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UFO? Captured on Australian Weather Radar off Sydney Shore Today
as New Strange Pattern Appears.
February 25, 2010
By Colin Andrews

The huge object seen here leaving the Australian coast towards New Zealand - Did it cause an orange ring
seen over Sydney which was a pattern not seen on BOM radar before? This was followed moments later by
another new pattern on the north coast thousands of miles away.
A large object was first seen on national radar just to the south of Sydney over the Tasman Sea at approx position
35 deg 10 mins S, 152 deg 5 min E. Only one frame of the loop showed the object, Satellite did not capture it.  The
next frame of the loop showed the object had disappeared but a strange orange ring and first of this kind ever seen
appeared centered upon Sydney. Strangely the Sydney local radar did not produce the same effect. Frame four of
the loop was captured at 19:42 hrs UTC and showed the mysterious object leaving as a streak towards the south
east over the Tasman Sea and heading towards New Zealand.  The object was initially close to the coast line to the
south of Sydney but on the last radar visual it was several hundreds of miles out and moving in a straight line south

The final frame showing the object was followed half an hour later by another radar design but a different one, off
the north coast.  This was a clockwise spiral arm design again a first, never seen here before.

Its pure speculation that the large object sitting just off the coast near Sydney actually interfered with radar
frequencies causing yet another new symbol to appear on the BOM national radar.

Take a look below at the sequence of events along with the evidence.
This shows the object as it moves south east into the Tasman Sea.
The strange orange ring
centered upon Sydney.
==========Below the sequence of events==========
The first evidence of the object close to shore,
seen here colored red for convenience. Actual
radar image below
The next frame of the radar loop showed the
object gone but a bright orange ring over
Sydney. The object and the orange ring were
seen on radar only.
The fourth frame in the loop shows the large
object now many miles out into the Tasman
Sea and heading south east.
The actual radar image showing the object (white) just off the coast.
The actual radar frame showing the object streaking south east -
Red arrow inserted by me.
Sequence: 1. Close to shore.  2. Orange radar (Interference?). 3. Object moving
towards New Zealand.
The distance and direction travelled by
the mysterious object between the
frames captured by BOM radar. Close
inspection of the shape of the object it
is remarkably like a bird but scaled to  
ground features of Australia it would
be a huge bird perhaps 30 miles or so
February 25, 2010 - Orange Rings on the south east
February 25, 2010 - Clockwise spiral on north
coast followed events over Sydney.
There is nothing
boring about
HAARP, Radar
or the UFO in
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A general article about Sydney radar (2009)
Right now, at 00:28UTc 27 Feb there are 12 Radars out of action out of about 50.
Approx 25% of the country without weather radar cover. Are we about to see some
marked changes and less useful evidence of a deliberate program?
Further update posted
February 26, 2010

Below are three observations not referred to in the report yesterday. Three
straight lines which run almost parallel.  One emanating from the city of
Melbourne aligns directly with Sydney and the symbol which followed the
appearance of the large object.

The line is has been seen frequently since this project began but BOM had
suggested its likely cause we a building in the city.  That seemed plausible until
yesterday when two additional ones showed up when the Sydney symbol
appeared but these were thousands of miles west of the city of Melbourne, in
fact best I can tell any city that might have offending buildings.  These lines
looked as if they formed part of a grid and perhaps a covert project of some kind.

Tonight, one day after BOM radar captured a large object very close to the
Sydney radar, tonight a quarter of the entire nation's radar installations have
been taken out of service.  Are we about to see additional filters etc installed
which will lesson future effects including UFOs being seen on the Australia
Bureau of Meteorology system - we are about to find out.
Feb 26,
Easy access to whole project.