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The 2012 Debate
           The Dark Road:

The planet Pluto, the dark planet, entered the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius
(religion) in 1995, amidst astrological admonishments of the danger of religious
fanaticism. Before entering Sagittarius, Pluto conjoined with Jupiter at 29
degrees Scorpio (its own sign) on December 2, 1994. It then proceeded on its
13 year transit through Sagittarius until it entered Capricorn in November, 2008.
The last recorded time Jupiter met with Pluto at 29 Scorpio, before the latter
entered Sagittarius, was 26 AD. This was the year Pontius Pilate was
transferred to Palestine to quell the Jewish zealot movement which had declared
war on its Roman oppressors and their collaborators.  Similarly, eight months
after Jupiter met with Pluto in 1995 Osama bin Laden issued his fatwa,
declaration of war on the West, specifically the United States, his Ladenese
Epistle declaring
“My Muslim brothers of the world: Your brothers in Palestine
and in the land of the two Holy Places are calling upon your help and asking
you to take part in fighting the enemy – the Americans and the Israelis.”
way through Sagittarius, Pluto (the planet of death) was opposed by Saturn (the
planet of structures) in the sign of the Twins, Gemini. Intimately aspecting the
physical line of the USA chart on 9/11/2001, the Twin Towers crumbled to the
ground creating a scene worthy of Hades itself. It was an epoch making event
that changed the world as we know it. We can never go back. Such is the
nature of the planet Pluto – persons, places and things go from the cucumber
to the pickle.
Now Pluto, as of November 2008, has entered Saturn’s sign of Capricorn and
will transit it over the next 16 years until January, 2024. Back in 1997, astrologer
E. Alan Meece, predicted it will be a period of “enlightened despots or powerful
visionary leaders… seeking to reform society.” In 1994 and as late as 2007
financial astrologer Ray Merriman predicted it would bring pain and grief at an
economic and cultural level with a turnaround time as late as 2015. Merriman
suggested the theme of Pluto’s passage, an economic crisis leading to higher
taxes, could be
“class warfare, violent protests, and even revolutions against the
government and those in power”
and in some countries “severe restrictions on
human rights”
              Enroute to 2012 is 2010.

If 2008 promised difficulties with the entry of Pluto into Capricorn, what of the
present and future dance of Uranus and Pluto?  The natal chart of the United
States has Sun in Cancer square Saturn in Libra. Being an 8th House Sun it
represents investments – the resources of others such as tax revenue and
multinational corporations. Further, it represents the regulation of economic
activities which, when under negative planetary aspects, suggests a pessimistic
“gloomy prognosis requiring the need for an unreasonable centralization of
. Astrologers E. Alan Meece in 1997 and Robert Gover in 2001 noted
the great impact this configuration had in the past concerning the great
depressions when hit by a pair of heavy transiting planets such as Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Such an event forms a Grand Cross with a
focus on USA natal Sun and Saturn. This happened in the Great Depressions of
the 1780’s, 1840’s, 1890’s and 1930’s. A world financial crisis was predicted to
again occur during 2012 – 2015 but being felt as early as 2008 as Uranus
comes within a four degree orb of Pluto as it entered Capricorn. In 2001, Robert
Gover stated that the combination of Uranus and Pluto forming a Grand Cross
with the USA Sun and Saturn in 2014 suggests suffering on the scale of a
“combination of the 1930’s, the 1960’s and the Revolutionary War.” Unlike the
past, however, Gover predicts
“the overall economy will not be brought down by
one dramatic stock market crash as happened in 1929 but rather that a series
of stock market crashes will lead to the next great depression”

Astrologers use the Solar Eclipses as one technique  to forecast mundane
events within a given six month period from one eclipse to another. The eclipse
of July 11, 2010, 7:33 PM, Washington, DC falling as it does in the USA’s 8th
house not only speaks of financial problems but also, as indicated by E. Alan
Meece in 1997, the repercussions of severe economic dislocations, a sort of
repeat of pre-World War II Germany. Meece wrote the following forecast
years before
the USA became involved in the religious wars after 9/11, adding
billions to USA deficit:

The Solar Eclipse in July (2010) could trigger a major world wide financial
collapse. Pluto in Capricorn (2008) suggests not only that many corporations will
go bankrupt but that economic troubles will bring down many governments with
dizzying speed as revolutions sweep the globe. This could mean people will be
easy prey to xenophobia and fear of ‘radicals’ as in the 1920’s, 50’s and 80’s.
This was just how Hitler eventually rose to power during the previous Great
Depression. The crisis of 2010 will result from the various religious conflicts
around the world, magnified by serious shortages and famines, and above all, I
believe, by ecological disasters.”

