Colin Andrews with Sir David Mitchell M.P. in a
crop circle.
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

I have been researching crop circles for more than 25 years (bio). During this time I have interacted with
British authorities on the subject at many different levels of government and Royalty. Ive been reporting on
these interactions during lectures, on tape and in books since 1989.  Recently a new and disturbing
development has occurred. Officials are rewriting history as to the level of government interest and
involvement with the mystery through the release from the National Archives of select or altered Military of
Defence (MoD) documents.

I first saw this in effect with an
article written by Nick Pope, (above left) formerly head of the MoD-UFO
project. In his article Nick Pope claims that there was not substantial official interest or investigation in the
subject of crop circles by the MoD, Houses of Parliament, county police or the Royalty. In his article he
specifically claims that:
       The MoD did not have an in-depth or lasting interest in the subject and he debunks many of the claims
I have made regarding my government level interactions. Pope sites the Hansard record from the Houses of
Parliament as evidence that the Military have not worked with any civilian research group on the crop circles
mystery.  I have proof that this is patently untrue which I will provide in this article.  
       Pope claims there was no involvement with county police and shows an official record from
Hampshire and Wiltshire police chiefs stating that their officers were not carrying out any official
investigations.  This is misleading if not outright false and I will provide evidence to that effect.  
•        Pope goes on to say that “he had to deny” any interest of the Queen or other members of the Royal
Family in the crop circles. I will provide personal letters I received from Her Majesty the Queen and Prince
Philip which show Pope’s statement to be false.
       Nick says that the use of a government ‘D’ notice was never used to stifle media coverage of crop
circle events specifically those at Operation Blackbird. . A ‘D’ notice is a government enforcement order to
cease media transmissions of material considered to be a threat to national security.  Well known television
and radio presenter Dave Barrett’s experience to the contrary is included in this article.
       Pope’s claims have been reinforced with the recent release of MoD National Archive records under an
extension of the Freedom of Information Act. The media reported extensively on the records release and
some articles can be seen in Andrews new book. I know that these records are incomplete and in some cases
false and will present the evidence in this report.

I don’t believe the timing of Nick Pope’s article and the MoD records release are coincidence. I can think of
only two explanations for the incomplete and wrong information in both.  Perhaps high level inter-
governmental sharing of information on the subject has been on a need-to-know basis and not only the public
but Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Nick Pope were being misled. Or perhaps the government is trying
to rewrite history and downplay their interest and involvement in the subjects of crop circles and UFOs using
Nick Pope to open the door to this approach. I wrote to Nick on September 15, 2006 disputing his version of

To change the record on government involvement in the mystery requires that the record on my own
involvement with the government be changed as well.   Fortunately I have proof of my claims. I can
demonstrate interest and interaction with local authorities in Wiltshire and Hampshire counties, the MoD, Nick
Pope at the UFO Project Department, members of Parliament and the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s
cabinet, and the Royal Family.  Colin Andrews new book
Government Circles has 192 pages of the most
important historical documentation you were not intended to see about crop circles.

Fully supported by photographs taken by Police, Army and top secret aircraft of the Ministry of Defence
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Duke of Edinburgh: Fascinated with the crop circles.
My Special Dedication
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh confirm a special interest in crop circles - Why were they lied to?
Research documents revealed for the first time.
"No government, organization or person has the right to control the pace of our advancing
human consciousness by holding back the truth - honesty directs us to a better place" -
Colin Andrews
By Colin Andrews, January 2009.(Edited by
Synthia Andrews)
Media coverage of
this article so far
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Colin Andrews new book Government Circles was published on the 17 April 2009, the same day that he
made a major presentation about its contents at the X-Conference in Washington D.C.  The presentation was
covered and
published by Michael Salla, Ph.D.

One week later Colin and Nick Pope appeared together 'live' on BBC radio in U.K. where Nick admitted that
Colin had produced "Certain documentation which had shown that there was more military and Royal
involvement than was apparent in
his official report".  He went on to say that he wrote this while still
employed by the MoD and hence had to comply with their policy of down-playing the crop circles and indeed
UFOs. Nick was asked, "Well answer Colin's point that you are still sworn to the official secrets act and that
your old bosses are never far away and so if you knew the truth about all this, you could not tell us".  Nick
replied that he probably could not and admitted he had downplayed the subject.

The British newspaper
The Western Daily Press also wrote about Colin's attempt to correct the MoD's
version of the Government and Royal involvement in the crop circles. The media worldwide is showing
incredible interest.

The new book
Government Circles published by Archive Publishing, sets the record straight once and for all
with full documentation and photographs - details never seen in public before, which includes evidence that
the government activated its top level censorship tool, a 'D-Notice' to turn off media coverage of strange
events surrounding the discovery of some new crop circles in Wiltshire, England in 1990.

The book is available in paperback and also E-book and PDF downloads.  Click the image below to purchase
or order.
The new book
By Colin Andrews
The New Book: 'Government Circles'.
Following Colin's publication of official
documents and his concerns about what
was NOT public surrounding the 1985
MOD investigation of five circles in
Hampshire, UK - the government released
new documents (August 2009) that
showed his concerns were justified.
UK Newspaper report
(A candid and revealing new statement)
                           August 2009.

The British Government and Crop Circles - By Nick Pope

I'm not sure how I feel about promoting a book, the (lengthy) subtitle of which is
displayed on the front page and reads "It's 2009 and it is time to rewrite history.
Nick Pope and the MoD attempt to change the official UK crop circle and UFO
histories. But they are taken to task through the documented historical evidence
from the National Archives!" - but what the hell, Colin Andrews and I are
friends. The book stems from an 'official history' I wrote some years ago,
detailing the military and the MoD's involvement in the crop circle phenomenon. I
wrote the article at a time when I was still working for the MoD and it's no
secret that MoD has downplayed its interest and involvement in the crop circle
issue, as it has with the UFO phenomenon. This has been the policy for many
years and clearly I had to play my part in this when I worked for the
government. In this interesting and important new book, Colin Andrews takes me
and the MoD to task for this. He has a point and has highlighted fascinating new
evidence documenting greater official interest in crop circles than has previously
been acknowledged. Some of the issues Colin highlights have arisen because the
line between official and private interest (even within government, the military
and the intelligence agencies) can be blurred. There are particular sensitivities and
political difficulties when members of the Royal Family are involved.
Nonetheless, I recommend this book, even though I come across as the bad guy.
Order from Amazon or check out Colin's website at for
further details.

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