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Colin Andrews comments:

The research project started on January 15th 2010 into strange images that have
appeared on
national weather radar over Australia has created great interest and
intrigue not just from the general public but meteorologists and other scientists as well.  
So far as of writing, science has not given us the answer to what has caused them and
so being very happy to think outside the box, lets take a look at a non traditional
approach - dowsing.

As a long time dowser myself and having experienced astounding results, I studied this
art further with Dr. Bill Sutherland in England one of the few scientists brave enough to
openly carry out research. I was soon convinced that this ancient art can give real and
profound information way beyond the public general conception that its only water that
is effectively dowsed.  When visiting Australia on one of
my research and media visits
back in the early 90s shortly after I came off air having just appeared live on the
national TV program
‘The Ray Martin Show’ I received a phone call from a Shaman
working with the Aboriginal people. He invited me to visit an ancient
Bora Ring in the
outback.  We drove for hundreds of miles together to the site where he tested me on
the energy patterns that existed there. He then showed me other skills which
astounded me which involved transmitting thoughts into those energy grids and then
again dowsing the lines.  I don’t need convincing that the skill of dowsing is real and
can be extremely useful, just as long as the ego doesn't get in the way.  

And so when I received an email from dowser Brad Johnson during the radar pattern
project in Australia offering to help, I was happy to accept his kind offer. Brad Johnson
is a dowser trained by his aunt, Gail Montgomery, who is in the American Society of
Dowsers Hall of Fame. I asked Brad if he would use his skills of pendulum dowsing to
see what he could learn about these mysterious patterns emanating from the
Australian radar system.

These are the various responses from Brad:
Hey Colin, Just thought I would let you know that the radar images from Australia
dowse up as legitimate radar images.  They however do not dowse up as induced by
What I had said was that it was coming up as a ground based scalar technology that is
relayed off of some satellites.

On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 7:37 AM, Brad Johnson <metaman8@gmail.com> wrote:

Also, my guides are now telling me that they are also some how using the energy from
the natural Stargate (Aussie Bermuda / Devils Triangle) to enhance the effects of what
ever tech they are using.  My understanding is that Pine Gap is right in the geometric
center of this natural time/space, space/time vortex.  
Hey Colin, my dowsing turns up that this is a man made artificial technology.  However,
when I visualize a picture of a
HAARP antenna array the pendulum swings no.  It comes
up as some sort of ground based / satellite relayed scalar technology.  It also comes
up as the same tech used in the
Norway spiral.  It is apparently either a new toy or an
old one that they are playing with.

I think the more important question to ask is "why are they all of the sudden OK with
allowing people to see the evidence of it in plain site"?
Well, what I am getting from my guides is that there is a recent increase in the quantity
of energy that they can harvest from the vortex power source.  Moreover, they are
testing it at the new power levels to see how effective it is.  That is probably what the
circle in the clouds was all about in Mexico.  Actually when I check it now that comes up
a yes.

Why they have been authorized to do this in open site still evades me.  My speculation
is that it is part of the slow roll out of classified material.  Getting people warmed up to
it?  Moreover, it dowses up to not be the government of any country that is doing it.  
Then when I ask if it is the military industrial complex in one form or another it comes
up yes.

Colin Andrews Comment: For more information about Brad Johnson I will share what
he just told me in his own words:

From Brad:

More recently I have moved on to practice my true calling and talent for a living in the
form of Shamanic intuitive for hire.  The paradigm of dowsing I employ is a combination
of remote viewing and dowsing.  The remote viewing aspect of it evolved over time as a
result of consistent meditation and consistent dowsing.  The longer you do it the more
psychic you become while doing it.  I even have a web page on my site that gives
instructions of how to pendulum dowse accurately.  

My website,
www.altimatrix.com , features all of my discoveries I have made while
dowsing the multiverse.  It also has loads of free unique helpful information for people
that like to research fringe metaphysics.  A more in depth look at the kind of work I do
and a full back ground story can be researched at my web site.  Feel free to use what
ever you want from the info I gave here and also the info on the expanded background

Brad Johnson
Looking for answers the Shaman way with dowsing.
Brad Johnson dowsing for information.
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