2010. This allows quick identification of repeating sites and those involved on just one day.
Construsted by Andrew Johnson