From Paola Harris.

Colin ,
" Do you care to comment on this interview?

In Robert Fleicher's interview of Frank Drake for  Exopolitics Germany,Robert
asked  Frank Drake  the directer of SETI about the Chilbolton "Arecibo
Reply" Crop Circle...

"How do you know how Aliens think"?

And he answered...

"What I do know is that they are intelligent because somehow they got to
EARTH... and they would not communicate in this ridiculous way.!

To me, this is a self condemning statement THAT HE KNOWS!

And if
Colin Andrews at the X conference told us that the Intelligence
community was very interested in Crop Circles..And it was classified, Then
why would an alien reply at a Chilbolton Crop Circle be considered "

Then the Intelligence community is interested in" stupid things" according to
This does not make sense.


Hello Paola,

That was a great interview by Robert.  Yes I did meet him briefly when he
filmed my presentation at the X-Conference in Washington D.C. where you
and I appeared.

Thank you for sending me his interview and this opportunity to respond.

First to say that I think Prof. Drake made some rather outrageous statements
as fact that can not be prov-en as such.  

When asked by Robert, how do you know how aliens would think? His answer
was most unscientific and off the mark. He knows no more than anyone else
as to how they would think to communicate, but lets look at this.  

It was also most disappointing that a scientist of his stature would still believe
the only possible way ETs are likely to communicate is by some radio or
microwave signal.
I dont believe there will be a signal of any kind
because ET is already here, right under SETI's noses and are
interacting and influencing earth events, by means of some crop
circles and even some political events.
I will explain further because I am
sure some will see my own statement as outrageous also.

In my view it has gone largely unnoticed what is taking place in the crop circle
fields to many people involved with making some of them and to those
researching them.  These people have focused upon the mystery and have
become involved in ways unknown to them and in a large scale and important
social experiment.  

I showed several examples in Washington (and will do so again in Bristol, UK
in July: http:// ) of not just
government involvement but what I believe is ET contact, although I did not
put it that way.

"Cheesefoot Head Entity" event that occurred in 1989 was one example.  
This incident was reported to the highest levels of the British Government
and Monarchy and involved a strange sound which interacted with the team
there (including myself) which culminated in physical contact with one of our
group, i.e. Pat Delgado, who sadly
passed away a few days ago. This single
event was more likely ET contact than anything else Ive seen.

In making this event public a few weeks ago, caused me to provide
documentary evidence which I showed in Washington D.C. and on my
website.  One of the key documents posted on this page and also was to be
shown at the X-Conference was withdrawn after instructions to do so from a
high level in the UK government (See note 01 below). I had to also remove it
from the numerous other documents published in my new book
Circles. Why all the fuss?  For sure it was not because the authorities
thought the crop circles were ridiculous, as does Prof. Frank Drake.

I do not believe Prof. Drake's view was shared by those I was asked to advise
on this issue in the late 80s - early 90s, including Prime Minister Thatcher's
Secretary of State for Environment, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Its going eventually to be seen that ALL crop circles are part of a transition of
human thinking, behavior and spiritual growth and that our future growth and
evolving brain function is at the root of this unique time. The bigger picture is
VERY big.

I am still compiling evidence that many of the folks making crop circles and
researchers alike (myself included) are being used in ways which defy belief,
like children being guided through a doorway into a new way of thinking and
a new way of communicating. The idea or suggestion of a new crop design is
presented to certain humans who go out and make them as their own.  Its
meant to be that way.  Others appear by mysterious means but each has a
role to play and when the social experiment works through, we will see that
the question the media and most researchers have been asking, i.e.
they real of not
, will be seen to have been the wrong one.

My strong hunch is that human consciousness is working with what some call
the Akashic Field, and it is being used to great effect by both ET's and
humans alike.  I dont think its likely that the old fashioned idea of looking for
a special radio signal to establish ET's existence is going to be the route.
The ET mind is here now and is likely to become more clearly evident as
our own
paradigm changes.  
Copyright: Peter Sorensen 2001
We are witnessing a huge transition for humanity and it is my belief ET is
involved in very clever and mainly unseen ways currently. Its likely to evolve
exponentially in my view. Watch the fields, the skies and our own people.
Major new doors are opening for our species and we stand a good chance of
coalescing with the minds of other species and I doubt we will see it's
true value before its taken place.  

This idea is further supported by the numerous reports of UFO's seemingly
responding or reacting to observers thoughts or intention's, etc.  Also
contactees claim to sense events are about to take place before they
actually do so and crop circle researchers and circlemakers in the fields have
spoken about designs or prayed for them just hours before they manifest
and in exactly the locations 'requested' - I have had this experience myself.  

I think the SETI project would now be better served working with brain
measuring instrumentation and humans than radio telescopes and
microwave receivers.

Finally, more than 1,000 scientists at the Hadron collider complex in CERN
are looking for what is nick named the 'God particle' from the Big Bang
experiment. http://  
They are working with a strongly held theory that this particle is a missing
piece to many unanswered parts of the equations raised by the Big Bang
theory itself. The God particle they believe is a
transmission particle that
enables instantaneous communication between different states and is also
the particle that the brain utilises for remote communications.  Did you notice
that word
instantaneous.  Before Christmas this year, if CERN confirms the
theory as fact, the 186,000 miles per second will not be what limits our
thinking any longer and
instantaneous communication via the mind and
other processes will become accepted as the new frontier.
changes after that.

The psychics, remote viewers and channelers who have long been called
crazies by such people as Prof. Drake will in fact have after all been using
the very new science he has overlooked and these people will then be seen
as ahead of their time.
They have been using the very method of
communicating used by ETs - not microwave signals but the God
particle transmission process and the human mind itself.

I think that will be a good time to arrange another interview with Prof. Frank
Drake, to discuss crop circles!
I would challenge Prof. Drake to join
Robert and myself for that follow up interview.

Colin Andrews

Note 01: I removed the said document under threat of legal proceedings at
what I believe is this crucial time in our history, because I did not want to be
distracted by this action.


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Paola Harris a envoyé l'interview de Frank Drake réalisée
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The new book has caused an uproar
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