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Australia: A Year of Unexplainable Radar Patterns and Historic
Changes in Weather.
Any Connection?
Posted January 6, 2011
By Colin Andrews
On January 15th, 2010, parts of Australia were suffering from a devastating thousand year
. Then the strange doughnut ring (above) appeared on radar over the south west, and things
began to change -
really change.

More and more reports of ever changing radar rings and spokes began to show up on a regular
basis across the major cities throughout the continent and no one seemed to be able say what
caused them.

I made inquiries with the
Australia Bureau of Meteorology who replied that some radar anomalies had
normal explanations, but some of those I queried did not. They posted a note on their website to the
effect that they could not identify the cause of the patterns.

What was concerning was that coincidentally or not, dramatic changes began talking place in the
weather itself and new records began to take place, not of drought now but of record 100 year floods
and in some cases exactly where the strange radar designs had appeared.
The historic changes in Australia's weather started
after this design appeared on BOM radar on January
15th, 2010.
In early March the weather in some parts had gone from a 1000 year drought to a 100 year flood. This was my
page on March 10, 2010. Copyright: Colin Andrews
Select for full article of 100 Year Flood
Some researchers and scientists who are in contact with me believe HAARP might be involved, I
simply do not know but on November 29, 2010 after a short lull in radar geometries, a strange
series of spokes forming a cross appeared on the North West coast and more in various
locations days after which were again followed by more record floods - this time even worse
than the 100 year floods but of
biblical proportions.

Is there a tangible connection and is this a case of National or International weather control at

The research into the radar patterns began

For those who have data of interest please contact me.

Colin Andrews
A small sample of the radar patterns which BOM have not been able to account for. After
my research and numerous inquiries from the public, BOM closed the archive of radar
returns, saying they are in the process of some changes. Hence serious research into
this problem is not now possible, at least by looking at the Australian government's data.
After a reduced rate of reports, during November
and December 2010 the radar patterns increased
again - this one appeared on November 29, 2010.
Since then ever increasing cloud cover has moved
over large parts of Australia, especially the east
Dense cloud moving across the Northern areas
towards the east coast - Satellite Dec 29, 2010
One of the latest spoked designs, January 5, 2011
The flood devastated central Queensland city of Rockhampton
could take 12 months to get back on its feet, Mayor Brad Carter
has predicted.
Scott Wogandt and his son Mitchell kayak past flooded
cars in the Australian town of Bundaberg on Friday. The
town is in Queensland state, half of which is under water.
200,000 Stranded - Floods of Biblical Proportions
Reuters – Houses in the town of Theodore, about 410km
(255 miles) north west of Brisbane, are partially
submerged …
UPDATED: January 11, 2011 - Tsunami of devastation in Brisbane - Floods continue record levels - Bottom.
Updated:  January 11, 2011
From: QLD, Australia

Hi there Colin. I'd just like to say thank you very much for all your research. Especially into
that of these abnormalities showing up everywhere on Australia's Radar Imagery.

I have been observing radar loops since yesterday afternoon, when my hometown,
Toowoomba began to flood. The damage seen there is shocking to say the least. Cars and
couches were freely floating about, and the currents created from the flood were so strong a
house lifted from the ground and sent afloat.

As I said I have since then spent much time observing radar loops, but not just from QLD.
Everywhere. I have found that Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Townsville, Hervey Bay, SE
QLD, Northern NSW and Darwin were all experiencing red patches at about the same time
late last night (Jan 10.) I found this amazing and so when I got up this morning I kept at the

At about 11am I was checking out the Townsville Radar Imagery, and to my own disbelief I
spotted a very obvious abnormality. It is basically a large blue cross right over Cairns. The link
to the image follows: Below.

Name known to CA.
By KRISTEN GELINEAU and TERTIUS PICKARD, Associated Press Kristen Gelineau And
Tertius Pickard, Associated Press – Jan 11, 2011.

BRISBANE, Australia – Greg Kowald was driving through the center of Toowoomba when a terrifying,
tsunami-like wall of water roared through the streets of the northeast Australian city.

Office windows exploded, cars careened into trees and bobbed in the churning brown water like
corks. The deluge washed away bridges and sidewalks; people desperately clung to power poles to
survive. Before it was over, the flash flood left at least 10 dead and 78 missing. "The water was
literally leaping, six or 10 feet into the air, through creeks and over bridges and into parks," Kowald, a
53-year-old musician, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "There was nowhere to escape, even if
there had been warnings. There was just a sea of water about a kilometer (half a mile) wide."

The violent surge in Toowoomba brought the overall death toll from weeks of flooding in Queensland
state to 20, a sudden acceleration in a crisis that had been unfolding gradually with swollen rivers
overflowing their banks and inundating towns while moving toward the ocean. Queensland Premier
Anna Bligh said there were "grave fears" for at least 18 of those missing.
The high waters headed next to Australia's third-largest city, Brisbane, where
up to 9,000 homes were expected to be swamped. The Brisbane River overflowed its
banks Tuesday and officials warned that dozens of low-lying neighborhoods and
parts of downtown could be inundated in coming days.

But nothing downstream was expected to be as fierce as the flash flood that struck Toowoomba on
Monday. It was sparked by a freak storm — up to 6 inches (150 millimeters) fell in half an hour.

"There was water coming down everywhere in biblical proportions," Toowoomba council member Joe
Ramia told the AP.