Meece was not only correct pointing to an economic crisis being the result of
religious conflicts but also the rise of xenophobia. On April 7, 2009 the
Department of Homeland Security released a report entitled
Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in
Radicalism and Recruitment, which warned of rightwing groups blaming the
downturn in the economy to “a cabal of Jewish elites.” Possible security risks
were defined as pro-life demonstrators and returning veterans from Iraq trained
in the use of firearms and explosives. Subsequent to a national clamor the
Director of Homeland Security was forced to apologize for the report as an insult
to the electorate especially returning war veterans.

There will be seven exact hits between Uranus and Pluto from June, 2012 to
Mar, 2015 preceded by flirting degrees as they sashay in the heavens a few
degrees from exact. These flirting degrees, now occurring, will be hitting
sensitive points in many national charts. Israel, Iran, and Pakistan are of
especial interest to us because of the conflicts in the Middle East. With the
Uranus – Pluto configuration (sudden upset) at play in the Solar Eclipse  of 2010
an important consideration as to how it will play out in each country. This is
determined by noting the House location of the Eclipse in each chart. It is in the
8th USA house, suggesting an economic downturn; in the chart of Israel it falls in
the 9th House of foreign affairs suggesting significant developments there; in the
chart of Iran it falls in the 12th House of grief and hidden events; in the chart of
Pakistan it falls in the 4th House of the Opposition to the Government. Past
Israeli attacks on the Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981 and the alleged Syrian nuclear
facility in 2007 involved significant planetary aspects between Mars-Jupiter-
This configuration will again occur in Summer – early Fall 2010
with the additional prompting of Pluto. Fearing Iran and the Islamic
bomb, Israel may come to the end of its rope at this time. Such
measurements suggest danger to the Israeli chief of state and the
possibility of a stealth Israeli attack on the suspected Iranian nuclear
facilities. Opposition, by the Iranian people, to the present political situation in
Iran will heighten during this period with a strong possibility of revolution in that
country. Indeed, such a revolution may mitigate an Israeli response or, if
preceded by an Israeli response, may be caused by it. To be sure, Israel and
Iran will be high on the international radar during this period.                      
Burning remains of the World Trade Center - day 5. Copyright Colin Andrews
The Astrology of 2012
By Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O. - Continued:
Covert intelligence operations, political assassinations, empire building are
predicted as well as a shift in the balance of power. Of that balance of power he

Concurrent with the peak of terrorism, as suggested by 1) the approaching
square of Uranus to Pluto, and 2) Uranus moving into Aries, this is also a time of
increasing emphasis upon military technology and the development of high
powered new weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, IMHO, this tells us
that one of the great investment growth areas in the 7 years will be in weapons
development, for the militaries of the world. And the USA may not be the leader
in the production of these weapons and equipment. In fact, there is a very strong
possibility that by the end of the next decade, the USA will no longer be the sole
military superpower on the planet. Our security, provided by our military forces,
may fall behind due to the development of armies by other nations.

Uranus and Pluto and Revolution

If there is anything one can say about Uranus and Pluto – they are trouble
makers for the staid and complacent, disquieting for the progressive intellectual
and absolutely glorious to those who are in rebellion. Uranus is the planet of
radical revolution having to deal with issues of social significance in
unpredictable ways, long coming but fast and swift in appearance. Because its
emphasis is sudden change, the nature of the change usually can only be seen
when the time is close to happening, or only in retrospect. Pluto,
on the other hand, is a the dark planet, the ruler of Hades, representing
catastrophic situations, secret agencies, destructive forces, corruption, violence,
and the deep visceral force that works to overturn all these qualities for the
purposes of purification. It represents the need to transform everything deep
and settled in humankind such as our long held economic, cultural, and spiritual
traditions. Combined with Uranus that need is immensely intensified to the point
of violent eruption akin to the devastation of a nuclear device. The meeting of
these two planets, in stressful aspects, has happened in the past and signify the
onset of a 4 to 5 year period of stressful change usually highlighted by some
outstanding events. Some of these important events are as

1783 – the Depression of 1783 considered by some to be the worse depression
in the history of the United States.  

