Since February 25, 2010 when a UFO was spotted on Australian weather radar just off the
coast of Sydney and posted on this website, another three UFOs have been seen and
photographed, this time above the streets of Sydney itself. The objects were seen at sunset
on March 21, 2010 - see below.
Read also report of UFO on satellite.

Numerous unexplained radar interferences continue to been seen across the entire country.
Just like the glut of activity that
preceded the breaking of the 1,000 year drought and the
onslaught of cyclone
Olga, another further series of patterns preceded a second cyclone
Ului. Ului which was first said to be no threat at all to the country, changed direction,
deepened and hit the north east coast on the 20th.

Vicious record breaking storms hit Perth in the west on the 22nd and by time it had taken out
power to 60,000 homes and one millions of pounds of damage with golf ball size hailstones, it
resembled the site in Melbourne after it too experienced a 100 year storm that hit the south
east on March 6th.   

Quite aside from the pressure the public questions pose on BoM to account for the apparent
light show of intermittent and unexpected symbols appearing ahead of these storms, they are
falling sadly short on answers.

What follows are some examples of what has transpired since my last posting on this
investigation which started on
February 15, 2010.
The first evidence of the object close to shore,
seen here colored red for convenience. Actual
radar image below
The next frame of the radar loop showed the
object gone but a bright orange ring over
Sydney. The object and the orange ring were
seen on radar only.
The fourth frame in the loop shows the large
object now many miles out into the Tasman
Sea and heading south east.
First recap:  UFO on weather radar close to the Sydney coastline on February 25, 2010.
The UFO seen center left was seen at sunset Sunday 21, 2010. Shortly after first spotted over the streets of Sydney,
two small orbs came out of it and moved away (seen top right). Close up of both below.
Perth huge storm:                ------------------------ E-mail -------------------------------                       

comments = I live in Perth Australia. I was born and raised here. Today we experienced a storm
that was unlike any I have ever experienced here. Many share the same views. I have been
noticing over the past couple of months changes. I found your website sometime ago however
never thought much of it. I am astounded at the changes here and have re-visited your site. I saw
footage posted by you of the recent Melbourne storm (early March) - the one here matched that, if
not surpassed it. I have never seen continuous lightening before, hail stones the size of golf balls
or the extent of water coming from a single event. It prompted me to send an email. This storm
marks the end of the driest period known for Perth. I wonder how much of this was engineered in
light of the recent radar anomalies for this State. I am a lawyer by trade and am concerned to push
for disclosure in this country as to what is really happening. If you have any contacts here with
whom I can liaise, assist in !
Pushing for disclosure as to the use of geo-engineering here I would be grateful to receive it. I
have also noted (leaving aside possible user error on my part) that last week I was able to view the
Broome loop and the radar 'spike' linked to your site and today I cannot. I am able to view still
images of the phenomenon but not the loop from BOM. Thanking you very much for the time you
have obviously put in over the years in respect of this and other matters. Thank you

Updated March 24, 2010
UFO Buzzes Busy Street Down Under


A Sydney woman is claiming to have photographed UFOs that appeared above a busy street in
Australia's largest city.

An alleged flying saucer seen over Passoria, New Jersey in 1952.
A Sydney woman is claiming to have photographed UFOs that appeared above a busy street in
Australia's largest city.

Mother-of-two Fiona Hartigan said the strange flying discs were gone in a few seconds, but she
managed to capture a few images on her iPhone.

They emerged from a blazing light in the clouds, descending on a busy Sydney street before zipping
off silently into the sunset. Hartigan said she had just got out of her car on Sunday evening to snap a
few sunset photos on her iPhone when the amazing events began.

"As I was about to take the picture this black object appeared and then it started to move," she said.
"It started off about 800m away but it came closer -- to about 400m -- and then two other little round
things appeared from this bright orange light above.

"There was no noise. It was calm and peaceful but it was very weird."

We ask the important questions: Did the government really conduct experiments on aliens in Area 51?
Did Martians truly land in Roswell? From the well-known to the outrageous, takes a look
at the 10 biggest alien hoaxes.

Hartigan said the main UFO then "shot off" above Governor Macquarie Drive at Chipping Norton, in
Sydney's south-west, with the smaller UFOs zipping away in the opposite direction.

"I don't know how to explain it -- I'm still totally bewildered," she said................
Whole story.
Thousands in the dark as storm batters Perth, Western Australia
From: The Australian March 23, 2010 7:03AM

HUGE HAILSTORM: Hailstones batter gardens in Quinns Rock at 3.45pm on Monday.

PERTH was plunged into chaos last night as wild thunderstorms ripped through the city with a
ferocity not seen in decades.

One of the city's longest dry spells ended dramatically as torrential rain and large hailstones
caused flash flooding, structural damage to houses, schools and hospitals, and cut power to tens of
thousands of homes.

Parts of the city were brought to a standstill, rail services were halted and at one stage all
out-bound flights from Perth Airport were stopped when part of the ceiling collapsed under the
weight of the deluge.