Ramia, 63, was driving downtown when the flash flood struck. He parked his car and dashed on foot
for higher ground, keeping an eye on the carnage unfolding below: Cars transformed into scrap
metal as they were flung into an elevated railway line, giant metal industrial bins tossed about as if
made of paper, a man clinging desperately to a power pole as the relentless tide surged around

Ramia watched as a rescue official pushed through the churning water and yanked the man to safety.
Others, including five children, were not as lucky, and were swept to their deaths.

"You were powerless to do a thing," said Ramia, a lifelong resident of Toowoomba. "While we can
rebuild, you can't replace people. ... I've never seen anything like this."

The raging water was strong enough to rip houses off their foundations. Leroy Shephard, who lives in
the town of Grantham, east of Toowoomba, was inside his home when the flood struck.

"You could feel the whole house just pop up off its stumps, turn around, and go — for a 100 meters
(330 feet) or something down my backyard," Shephard told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

He and his family spent five hours on the house's roof waiting for the waters to drop.

"It's not a good feeling having the floorboards under your feet just ripple, the whole house just ripple
and crack, and watching rooms just disappear," he said. Emergency services officers plucked more
than 40 people from houses isolated overnight by the torrent that hit the Lockyer Valley, and
thousands were being evacuated. In one small community in the path of the floodwaters, Forest Hill,
the entire population of about 300 was being airlifted to safety in military helicopters, Bligh said.

Search and rescue efforts were hampered by more driving rain, though the bad weather was easing
and Bligh said the search would get easier Wednesday.

Brisbane Mayor Campbell Newman said authorities were preparing for flooding affecting about
15,000 people in 80 suburbs.

The city is protected by a large dam built upstream after floods devastated downtown in 1974. But the
reservoir was full, and officials had no choice but to release water that would cause low-level flooding
in the city, Newman said. The alternative was a much worse torrent.

Steph Stewardson, a Brisbane graphic designer, said there was an exodus in a downtown area
around lunchtime Tuesday when the river that goes through the city broke its banks. Stewardson, 40,
hopped in her car and crossed the swollen river to collect her dog Boo from daycare while waters
started covering the boardwalk stretching along its banks.

Stewardson took shelter in her house, and plans to stay there — for now. "I'm about 800 meters (half
a mile) from the river on a hill, so I think it's going to be OK," she told the AP.

Queensland has been in the grip of its worst flooding for more than two weeks, after tropical
downpours covered an area the size of France and Germany combined. Entire towns have been
swamped, more than 200,000 people affected, and the coal industry and farming have virtually shut

"The power of nature can still be a truly frightening power and we've seen that on display in this
country," Prime Minister Julia Gillard said.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson described the events Monday as "an inland instant tsunami."

Forecasters said more flash floods could occur through the week.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said rescue efforts were concentrated on towns between
Toowoomba and Brisbane, including hardest-hit Murphy's Creek and Grantham, where about 30
people sought shelter in a school isolated by the floodwaters.

The floods reached a second state Tuesday, with about 4,500 people stranded by high waters in
bordering New South Wales, officials said, though the situation was not yet as dire as in Queensland.

Bligh said last week the cost of the floods could be as high as $5 billion, the latest figure available.
Gelineau reported from Sydney. Tanalee Smith contributed to this report from
Adelaide, Australia.
Reuters/Tomas Guerin - A passenger in a car waves for assistance as a flash flood sweeps across an
intersection west of Brisbane.
Man-made or Climate Change Weather over Australia?
Colin Andrews
Posted January 11, 2011
January 11, 2011 Copyright: Bureau
of Meteorology
Having been studying unusual weather and radar returns over the Australian continent for a full
year and also discussing them with meteorologists inside and outside BOM, I am of the view that the
dramatic weather changes could be the result of weather modification experiments or
both.  The strange weather radar images Ive been researching for a year may well be an extremely
important consideration in all of this.  By looking at the last couple of weeks (via the
weather chaser
video loop) one can see a fascinating series of what look like manipulations which first pull the
upper level conveyor belt of winds south into a stationary vortex over Brisbane (See below). This
connection was established and seen on satellite on the 7th of January. This established a flow of
energy via the stationary vortex positioned over Brsbane to the upper level winds off the southern
coast of the continent and created a very dynamic trade between two normally unconnected wind
patterns.  The result of which is extensive cloud cover and precipitation in unusual places and with
unusual severity.

In my view this could be man-made and should be raised as such at the highest possible levels of
the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Government. If they are not involved themselves but
see merit in this possibility then the United Nations or the G8 should be the next step but what we
know is something very dramatic and alarming is taking place around the world and particularly

If nature is the cause of this coupling then we are seeing the beginning of the consequences of
global re-distribution of air mass due in the main to temperature change.  Climate change is real
and the effects global, that we know.

One would assume that any large scale weather manipulation over one continent will effect other
nations too and whether man made of natural we must take heed of these new developments..

Not perhaps coincidental that today outside my own window here in Connecticut that we have
already experienced two exceptional snow falls this winter and today they forecast what they say
could be the biggest snow storm in living memory with around 2 feet of additional snow.

Transition of kinds is a foot.  

Colin Andrews - Jan 11, 2011
Man-made Weather Over East Coast of Australia - Satellite Graphic Copyright Colin Andrews.
View numerous bizarre radar images past year
Man-Made or
Climate Change?
Man-made Weather Over East Coast of Australia ?- Satellite Graphic Copyright Colin Andrews.
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