1793 – the second French revolution

1848 – the changing of the face of Europe because of revolutions throughout

1893 – the Depression of 1893

1901 – the assassination of President McKinley

1932 – bottoming out of the 1929 stock market crash. Great depression.  
Attempted assassination of FDR resulting in the death of Anton Cermak,   
Mayor of Chicago.

1964 – 1968 – Social unrest worldwide. Assassinations of John F. Kennedy,
Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy.  

2012    and beyond ??????????????????????
"Combined with Uranus that need is immensely
intensified to the point of violent eruption akin
to the devastation of a nuclear device".
Copyright: Unknown
"A world financial crisis was predicted to again occur during 2012 – 2015 but being felt as early
as 2008 as Uranus comes within a four degree orb of Pluto as it entered Capricorn".
Pakistan, on the other hand, with a 4th House Eclipse suggests the forces of
Opposition, whomever that will be, will play a significant role in the politics of that
country from Summer 2010 to early winter, 2012. Those players can include the
army, the political opposition, the Taliban and the various terrorist organizations
now resident in that country. With Uranus – Pluto aspecting Pakistan’s natal Sun
(Chief of State) a sudden change in the head of state is probable.. This is not
unusual for Pakistan, being plagued as it has been in the past with military coups.

So what do we have astrologically? The beginning, as predicted, of another
depression in November, 2008 with a downturn promised in Autumn – Winter
2009 leading possibly to a repeat of 1929, with variations in a series of stock
market crashes, bottoming out in 2015. If so, the downturn will bring increased
unemployment, social and civil unrest, riots, and the migrations of peoples. From
2010 to early 2012 military conflicts that could explode into a major conflagration
in the Middle East.

During August, 2009,
the International Society of Astrological Research held its
annual five day conference at Oak Brook, Illinois. A great deal of time was spent
on the economy and 2012. At the end of the conference a panel discussion was
held consisting of five pre-eminent international astrologers facilitated by
Raymond Merriman. Merriman, one of the finest financial astrologers in the
world, asked when this recession will end.  All, including Merriman, agreed the
recession will continue to 2020. The present economic crisis will not look like a
“V” but like a “W” – not a downward followed by and upward cycle but a series of
downward – upward cycles. All agreed that Pluto in Capricorn in November, 2008
announced the crisis; all agreed the upswing in the market during the Summer,
2009 is temporary and will follow, in many ways, the pattern of the Great
Depression; all agreed that, similar to the Great Depression, the downturn would
begin shortly, in Autumn – Winter 2009 – 2010 and will hit its lowest point during
2012 – 2014.

Asked” if
the leadership of the United States would be affected in the next few
the panel responded definitely “yes.” The economic leadership is shifting
to Asia noting the economic growth in Asia was +8.5% and in the West -3.5% in
2009. China, it was felt, will become the reigning economic powerhouse and the
dollar will, eventually, by 2020, or shortly thereafter, be replaced as the standard
of currency. Was there any investment advice?  Invest in gold, silver and China.
Do these events have to happen?

Only God can answer that. Those who wear the mantle of authority in the world
of economics should have been sounding the warnings. Instead they are being
blamed for the crisis. One thing is for sure, the top economists got it wrong,
terribly wrong; the top astrologers beginning with Andre Barbault (1990), Ray
Merriman (1994), E. Allan Meece (1997) and Robert Gover (2001) got it right. As
these astrologers were making their predictions of financial collapse, Robert
Lucas  (2003,) of the University of Chicago, and president of the American
Economic Association stated the
“central problem of depression prevention has
been solved.”
 In 2008, Olivier Blanchard, of MIT, now chief economist for the
International Monetary Fund, declared that the
“state of the macro (macro
economy) is good.”
 Indeed, so embarrassed was Paul Krugman, the economist
and syndicated journalist on economic issues, that he featured an article in the
September 9, 2009 issue of the New York Times Magazine under the banner of
“How Did Economists Get it so Wrong?” What has happened to the field of
Economics, according to Krugman, is a complete collapse of a discipline.
Economic theory, he states, especially the Milton Friedman school (University of
Chicago) is from the Dark Ages –
“the central issue of the profession’s failure
was the desire for an all-encompassing intellectually elegant approach that also
gave economists a chance to show off their mathematical prowess…they have to
acknowledge the importance of irrational and often unpredictable behavior”.