The wild storm swept in across Perth after 4pm local time with hailstones the size of golf balls
caving-in roofs and damaging hundreds of cars.

Within a couple of hours there were 150,000 houses without power across metropolitan Perth and
the state's power utility, Western Power, said it could not guarantee electricity would be restored
within 24-36 hours.

Storm lashes Perth
Cyclone Ului lashes Queensland.
Wild weather hits Melbourne - Melbourne's mad march storm
Storm: 16,000 still without power.

There were hundreds of reports across the city of power lines down, structural damage to houses
and schools, and of roofs being ripped from newly built homes.

Shopping centres were flooded and the State Emergency Service fielded reports of structural
damage to hospitals and aged-care facilities.

Late last night three major Perth hospitals cancelled elective surgery for 24 hours because of roof
damage. At Joondalup Hospital about 20 people were evacuated from the emergency room after
part of the ceiling collapsed.

At least three high schools reported they would be closed today because of storm damage. Across
the city power lines and trees were brought down, windows smashed and roads flooded.

Police said a landslip at the edge of King's Park near Perth's city centre crushed two parked cars
and filled one apartment with mud, but there were no reports of people hurt.

Last night as Perth residents assessed the damage warnings were issued of further storms.

Full story
Perth: Thunderstorm causes $100m damage - Traffic fears follow worst storm in 50 years. Storm leaves
70,000 without power and there were hundreds of reports across the city of power lines down, structural
damage to houses and schools, and of roofs being ripped from newly built homes.
Another cyclone hits Australia - Ului they said would not touch the country
but things changed drastically.

Cyclone makes landfall in Australia
March 20, 2010 8:06 p.m. EDT

NEW: Ului downgraded to a Category 1, expected to weaken further as it moves inland
Tropical Cyclone Ului crossed coast near Airlie Beach shortly before 2 a.m.
Eight areas along Australia's eastern coast are under disaster declaration

East coast residents were urged to seek shelter after Ului crossed the coast near Airlie Beach,
on the northeast coast, around 1:30 a.m. (11:30 a.m. ET Saturday), the Australian Government
Bureau of Meteorology reported.

As of 8 a.m. Sunday (6 p.m. ET Saturday), the eye of the cyclone was about 60 km (37 miles)
west of the Queensland city of Collinsville and moving west southwest at 26 km per hour (16
miles per hour). It had been downgraded to a Category 1 and was expected to weaken further
as it continued inland, according to the bureau.

Heavy rainfall and flooding were forecast to continue in adjacent inland areas between Ayr,
Bowen and Saint Lawrence, the bureau said, but heavy winds are no longer expected.

On Saturday, the Australian government declared a disaster situation for eight areas along the
east coast: Townsville, Burdekin, Whitsunday, Charters Towers, Mackay, Isaac, Rockhampton
and Central Highlands.

The declaration gives emergency officials authority to conduct mandatory evacuations,
Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said in a statement.

The cyclone's destructive wind gusts of up to 205 km/hr whipped the coastal and island areas
of Ayr and Seaforth earlier, while tides between Mowen and Mackay were at their highest this
year, the bureau said.
Tuesday March 16th 2010
March 19, 2010 - Cyclone Ului off east coast.
BRISBANE, Australia, March 21 (UPI) -- Cyclone Ului's powerful winds blacked out power
to 60,000 homes, Australian officials in Queensland said Sunday.

Still, officials were relieved the Category 3 storm did not do more damage or kill more
people, The Australian reported.

The cyclone whipped up more than 150 mph winds and torrential rain along the coast
near Proserpine, in the Whitsundays, the report said.

The high seas along Queensland's southern coast were a reminder of the conditions last
Friday in which 19-year-old Queenscliff iron man Saxon Bird died. Bird was killed while
competing in the ski leg of the Australian Surf Life Saving championships on the Gold
Coast, the Australian said, while lifesaving officials refused to call off the competition.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. said the cyclone was downgraded to a tropical low as
it moved inland.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh visited Proserpine, north of Mackay, Sunday to assess
the damage to homes and businesses in the region.
March 22, 2010. A quarter ring over south west.

See : 512km Radar Loop for Townsville, 20:00 22/03/2010 to 20:00 23/03/2010 UTC

Townsville March 23, 2010.
Shocking Symbols, Super Storms and UFOs over Australia - This
madness keeps on coming.  What is the answer to all this HAARP?
March 25 2010 -Colin Andrews in USA
Jack Verbeek in Australia
Left is a close up of the large dark UFO - Note the
central area has a darker color. Right a close up of the
two orb UFOs which came out of a brighter object and
moved swiftly away to the right. The BoM radar during
sunset does not appear to show anything unusual
Check for yourself the Bureau of Meteorology weather radar located in Sydney during the time the three UFOs were photographed.
(thanks to Jack Verbeek) Sydney Radar Loop Sunday March 21.

Note: Sunset was at 7:08pm (the local time is on the bottom right of the loop).

If anyone should see something we missed please send an e-mail
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Australian Media Pick up
the story at last.
Posted April 2, 2010.
Australian Media Pick up on this story at last.