Putting it into perspective, the advantage of astrology over economics as a
discipline is its historical continuity through the ages. It has developed, over the
centuries, a cogent analysis of human and societal behavior using planetary
cycles. Economics, on the other hand, is a comparative new comer founded on
Adam Smith’s
Wealth of Nations, limited by Cartesian prejudice, which eschews
anything irrational, much that is real. Academically, Richard Tarnas’
Cosmos and
Psyche ,a book on the history of planetary cycles, should be required reading in
Economics 101. Introducing this material would go a long way in reducing the
irresponsibility pointed out by Krugman and present more viable options for the
Taking all this in consideration what is the fork in the road of which we spoke of
earlier when speaking of the
“Finger of God” aspect of 2012 and to where will it
lead?  This depends on our response! What is the “unrecognized necessity” and
what “certain interests and habits” will be dropped to attend to the struggles
showing up on the horizon?  Will it be a new direction where we will be dropping
“a former belief or long held ideology and adapting another worldview? Will there
be a “providential twist of fate” and “greater opportunity to take part in a larger
social pattern of ideal development?”  Surely giving up old ideologies are not
done while drinking mint juleps on a beach in Cancun amidst a bustling and
robust economy. Astrologically, the course seems pretty well set concerning
forthcoming events – events, some quite painful, caused by ourselves but read
in the planets. Maybe the only things we can get out of the chart of 2012 are the
questions! The answer depends on each of us – what is your unrecognized
necessity? What interests and habits must you give up? What new belief must
you adopt? The chart promises a “providential twist.”  Will you see that or are
you closed down?  Through it all it is well to remember the design of the universe
is such that it is a conspiracy in your favor. The positive aspects of the 2012
chart are immense the stress elements notwithstanding.  Three of the heaviest
planets will have moved into incredibly fortunate zodiacal states to answer the
needs of the times. As mentioned previously, Pluto moving into Capricorn has
generated a universal planetary energy for systemic reform; Uranus will move
into Aries in May 2010 releasing competitive energies favoring progressive ideas
and new ways of doing things; Neptune will enter Pisces, becoming very powerful
in its own sign, emphasizing strong interests in the metaphysical, spiritual and
religious aspects of life depending more on individual spiritual experience than
the formulated religious doctrinal aspects of religion. That we will all have to give
up ways of thinking and doing things is obvious but these energies will serve as
dissolving agents to things and beliefs we think may be written in stone. This may
be the "providential twist"; this may be the gift mentoned in the 12th Prophecy of
the Mayan Prophecies:

“ Your soul shall accept the truth and hold it in high esteem…
    It will come to pass that you shall adore divine truth, and the
    government of our ancestors will stand in readiness forever..
    Only through the solar initiation can the sleeping body of
    mankind be awakened…let us prepare to see the light of
    knowledge that comes from Hunah K’a and transcend
    into the memory of the Creator and become beings of
    Eternal luminosity.”

In India, the symbol for the unfolding soul is the lotus blossom. The lotus
blossom does not fall out of the sky. It is born of the earth.  It rises
through the muck and mire of the pond and opens to the light of the
Sun. Such is life. If past is prologue, such should be our expectation,
2012 will not drop out of the sky it will be the product of our own actions.
Now is the time to look and listen. Simply live and know that growth
comes in caring for others as they are ourselves.

One last piece of advice, if you wish, defer on investments in gold, silver and
China but I recommend you do not cancel your appointments for December 22,
"This was just how Hitler eventually rose to power
during the previous Great Depression. The crisis of
2010 will result from the various religious conflicts
around the world, magnified by serious shortages
and famines, and above all, I believe, by ecological
disasters.” Copyright: Jewish Virtual Library
A Quote from the new
'Earth Pilgrims':
"Everyone is worrying
and saying everything
is going bad, its not
going bad, its dying.  
The old system is
dying, let it die,
celebrate the birth of
the new"  Satish Kumar.
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Alan J. Ouimet  began
researching the 2012 Astrology
chart after reading  'The
Complete Idiots Guide to 2012' -
his general conclusions agree
with ours.
A look through the eyes of research astrologer Edmund Correia:

A Totally Biased and Unbalanced View of 2012.